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Unhappy needing a little help >.<

Hi all!

I used to frequent this site allot untl school ate me lol so I'm back on a new account cuz my old email got hacked -_-. Anyways! Here is my plea for help because..well I honestly do not know what to do.

I'm a bigger gal, I'm in the 18-20 pant size range, over 200 pounds, asthmatic with bad knees and ankles. I know...awful right? I've got them thunder thighs and those blasted arm wings along with a pooch that just will -not- go away!

Ontop of this, my family is...well kinda hard up for cash so the most we eat is fast food. I eat at my college but even then all they have is mostly junk! It's like they're stacking the deck against me. I want to know what to do to lose weight because Celestia knows that whatever I've tried hasn't worked.

Weight loss plls don't work because I'm either sensitive to what's in them or they don't work because I have no gall bladder and the only pool I can use is an indoor one that's so poorly ventilated, my lungs panic when I walk by.

So...can anyone out there halp? Or am I doomed to be a chunky thing forever?
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Hi dear You're not destined to be chubby forever! Things may seem against you, but there is always hope. Whatever you do, don't give up on yourself no matter what other people say. As long as you aspire to lose weight, there's still a chance for you!

Now, moving on to the problem... it seems to me that the biggest problem is your diet. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're old enough to get a job (if you don't have one already!) I really suggest it! Having your own money will give you the ability to purchase healthier food and may even pay for gym membership. Healthy food really isn't too expensive if you look out for specials. When it comes to fruit and vegetables especially, some fruit and vegies are cheaper depending on the time of year. I'm a uni student living without my parents, so I know it can be tough buying affordable food, but it is possible!

However, if you have no choice but to rely on junk food, the only thing I can suggest is to eat smaller portions. It will be hard at first, but it doesn't take long for stomachs to shrink to adapt to a smaller intake of food. Also, make sure you don't order soft drinks. Drinks as much water as possible! Try your best to eliminate unnecessary sugar!

You also need exercise! Your bad ankles and asthma make this harder, but not impossible. I suggest you take up swimming if there's a local pool near you. It's a fun alternative to running and you're using a lot of your muscles! Only start off with a few laps at first, but keep trying to push yourself as you get fitter! If you manage to get gym membership, I suggest using the rowing machine as well. If you can't afford membership, maybe try finding a pilates/yogo or even a zumba dvd. I'm sure there would be some available online as well. It's something you can do in the comfort of your own house

But all I can say is good luck! It all really comes down to you in the end! Just remember, if you decide to lose weight, stick to it!
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Cut out the sweets and only drink water, my brother lost 20lbs just doing that. Does your cafeteria have a salad bar or fresh fruit? I would try and stick to a more balanced diet or smaller portions. Now in regards to exercise how about you try yoga or pilates? There are plenty of videos online to watch, it stretches you out, builds up your core, and you'll tone/lose weight. If your school has a gym try lifting some 7lb weights for the arms. I'm not a personal trainer or much of a gym person period but I just started and it seems to be working so far

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I've lost nearly 3kg in two weeks by exercising more (lots of walking and using my exercise bike mainly), reducing my portion sizes, not using high calorie condiments such as mayo and butter, and cutting out fast food, soft drink and bread.

It's amazing what cutting out little things like this from your diet can do for your body and your health, I have a lot more energy, so I can exercise more, you should give it a try
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