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sly bleu
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Asher9000 Review

EDIT: Added more pictures and more information.

Name of Commissioner: Asher9000

Website/C.com gallery:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asher9000-cosplay/

Character commissioned: Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening - I already made part of the dress, I wanted her to finish the rest of it (the bottom of the skirt, inserting a zipper, and adding lining.)

Link(s) to picture of your commissioned item: http://tinypic.com/r/x4ir8z/8

Timeline: early February- end of March

Describe your Experience: I contacted her at the end of January and we agreed on a price. I sent my measurements, dress, and other materials to her by February. After this, it was a struggle to keep contact with her. I remember it took me several frustrating emails just to get a progress photo from her. I even got a progress picture of a different commission at some point. Finally she finished the commission and sent me a picture. At this point, I was done and I just wanted her to send it to send it to me.
When I got the dress back, I was really disappointed. The skirt part she had done was messily done and looks awkward when worn as shown in my photos. Also I donít quite understand this since but the top stitch is a completely different color from the fabric. I took the dress to a friend of mine that makes her own cosplays and she encouraged me to write this review and get my money back.
On further inspection, my sister and I found that even some parts of the lining are not completely sewn in, the biggest part of this is near the zipper which is in one of the photos. What's the point of adding lining if it's not doing its job?
Speaking about getting my money back, that has been a struggle too. I messaged her and told her I was very unsatisfied with the commission and told her exactly what was wrong. I also sent her the photo and when she didnít respond, I filed a dispute with Paypal. She finally responds by denying my refund request and telling me that she sees nothing wrong with the item.

Final Grade: D. Donít commission her. Ever. There are so many better commissioners out there.

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I will second this. This person was supposed to commission something for me about 8 months ago. Communication has ceased to exsist, she ignores all of mt emails and messages on this site (even though she logs in often) I would NOT suggest this person. AT ALL. She is making off with people's money and not even caring. Disgusting.
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I had one costume in front of yours when I started. 2 weeks in, you messaged me for a progress picture. Less than 12 hours after your initial request (before I had even seen it), you sent another saying I was ignoring you. When I finally got on I told you I wasn't ignoring you, but sometimes need up to 24 hours to respond. I sent a progress pic, accidentally of the other persons costume as your names were literally 1 letter different. When you pointed it out I sent the right one. I think about a week later you started messaging me again accusing me of trying to scam you (checked my email and had 3 messages all within a single day). I said that I wasn't, I just hadn't had a lot of time to work on your costume (really a month or 2 for a costume is pretty average) and that if you felt that way I could just finish what I was working on (the dress) and we could be done. You agreed, I finished the dress, sent you a picture, and shipped it to you.
2 months after you received the costume, I came home to a ton of messages and a paypal dispute (I never had TIME to respond). The dress pattern and thread were all yours and the lining was fine when I packed it up; aside from that, I don't do refunds after a certain amount of time as it could be worn for a con and then tried to be returned.
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I've done several costumes for you before so I'm really confused. The costume was put on hold while I waited for your input on fabric color as I wasn't able to find an exact match. For the ignored emails; I was away for a while (I explained why to you) and said I would finish your costume asap. You then told me you no longer wanted the costume and wanted your money back. The first payment isn't refundable as it's used for materials. As I told you already, just let me know if you change your mind and want the costume after all. I'm willing to give you a discount just so I don't have to keep it around and try selling it to someone else.

*edited for grammar error
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