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Undertaker or Madam Red?

I've pretty much narrowed it down between these two characters. Who would you recommend cosplaying as? I think I could pull them off both equally as well. I'm just really indecisive in between the two.
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In my opinion, there aren't enough of either and either would be great.
But......here goes my long two cents.

To start off...I supposed the question here would be....what sort of cosplayer would you consider yourself?

Are you someone who is into the details of constructing the actual costume pieces or are you more for acting in character?

If you're more into the construction aspect...it comes down to all the details in any of Madam Red's outfits. Though...it's also worth mentioning that Undertaker has...very small details that are often overlooked.

If you're more into acting in character...then...I suppose it would come down to which character you connect best with.

I should probably also ask how comfortable you are with makeup....since there's a nice line between scars and mascara.
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Agree with TeaForThought, and on my part, Undertaker is somewhat more creepy while Madam Red is sexier and more noticeable because of the color red.

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As a Madam Red cosplayer, of course I'm going to be partial and say to go for Madam Red. But in the end it all comes down to which character you feel more comfortable cosplaying really. I can promise you, if you go more historically accurate like I did with my Madam Red (which includes a steel boned Victorian corset), it won't be as comfortable and easy to wear as Undertaker's outfit.
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It depends what you like more, honestly. They're both really different characters so it's hard to tell you one or the other ^^;
Would you rather focus on being graceful and elegant or creepy? Would you rather deal with Madam's potentially uncomfortable clothes or Undertaker's limited sight (of course you can avoid this, though for pictures I'd think you'd need to have the hair in your face)
Which one you would prefer acting like or reasons why and why not you want either of them would help us help your decision better.
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It also depends on if you want to be the only one there or not. Madam Red is more commonly cosplayed, at least at the cons I've been to.
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