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Unread 08-21-2004, 02:16 PM   #46
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I am planning to make this costume from the new series Sokyu no Fafner. I wanted to find some reference picture of the costume but I couldn't (i guess it's too new) and I have no idea how to screen cap from the anime. anyways, i'll describe the costume.

it's a body fit sort of thing that reseambles the battle suits from evangelion. However, it opens on both sides. As in you can see all the skin from the bottom of the ribcase all the way down to right above the knees. ( i know, it's a very unusual costume for a guy character) the openings are pretty wide too, it's about 3-4". therefore, i think waist padding doesn't work in my case, right?
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Unread 08-22-2004, 11:57 PM   #47
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yea... im going to be Cloud from ff7 and he wears a shirts that is on the tighter side and i have a big chest. so i am going to wear my swimsuit from swim team to flattem my chest because thats what one piece suits do. if you have a shest problem but not a hip problem i suggest using a one piece swimsuit to flatten you chest, and if it doesnt do it enough wrap it a little bit. i need to wrap and wear the suit. but then again... i have problems with my hips.... they are very wide...
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Unread 08-24-2004, 01:12 AM   #48
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Here are some tips I got for my everyday life that I give to female friends who want to crossplay:

-As Karisu-sama said, the way you carry yourself impacts it a lot. It takes some practice (especially if you plan to do it every day for the rest of your life), but the "guy walk" is probably the most important aspect as it will take attention away from the hip area.

-I have a curvature of the spine that causes my chest to stick out whether I am bound or not. Although it is not recommended for day to day use (a future of backaches awaits me), if you have this problem lean forward slightly or slouch whenever you're sitting or even when you're standing (the standing part can get hard. Good thing about Hojo cosplay: he leans forward all the way). When you're standing, try to lean against things so your back is pressed as flat as possible. If like me and pressing your back completely flat is uncomfortable, lean forward slightly and pose your legs in a casual position. I have pretty long legs and am flexible to boot, so I can comfortably adopt positions such as "ankle-over-ankle" that some girls can't pull off.

-As has been said, low-riding pants do wonders. Some of my female friends found that if they can tuck in a shirt (even just an undershirt) into their pants and then put on their costume then the extra space where the hips are is naturally filled in and creates a "solid" look without having to pad. It also works for the aforementioned back-to-rear area problem. (Note: this is a trick I seldom use for myself, as I don't really have noticible hips and my back is more obvious, but many of my friends swear by it. Just note that this doesn't work for all body types, and should be used in conjunction with the other methods listed in this thread.)

-There's a trick I sometimes use depending on what I am wearing called the pocket trick: if you are wearing jeans or a coat with pockets, then if the pockets are low enough and you used the above shirt method or you aren't wearing a belted outfit, it will pull the fabric more taught and hide the hips and will also work to hide the back and rear area if you simply put your hands in your pockets. However, if you do this with certain clothes (like anything belted) it will only serve to make the hips and rear more obvious. (I only really do this when I am wearing some sort of coat, like my lab coat.) Warning: if you are taking one hand out of your pocket, take the other out, too, or you'll look lopsided and the whole effect is ruined. As I said, this is a seldom used trick that doesn't work for everyone or with all outfits. Make sure you see how it works with your costume in front of a mirror (and if your costume allows for you to keep your hands jammed in your pockets without looking awkward) before you haul this out for con purposes: this is one of the few tricks that will end up biting you in the rear end if you use it wrong. (It's more of a day to day thing, but friends who crossplay Yami no Matsuei characters with trench coats and such claim that it works great for their costumes.)
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Unread 08-24-2004, 11:13 AM   #49
dead pixle
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I naturally stand guy-ish.

Basically, if you thrust your hips foward and then hunch a bit foward with your shoulders, your butt, hips, and chest will be lass accentuated.
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Unread 08-28-2004, 02:07 AM   #50
Blue Sasarai
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Originally Posted by Karisu-sama
Color counts: Wear DARK colored pants if at all possible. Light-colored or white pants will just balloon your hips. >.<

Standing / walking: Avoid the classic female S-posture = pulled back shoulders with outthrust chest and butt. Tilt your hips forward (as if doing a pelvic thrust ) - you'd be amazed how much that lessens the butt.

Stand square on both feet - weight on one leg will tend to thrust out the opposite hip in a more "girly" manner and emphasizing it.

Posing: Stand with your hips 3/4 to the camera for the narrowest appearance. (If you then turn your upper body somewhat more square to the camera, the shoulders definitely get more emphasis over the hips.)

In that pose, another trick is to let your arm (the one more in front) hang down at your side in such a manner as to conveniently cover more butt.

Not a perfect example but not too bad:

Other tricks in that picture: low-waisted pants (yeah, girl's low-risers ), loose belt, tape binding (that's my real skin), and shoulder pads inside one of my husband's shirts. (I don't think I'm giving him that shirt back! )

The low-rise on those pants isn't super low, but I think that belt is at least 2-3" below my actual waist. I usually don't pad my waist (didn't there either), and I never "stuff".


Body Language: (Bonus edit!)

Guys naturally take up more personal space (social conditioning, I bet.) Do it. Let your elbows out. Sit with your knees apart, or your ankle on the opposite knee, etc.

