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such thing as a good cosplay lolita?

since i've been a lolita, i havent really cosplayed and have gone to conventions.

looking through deviant art (it happens once in a while now that i'm older) the artwork seen on with the tag "lolita" is really fun and anime like. and refering it as a lolita-costume/cosplay is saying it is a costume.

is it a contradiction though? since the catagory "cosplay lolita" i feel is there to show cosplay lolitas that they are other sub-fashions, and its not a cosplay.

but i kinda like the idea of cosplay lolita in a sense of anime. its kind of mystical and fun worn with another character or making your own character who is a cosplay lolita.

what got me thinking about starting to make cosplay lolita for cons is this book:

i really like the dresses shown, they seem really fun! but i wouldn't wear this every day, its a costume ^^; to show my inner anime nerd i guess.

does anyone else do this? what do you think of the term "cosplay lolita". does it mean calling someone an ita? what do you think of lolitas who do wear brand and call it costume? or only wearing it to a convention. does that qualify as an ita? or is it the way of being styled.

i'm really curious about this. ^^; from other lolitas who cosplay's point of view.

overall can you be a cosplay lolita and a regular lolita without combining the two?
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"Cosplay lolita" is typically used as a derogatory term, normally meant for itas. I do think however that it's definitely possible to do themed lolita well though, it's just a matter of being very familiar with the fashion and balancing the ideas well. I've never seen anyone wear brand and refer to it as a costume, actually. I don't mind if people just wear it to conventions and events, quite a lot of lolitas do that. The label of ita is pretty much used for styling and certain attributes of clothing, like cheap lace or really terrible design.
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I wouldn't put cosplay and lolita together because one is a fashion and the other is a costume. You can't have both. Let's say you want to dress up as a character from Rozen Maiden. They all wear lolita styled clothing, but that would be a costume:cosplay.

You can, however, make a lolita themed outfit. Not a costume. I am currently making a Harry Potter inspired lolita outfit. I don't consider it a costume because I am focusing on the lolita elements with just a hint of Harry Potter throughout the outfit. But I suppose it is on the fence because I will be like a "lolita" HP student so that would be on the grounds for cosplay but still be a lolita outfit. Kind of confusing...

Also, if you want to wear lolita for a day, it isn't a costume. It's still a fashion. Like Meiki said, there's a lot of lolitas that wear their outfits to conventions. It's a great way to meet other loli's and talk about the fashion/brands/kittens/tea...

So I would suggest if you wanted to wear lolita I would do some research. You'd be surprised how much of a difference petticoats can make...There's tons of guides on livejournal and the Gothic Lolita Bible has tons of reference photos if you are new to the fashion.

If you just want to wear lolita for a day without really getting into the fashion, I would just end up cosplaying as a character that has a lolita styled outfit because there is a lot that goes into the coordination of a lolita outfit (and not to mention the subgenres of lolita:aristocratic, sweet, guro...) including time and money. If you really love the fashion and want to wear it for a day, I would recommend doing some research and if you love it, go ahead and wear it. You don't have to spend a lot of money on one outfit, but knowing what is lolita and what isn't will really help.

So... TL;DR- You can't have both, but you can under some circumstances lol
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Cosplay Lolita is an oxymoron. It simply doesn't exist. You can cosplay a character that is dressed in lolita, but that's called Cosplay. Lolita is a legit fashion.
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I've done a lolita Pikachu so when I hear the term "cosplay lolita" I associate with that sort of thing. In the end, this outfit is a cosplay I just did it in a lolita style. Despite it being a cosplay I was still careful to follow lolita guidelines.

On the person wearing brand calling it a costume, it depends on the situation. Are they using it because it looks similar to something a character wears? If that's the case, I wouldn't see it as any different than someone putting a cosplay together with stuff they found at Forever 21, other than the amount they paid for.
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