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Unread 09-23-2012, 11:05 AM   #1
One. Crazy. Bat.
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Talking The weird things you did when you were little!

Lets hear some funny or just plain wierd things you did when you were young! Odd habits, funny hobbies; whatever.
Example: Me and my older sister used to go around in shopping malls barking at people... we also licked the metal clothing hangers in department stores. They were salty.
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Hadena Cosplay
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When I was very young, I didn't like shoes much. Whenever I got indoors, whether it was our home, someone else's, a supermarket or a restaurant, I'd sit down and try to take off my shoes, whether the situation called for it or not.

Apparently it's a rare thing for kids (my mum used to say so, at least): I didn't like sweet things. At all. I -hated- it. I wasn't a fan of candy, and on my bread I favoured things like cheese or ham, instead of things like chocolate spread or fruit preserves. I actually once stole a sandwich from my childhood friend, but she was a sweet-tooth.. so she had a thick layer of strawberry preserve on her bread. I've been told that my face was priceless when I unknowingly took a bite out of that.

Not a very weird thing, in my opinion at least, but the parents of friends of mine thought it was. They were staying over at our camping for about a week, along with their kids (about the same age as me (7-8ish at the time).
At times, I just grabbed hold of a book, sat somewhere quiet, and read for a while. They thought it was a very weird thing of me to do. I just needed a break like that at times. If I didn't, it would've been war with me and the other kids, and they'd all have a bunch of crying children (and who would want that?! :P)
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Jack Sparrow impersonator
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Not too weird but I insisted on going to school in tuxedos occasionally because it reminded me of penguins :P

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Once, I went to 'Take Your Child To Work Day' at my dad's office, went to one of the little panels they had for the kiddos, and started a discussion with the presenter on the economics of video games. I was about nine, so I don't remember, but my dad swears on it up and down.
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Green Girl
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I used to;

Drink cold coffee and tea from mugs people had left lying around.

Enjoy the "flavour" of electricity from batteries (I licked the terminals on 9v ones).

Rip off bits of paper from the outside margins of my books, chew them into a paste and then press them into sheets of new paper.

I was an odd child.
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Caffeine addict
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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
I used to;

Drink cold coffee and tea from mugs people had left lying around.

Enjoy the "flavour" of electricity from batteries (I licked the terminals on 9v ones).

Rip off bits of paper from the outside margins of my books, chew them into a paste and then press them into sheets of new paper.

I was an odd child.
I did all of these things too ,and then some. I would also chew on paper clips and staples I found stuck in the carpet at school.

After eating a lollypop, I would rip up the stick (if it was made of paper) and eat the pieces.

I wore uniforms to school from elementary to middle school (no uniforms in high school), so I was really picky about which uniform shirt I wore with what bottom on what day. I got upset if my system was thrown off.
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Happy Now?
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Ha ha I used to lick batteries too.

Let see things I am famous for as a kid

-Streaking, when I was a tyke as soon as someones back was turned didn't matter where I was the clothes would go off. There actually was a story a friend of the family told me about the time I disappeared into the clothes rack at Kmart came out stark nakkie and took off across store. A Kmart employee is the one who caught me.

-Floss, OMG there was one thing my family couldn't keep in the house because of me. Apparently I was remarkable at my ability to string the stuff all over the house at night.

Neither two things I can recall but enough people told me about this. Things I do recall are:

-Tooth paste eater 0_o?

-I used to lick unused mr. yuck stickers

-Always been anti shoe, it's been harder to keep me in shoes then clothes.

-Head butter. Teachers used to call me the goat.

-I used play Patches-Dickie Lee and/or sing high pitched parts of in the jungle to drive our cat patches NUTS
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Haven't seen this one yet....I use to eat food off the floor..Now, I was PAID to do it....Having..Um..Unsmart I guess you could say, friends with allowance was a great idea..They would ALWAYS find nastier things for me to eat and bet I wouldn't....We gambled YOUNG....

Me and my 2 younger brothers played the Pokemon TTG. BUT....Not the right way..We would shuffle our decks of cards (usually a deck of like 200+ cards, and not normal shuffle..The unbendy kind..) and whichever pokemon had the most hitpoints wins..wins the card..Both..I lost a goddamn mewtwo....And my Egyptian Mew card....

Other then that nothing really..That I can remember anyway..
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The weirdest thing I look back at now usually and go WTF would have to be that as a child I seemed to have a strange obsession with eggs. Eggs? Yes, eggs. My grandma used to babysit myself and my twin sister during the day and I recall that I would always take an egg out of the refrigerator and would put it in my coat pocket to carry it around all day. But being the child that I was keeping a raw egg whole there wasn't exactly a good idea, as you can imagine I massacred the damn thing once I forgot it was there. Another time I came across a birds nest and was shocked to see a blue and brown speckled egg. With less than careful hands I reached out and grabbed a hold of it. Whether it was my foolish child-like strength or the integrity of the shell was weak was uncertain, it broke easily in the palm of my hand spilling egg-stink all over my palm. I'm pretty sure it was a dud, but my grandfather was so angry because I disturbed the nest it surprised me. It was the only time I saw him get angry over something.

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Unread 09-24-2012, 08:54 AM   #10
Cats Don't Like Me Much
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When I was a wee lil' thing, I would always have to have 2 pacifiers (I called them binkeys for some reason). Anyhoo, I would need one to suck on and the other one I would sniff. I guess I got pretty good at balancing the one I sniffed on my top lip so I didn't even have to hold it XD Ultimate lazy!
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Skanking Pickle
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I licked rocks at the beach....

I was a salt addict.
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take your fail and leave
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I did a lot of "questionable" things when i was a kid:

1. memorized different licence plates for no reason when we were on a long drive.

2. Ate play dough

3. i also drank coffee (however in my home thats normal) when i was a kid so it seemed to be a weird activity to our neighbors and family friends.
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Jia Jem
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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
Drink cold coffee and tea from mugs people had left lying around.
I...... still do this.

I also used to have to make sure all my dresser drawers and closet doors were closed before falling asleep. I would wake up and check multiple times.

I still do this too.

I would eat raw pancake batter.

I still do th------ well I guess I'm a giant baby Jia.
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la ctholita
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Everything I did as a child was weird.


My mother spent an awful lot on therapy that didn't work.
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Lithium Flower
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I think Penny was my spirit guide because my childhood was incredibly weird though without therapy until my teens. That too was unsuccessful.

For the sake of something a little less awkward here's one story:

My friend and I came across a big blue tub of Noxima acne cream my sister had and we covered our faces in it and ran around the upstairs bedroom playing some kind of weird make-believe. We stood in front of the open window because it made our faces tingly from having the cream on.

We where around 5 or 6.
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