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Unread 09-21-2011, 04:06 PM   #1
The Dramatic Guard Fox
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Hello everyone!!!! I'm finally getting around to being active, so I figured what better way than to post a tutorial on... you guessed it... POKEBALLS. Before I begin, however, this tutorial, though written by me entirely, is based off of the way a very close friend of mine makes his.

You'll need to gather the proper materials before you start, it's quite inexpensive actually. (See
File BILD0024.JPG )
1x Can of White Spray Paint
1x pack of PUFFY brand fabric paint. If your making every pokeball, which is my current task haha, I'd recommend the bigger packs
1x pack of racquet balls(The Blue Ones. Regular tennis balls are too fuzzy)
1x paint brush
Step One: Creating the Base (See File BILD0018.JPG BILD0020.JPG )
I, personally, recommend taking a lot of time on this step. It helps later on in the pokeball's life and cover any blue from the racquet ball that shows through on your first spray.
Set the pokeball on a flat surface, probably a smarter idea to put it on newspaper, where as I just kinda set it down, and spray a nice healthy layer on the racquet ball.

Step two: Waiting
Go read a book, listen to music, or play a game. Depending on how thick you put on that first layer of paint it will take between a half hour to an hour, maybe more.

Step three: Painting! Yay!(See File BILD0025.JPG )
After the base is nice and dry, no wet spots and preferably a solid white all over with no spots thicker or thinner, it is time to begin painting. I personally start by painting the circle in the middle of the pokeball, then the black line around it. Let that dry and paint the top. I was making an Ultra Ball at the time of taking pictures for this tutorial, but it depends solely on the type your making what paint you wanna use. To make a raised design take the bottle of paint and draw it on, really quite simple lol.
Step 4: Finished ^.^ (See File BILD0026.JPG )
Well your done making your very own pokeball, I don't think you could really catch one with these, but you can bounce it around for sure lol.

And with that, fellow pokemon and pokemon trainers, is the end of a tutorial for pokeballs. If something needs more detail or more clarifying please let me know and I shall do what I can to fix it. Yes this IS the first tutorial I've written, so any criticism is welcome.

Tutorial written with permission by
Gavin P Fitch
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Unread 09-22-2011, 02:20 PM   #2
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for doing the seam/black line you could use masking tape or painters tape to make it even and thin. the problem is getting the tape even around the whole ball
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Unread 09-27-2011, 03:53 AM   #3
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I have made a pokeball before and it turned out perfect. What I did for mine was get a sphere from a craft store that seperates in the middle and cast it out of resin. Pretty simple with easy cast. I mixed two different cups and put red food dye in one and white food dye in the other (I think i used icing dye) then filled each half to the top with the resin. Once it dried I broke the plastic off (I should have used a mold release, which can also be found at craft stores) and glued the two pieces together. I used masking tape to help section off the areas I wanted painted black and I glued two buttons together and painted them white for the button. Here is the finished product. I hope the link works
http://hphotos-sjc1.fbcdn.net/hphoto...737452_n.jp g

I still need to sand the seams down a bit so they don't stand out as much. And resin (at least easy cast) is really easy to use. Just mix a 1 to 1 ratio of the stuff in the box and let it dry a day or two.
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Unread 09-28-2011, 05:54 AM   #4
The Dramatic Guard Fox
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Sorry it's taken me so long to respond TT^TT

Oh wow, that turned out absolutely amazing Nikkiolie, ehh I'll admit, unless your willing to really put some elbow grease into it, that these pokeballs won't turn out THAT amazing lol. I suspect your method will be cheaper, I havent really done all the math yet on the racquetball method. Though I also suspect it would be hard to turn into a necklace, which is what I have done with my Ultra Ball, I may be mistaken though

Kuroki-Neko I don't think either me or my friend thought of doing that, my hand is really unsteady but I, personally, prefer just painting it on without a guide because my handywork is a little more stable with a paintbrush, but I'm sure that it would work. I'll try when I get some free time away from work to rewrite the tutorial to include it for those whose hands are really shaky with a paintbrush
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Yeah it would be harder, plus it would be heavy to turn into a necklace. Cost wise, it would depend on how many you were making, if you were just making one you could use the smaller box of easy cast which is about $12, so after food color and mold it would be roughly 15 or so. if you wanted to do more it would get expensive. The bigger box could probably make 3 maybe 4 and costs about $32. Another cheap way to do it is to get the mold and just paint the inside of it with red and white paint then glue the two pieces together and paint the black stripe on. It would be nice and light and shinny from the plastic.
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Unread 02-23-2012, 04:06 PM   #6
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if ur con is in the summer u can use a bouncy ball and paint that! u know, one of these
and paint it nicely, using tape as ur guide and stuff. its perfect for misty cosplays, seeing as how she is a water pokemon trainer.
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