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Question Setting Your Makeup: Spray vs Powder?

So I've finally decided to give setting my makeup a try. I just hate seeing it slowly disappear throughout a hard day's con-romping.

I'd like to ask however, is there a difference between setting your makeup using spray and using powder? What are the pros and cons of each? (Durability, ease of use, cost, etc.) Which would you recommend?

I'm not asking for anything industrial strength, like for setting bodypaint or anything like that. I'm just asking for the kind you'd use to set your face makeup so it'll survive through humid weather and hours of rambunctious con play and still look good enough for pictures.

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you should DEFIANTLY use a transparent setting powder. this is for just regular makeup, if you're getting into body paint, a colorless powder like ben nye sells is recommended, and also their final seal is needed! only for body paint though, or super heavy makeup where it could be hot and you might be sweating a lot. C:
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I usually use translucent powder to set my makeup, I've not tried the spray unfortunately but I do hear good reviews about it.

Powder is generally quite inexpensive but it might not hold up as well throughout the day as spray - although it definitely will stop you from getting "shiny" from moving around a lot.
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Setting sprays are more "hardcore" at setting makeup as compared to powders. Unfortunately, they mainly consist of alcohol, which can be irritating and drying for certain skin types. However, if you're concerned about your makeup fading through out the day, invest in some primer/oil deterrent and long lasting makeup. By oil deterrent, I mean mattifying gel or oil control lotion, and use a long lasting, oil-free makeup.

Another tip for extending makeup is to apply powder with a regular makeup puff, then wipe away the excess with a fluffy brush. Here's a tutorial explaining the method. Hope this info is relevant to your questions!
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um... I always thought you use them together... like you powder to set your cream/liquid, and then spray to set the powder... this is what I've always seen on youtube and in articles for makeup online :S
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IT depends on the makeup.

If it's water-based then a setting powder will do very little good whereas a spray will hold it a LOT longer (though if you spray it on too much it can make the makeup run) If you REALLY want to make it stay, instead of water, activate it with Liquiset (sp?) then use green marble over it.

If it's oil-based then the spray will do no good without first setting it with powder, though using them together will extend it

If it's alcohol-based the powder wont do any good and you have to use a spray, but again too much and it will run (even worse than water-activated makeups)
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I have never had a spray that worked more effectively than a powder...

Unless there is a VERY high end spray out there that you can purchase for a decent price I recommend powder and oil blotting papers.
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Originally Posted by SpazItUp View Post
I have never had a spray that worked more effectively than a powder...
Were you setting oil or water-based makeup? and did you try Green Marble? it's considered top-of-the-line iirc in most professional circles.

Assuming from you suggestion of "oil blotting papers" I presume you used oil-based, which the spray *wont* work effectively on if used alone.
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Well, I just used my Mehron setting spray. (Meant to set stage makeup, full face paint, and etc) and it lasted all day. :3 (Granted, where my wig rubbed against and my wig cap was, the makeup came off, but that wasn't showing until I took my wig and wig cap off!)

It cost me 6$ and I like it!

I also use powder foundation, cream blush, followed by powder blush (to set the blush), and translucent powder over my foundation.

I didn't sweat too much, but it held my make up on longer than anything else, and normally my make up is gone within six hours.
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I think it depends on both the makeup and personal preference. I like setting powder because when I use my liquid foundation, it mattifies it (makes it look more solid, even and not oily or makeup-y) The only con I can think of is if you apply too much (because it is loose in a little jar,) you will look pal and ashy.
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As mentioned above, different makeup types require different setting procedures. Cream/grease makeups MUST be set with powder or they'll never dry. You can then use spray on top if you wish. Liquid drugstore makeups often last longer if set with powder as well.

Cake makeups that are applied with a dry powder puff, or applied with water, should be set with spray. Powder won't do a whole lot for them in terms of lasting power.
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