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Making Geometric Accessory with Plastic Plates! [Tutorial]

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my easy and affordable way to use plastic plates to make geometric accessory pieces! My purpose was for Zeldaís (from Skyward Sword) diamond shape on her dress and belt, but I bet you can use it for a bigger variety. Unfortunately I donít think my tutorial will help for making curves or bevels, but I havenít tried it so I can definitely be proven wrong!

So hereís what you will need:
-Clear Plastic Plate(s)
-Hot Glue
-Exacto Knife (or scissors)
-Ruler for nice straight lines!

To color & Enhance:
-Tin foil
-Acrylic Paint

Ok so get your materials ready! Heat up that glue gun, have a nice, sharp blade and pull your plates out of the packaging! Plastic plates are pretty easy to find at any place that sells party supplies or plastic silverware (I happened to get mine at Wal-Mart). You just want a standard kind with no design in the middle and that is transparent if you plan on painting it. Also, the flexible kind seem to be easy for me to cut. I.e. if you can bend the plate slightly and it doesnít snap/crack, itís probably going to be easier to work with.
TL;DR Get your materials ready FOOí

Now this is kind of self-explanatory, but Iíll run by it quickly. Make your pattern out of paper and know what you want your finished product to look like (i.e. mock it up). I then tape the pattern onto the plastic plate and cut around it with an exacto knife. I cut out as many pieces as I need to make my project (4 since Iím making a diamond shape). If you want each piece to look identical, you can stack two or three pieces of plastic on top of each other (or even tape them together so they donít move around while you try to cut) and cut through them all at the same time.
TL;DR Make a pattern, put it on top of the plate, cut it out

Next is glueing them together. I didnít have problems with my glue gun melting the plastic, but you may want to test it out just in case. I also notice that if you put a glob of glue in the wrong spot, you can wait for it to cool and then slowly peel it off (sometimes with more success than others). But do note that the hot glue will kind of show through to the other side even if you paint your project.
TL;DR Glue the pieces together, donít make a huge mess

Once your shape is complete, you can now paint it if you so desire. DONíT PAINT THE FRONT SIDE! Acrylic paint will just scrape right off if you paint the front. I painted the backside of my diamond and wait until it dries completely between coats (I only had to do 2). If you want your object to have some light shine through it, make your layers of paint thin. The first time I painted it, it was way too thick and no light could get through. Easy fix! Just scrape off the paint with your nail/a coin/whatevah and then repaint. (Itís quite forgiving!) But do note that your hot glue will show a little bit regardless of what paint you use.
TL;DR Paint it with whatever acrylic you want in thin coats. Donít paint the front, just the unexposed side!

Finally, (and this is optional too) you can add a little shimmer effect to your object. I cut a piece of tinfoil and stuffed it into the back of my diamond and just used a tiny bit of glue to hold the edges down. So when the light catches it, it has an interesting sheen.

Now that youíre done, you can do whatever you want with it! Itís extremely lightweight and pretty durable (I hugged so many people and my diamond didnít get smooshed!) I glued bias tape around the edges of my big diamond and easily sewed them onto the dress. For the belt, I just hot glued the piece to the foamie and it doesnít budge! I hope it helps and Iíd be happy to answer any questions that I know the answers to!

My finished product

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thank you, this is very helpful.
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thank you so much! this has helped me VERY much making Nabooru's hair ornament/head piece thing. i really appreciate this!
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Originally Posted by Goldskulltula View Post
thank you so much! this has helped me VERY much making Nabooru's hair ornament/head piece thing. i really appreciate this!
You're so welcome! I'm glad it was useful and I'd love to see your finished product!
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