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Contact and Make-up help

Okay, so my next cosplay adventure is Gamzee Makara from homestuck. I'm planning to do normal Gamzee one day and sober Gamzee the next. I have some questions about the make-up on his face and with body paint.

Should I get contacts? I have dark brown eyes and can't see without my thick lensed glasses. I'm thinking about getting yellow perscription lenses, but all the websites that sale them confuse me. So a little nudge in the right lense style and website would be much appreciated.

Also make-up and body-paint. I've read around and heard that Ben Nye works for face and PAX is good for arms and stuff, but for the blending of PAX confuses me. Also for Gamzee's face for both normal and sober, what would I need. I go to the Ben Nye site and I freeze, it confuses me. A little pointers for both the face make-up and PAX would also be much appreciated.
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I honestly find contacts for Homestuck cosplay kind of a waste. Their eyes are all yellow except for the pupil so if you find contacts like that I commend you! But I just find it a waste.

I actually bought my BEN NYE make up from a store called cosplaysupplies.com
Alot easier to use I find.
There is actually a tutorial online of a Gamzee cosplayer doing make up
Right here:

Its really useful. I hope I helped a bit XD

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HareyuNanami: That video does help thank you ^.^

I might still get contacts since I've been wanting to get some just 'cause, and even though finding something that covers the whites while be extremly hard, I don't really want to walk around and have to take my glasses on and off and have to deal with them because their thick frame is a bit cumbersome for glasses.
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IF you have the money 9mmsfx has some nice yellow sclera lenses (covers the whole white of the eye) and they can do them in RX as well I believe, but iirc they're like $125, so...
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If you're going to be getting prescription contacts, you absolutely have to get them fitted by your optometrist first (since it sounds like this is the first time you'll be wearing them?). Wearing the wrong size of contacts can seriously damage your eyes, so you'll want to be really careful about that!
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I don't really have the money for sclera lenses, so that's a sad no.

I am definatly going to ask my optomertist a ton of questions before and after I get them if I get them. I don't want to mess my eyes up anymore...
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