Don't walk with your knees turned in! - Or even straight, if possible - try to make them go outward when you walk, like most guys. You'll probably have to walk with your feet turned a bit more out than you are used to, but it will look normal. (Good practice - try walking up and down stairs "like a guy".)


these r great tips ^^ ty ill try some to!
what i think is funny though. that most people will do this later...and at the cons, their pics and motions will all be the same ^^ lmao so much of the same stuff omg!!
im just kidding, but it would be funny though


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Unread 08-28-2004, 08:50 PM   #51
*needs a piccy*
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I had an idea about this the other night. Would using "control top" pantyhose help? I'm not really familliar with it, so I don't know. Also, how would I go about padding my waist? I'm afraid I have some rather noticeable hips. T.T
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Unread 09-06-2004, 12:05 PM   #52
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im not sure if "bodysuits" were mentioned yet or not. i read most of the posts so if they were...sorry. anyways...you can buy them decently cheap and they make those wonderful "rolls" slightly disappear. you can get full bodysuits (almost ballet dancer-esque) or just the leg/stomach ones. once you've got that on...and its not horribly uncomfortable thankfully....then you can just loosely ace bandage your stomach once or twice to create a bit of a fuller effect for those of us needing to hide an hour glass figure. after wearing a body suit you can also ace bandage the hips to make them even more slim in appearance. i admit after you do all of this, moving will be more difficult than on any normal day...but thats the price of looking the way you want. also...i used to be a personal trainer and know some great hip/thigh fat burning workouts. anyone wants to inquire, just pm me. im more than happy to discuss.

my problem is that i have very much so an hour glass figure. im five foot, five inches and 140lbs. granted i know thats not horribly overweight, but unlike you gifted young girls with zero form, we have to actually work to look thin. not a day goes by where i dont work out. the bad news for you younger women who have yet to blossom so to speak...soon...within a few years...you will have a chest...you will get hips...and you will no longer have that boyish figure that you love right now. Cherish it! haha alright im done ranting. i have to go to work on a holiday. wonderful. sometimes being manager isnt such a good thing.
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Unread 09-06-2004, 06:46 PM   #53
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I just bought myself a bodysuit (leotard/unitard? I keep getting those two mixed up! XD). Anyways, if you have a Party City near you, I suggest you stopping there (yes, they have their Halloween stuff out already). They have both leotards AND unitards for sale in a few colors, with sizes small / medium / large / x-large (these sizes accomodate both to your height and weight). They are around $13/$15 (I couldn't find anything for cheaper than this online). They also sell tights in a variety of colors in the same Bodywear section if you were interested in those as well.

Hope this info helped!
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Unread 09-13-2004, 06:47 PM   #54
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Okay, I just read thru the whole thread... and I'm still confused about one thing:

...what exactly do you STUFF WITH? (people say stuff, but no one say stuff with what)
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Unread 09-13-2004, 10:56 PM   #55
Blue Sasarai
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god i tried the sports bra thing and the tape....it didnt do too much of a difference, and i had a hard time breathing >_< i dont think id like to have to wear that all through a con O_O ill die. i dunno, ill try other stuff later, c if anything works.


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Unread 09-15-2004, 05:36 PM   #56
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Seed-chan - uh, I really wouldn't know since I don't stuff, but I've heard people use socks, "prosthetics" ...yeah, use your imagination.

Blue Sasarai - you really shouldn't have a hard time breathing if you breathe properly - ie. your stomach should only move up and down when inhaling and exhaling, not your chest.
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Unread 11-27-2004, 06:49 PM   #57
Also probs a Gundam
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Well, my trick for Hakkai was finding pants. I went to target, the godliest of all cosplay resources, when I couldn't find the plain tan pants in juniors, misses, boys, or mens, I thought I'd go to the same section I have to get my bathing suits from. The girls! While I got one size to small. (The pants were popular.) and they had a heart on the butt. (Which is fixed by saying "Its supoosed to be that way." ^^0) They really downplayed my girlie hips.

here's linkage:

I'm in the center!

Oh and to the girl who wants to dress as Van, make the shirt longer. And a little thinner. !-----! to !---! or something like that.

Edit: Oh, and please forgive how lame my costume is. It was an all-niter before Halloween.
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Unread 12-04-2004, 12:03 PM   #58
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As I was looking for an inexpensive corset, I found that there's one here that makes your hips smaller:


(It looked good to me)

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Unread 12-09-2004, 06:32 PM   #59
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I'm cosplaying Toshiya's raison d'etre outfit and my problem is that when I bind my chest I can't get myself totally flat (but I do a really good job considering I'm a 34 DD. If I put on a button down shirt you can't see them at all). I still end up with a smushed down lump. Since he wears a corset type top that's tight, I was thinking about maybe making a wide belt with a kind of pillow on the front where my stomach is to even it out. Does anyone think this would work or have any other ideas?
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Unread 12-16-2004, 05:17 PM   #60
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I'm 5'4'' and 160 lbs. The good thing is that above my waist, my proportions are perfectly normal for a girl my height. Go below, I have ballooning hips and thighs from when I was obese. I've had some luck with being naturally pre-disposed to male stances and some slimming panties, but there is still some that pops out.

Would binding the hips with ACE bandages work? Or would it restrict my movement too much? I know about padding the waist and widening the shoulders, but with a girl my height, wouldn't that simply make me look fatter?

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