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Unread 02-18-2012, 10:43 AM   #1
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How to get into Cosplay?

I'd really love to get into cosplay, but I don't know which character to start with, something simple would be best.
I play a few video games and watch loads of TV shows, I aslo watch anime and read a bit of manga.
But despite all I still don't know where to begin. I'm far too nervous to just go out and have photos taken if I have to do it by myself. Did anyone else feel nervous the first time? How did you get over it?
I'd just really like some good pointers on where to start. Thanks guys! n.n
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Have you been to a convention before? I suggest going to a convention first, even just in normal clothes just to get the feel for it and try cosplaying next time. Since you're new I'm sure you'll feel much easier blending in with a crowd of cosplayers at a convention rather than jumping head first into a photoshoot.
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its ok

Originally Posted by AmyB4537 View Post
But despite all I still don't know where to begin. I'm far too nervous to just go out and have photos taken if I have to do it by myself.
Pick a person that is memorable not too well known but well known. it also has to be something that you would use a lot. Not a One timer. My first cosplay was mini moon from sailor moon. I wore that cosplay a lot and so it was a good investment as well as a chose in costume too. Remember when you start to cosplay be simple if you are making your own.
On the note of being nervous I was a kid so I wasn't as nervous much . My friends who started later got very nervous thought so its natural. like the previous person said the best thing is to do is go to a con and act normal. Next con you try to cosplay.
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Unread 02-18-2012, 12:45 PM   #4
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This is probably going to sound rather silly...but my advice is to just go out and do it. You will see that the scenarios in your head are nothing like what actually happens at the con most of the time. You will be fine, and if you don't want your picture taken then you are allowed to refuse people politely. Just do whatever you are comfortable with at the time. As far as a costume, just pick the same like everyone else does. You just have to narrow it down a lot. I am assuming that you should probably be looking for simpler costumes since it is your first time. Don't worry, cons aren't really that scary.
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Like Unicorn-sama said, i'd go with simply getting to know the cosplay scene first. Go to a convention, just enjoy the air of seeing people cosplay as well as take pictures of them. You could even ask them for tips as well, or just plain become friends with them. I was nervous for my first cosplay as well, but for other reasons such as "creepers" or my cleavage showing. Also, i'd start off listing all the characters you'd love to be/wear their costume, and go through that list to see which would be best for your money budget. You can try cosplaying them when your more comfortable.
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I actually think if you're really interested in cosplay, you'll feel like you should have cosplayed at your first con if you don't. At my first con, I made my first cosplay and decided to wear it on the second day. Then all of the first day I wished I had worn my cosplay >.<

Since you seem a little anxious about it, I think you should visit the message boards of the con you're interested in and meet people that way. A lot of people are looking to make friends and put cosplay groups together so you'll in no way be alone.
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I agree with katacus. If you really want to try Cosplay, wear a costume to a convention. It doesn't have to be elaborate or detailed. Even a closet cosplay would be good for your first one.

AmyB4537, do you have anyone who would go with you? Having an experienced con-goer or cosplayer at your side might help with your nerves.

For me, I wanted to dress up for my first con and I picked Canada from Hetalia because if I acted shy and hid in the corner it would be part of the character. I purchased a really good wig and a red sweatshirt, a little chest binding, some props, and some new make-up (make-up is a must for pictures). It wasn't very expensive and the con was a blast!

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