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Anime Boston 2012: Feedback Thread

This thread is for posting your thoughts/opinions on Anime Boston 2012!

From your experience this year, what were the pros and cons? What were the highlights and lowlights? Would you return again next year?

Also, you can discuss the particulars of the convention, such as the events, panels, masquerade, dances, etc., as well as what you thought about the con and hotel staff, the hotel, convention space, food, dealer's room, attendees, and whatever else pertaining to this year's Anime Boston!

Remember to make your commentary polite and keep things civil!

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OK, so this is kind of an awkward comment/question...but I'm wondering if anyone knows who the judges (both hall & masq) were this year. Usually they're fairly high profile cosplayers from the region, but this year my friends and I (all of whom have been cosplaying in the region for many years) didn't recognize a single one. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's nice to know what the judges' backgrounds are, and for relative "unknowns" that's hard to tell, especially if they aren't really in costumes themselves. It's just a little unsettling when you can't figure out one way or another if the person deciding on the winners has sufficient background/experience to make an informed decision. Again, NOT saying they weren't "qualified," but unlike past years their level of experience was difficult to ascertain based on sight or reputation.
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I think that I can address one of this year's biggest questions: the Death Match.
It wasn't as good as the Connecticon deathmatch. I think we can all agree on that.
But, it was the first year. Everyone I spoke to was hopeful that the event would continue, hopefully evolving to a degree where we can rival CTcon's epic matches. I think that the man playing Seto Kaiba was a wonderful MC, Alucard not so much, Haruhi put up a valiant effort. The effects and video screens were wonderful, definitely up to CTcon standard and beyond, but the dialogue was stilted and awkward.
I get that it was the first time, which is why I hope I can speak for everyone when I ask that the event be continued and given the time it needs to grow and shine.

Aside from that, things went much more smoothly in many ways. The staff was really great and accessible, which was helpful. I don't recall any huge holdups at all, no big technical issues, no out-of-the-ordinary line fuckups, everyone was on the ball. Nice jobs!

I went to the Phoenix Ball, and I noticed that it was opened up more where I don't recall it being last year. This was good, because there were definitely enough people to fill it up! ...But it also made it more difficult to get into if you were late, and if you had to snag a table in the back, it was kind of hard to get to the front and dance while going back and forth. Just something to think about, I guess.

On the whole, it was definitely one of the smoothest ABs yet, I was very glad to have come!
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I loved how fast pre-reg went. Even though the line was long, I had my badge in under 20 minutes. A big thank-you to the staff for being so organized and efficient.

I also LOVED that the Masquerade was aired on the closed-circut station, that was a nice treat.

The only suggestion I have would be the arrangement on Artist's Alley. The layout was a bit awkward. Some of the aisles were really wide, and some of them were really narrow, so they got congested faster. I think if the spacing were more even, it would help with the flow of traffic.
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Pros: Lots of cosplayers, easy registration, nice location.
Cons: Overcrowding, rude attendees, unfriendly con staff with a god complex, ridiculously strict weapons policy, expensive hotel, overheated rave.

Still on the fence about returning next year.

Detailed review here.
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The Good: In general, I had a good time, especially considering this was my first time at Anime Boston. I didn't have TOO much trouble finding anything, and nobody I encountered was particularly rude.

The panels were, for the most part, great. Everything seemed to be in a room that was the right size, and aside from Con Horror Stories, lines were well managed. Also, Anime Boston audiences just seem to be really good panel audiences. Speaking both as someone host hosted a panel and someone who just watched, I was impressed at the level of attentiveness and intelligent interaction.

The Bad: I'm glad someone else mentioned Artist Alley, 'cos I wasn't sure if I was just imagining the halls being narrower because one side was busier. 'Cos yes, the right side of that room was FAR too cramped.

Speaking of halls, the convention center in general just felt kind of... awkward. Not so much crowded (though plenty of spots WERE), but there just weren't many places where I felt like I could stand still without getting stepped on. Obviously, that's not something the convention can help, but it still bugged me.

Also, did any other out-of-towners have trouble with directions to the place? I don't think anyone at Google has ever actually been to Boston.

Finally, my biggest complaint: ANIME BOSTON 2013 WILL OVERLAP WITH ANIMAZEMENT, SO I CAN'T GO!
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Overall I think AB2012 was really successful, and I had a blast. So thanks!

There were a couple of small things, like PayPal not being available for pre-registration, which were annoying but not major issues. I agree that Artists' Alley could use a different layout with more consistent aisles to deal with congestion. The staff handling the Masquerade line only let a certain number of people line up (for the balcony, at least) and turned everyone else away from the end of the line. That just led to a lot of ticketholders loitering and pretending not to be in the line, and I think allowing the line to continue in an orderly fashion would have been a much less problematic to traffic.

One big problem was the seating plan for the balcony. Initially we were forced to fill in the seats in an entire section on either side of the auditorium that were directly parallel to the big screens, so we couldn't even see those let alone the stage. Fortunately the staff let everyone get up and move to a section on the back wall that hadn't filled up, and the rest of us scooted down a section, but the natives were getting feisty by then and it could all have been avoided if someone had gone up there and made sure *something* was in line-of-sight for the seats that would be made available. It's not an exaggeration to say that if we'd been forced to stay over there, it wouldn't have been worth going to the Masquerade at all. So that's something to think about for next year.

The quality of the skits this year was a lot higher than I've ever seen at AB before. If there's some new screening process in place, good job! I hope we keep trending in that direction. I'd like to encourage more pre-recorded soundtracks rather than using the microphones, especially in the musical skits (with the exception of the exhibition performance). I'm not sure some folks realize how they'll sound when belting into a mic while jumping around and having it piped out to auditorium speakers. Some points were a little hard to sit through.

I'm so glad Roadie (...Warrior) made a reappearance as the MC! Wrangling an auditorium full of overexcited anime fans for a number of hours is a pretty spectacular skill, and he does it with flair. Roadie is great at engaging the audience and keeping things moving in an entertaining way. And he's ours! I hope to see him again next year.

I think that's it for me. See you guys next year!
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I had as always a great time at Anime Boston. I always get involved in the events and this year was no different. I was in the Deathmatch, which had some issues with folks that signed up not showing up for whatever reason so there was a lot thrown out of wack. I was also in the Masquerade as part of the FMA: A Hero's Farewell skit group. I was int he 18+ daitng game and the chess match as well. i find that being involved in something makes you see the con from a whole other angle.

As for the people who say the seating for the masq was bad well all I can tell you is that no one was turned away at the door and that Staff has to be prepared to fill every seat which is what accounts for some people being put in "bad" spots on the balcony, but you could ahve always lined up just a tad earlier for the main floor and avoided the whole possible problem. I know my fiance was in line about halfway down the main hall for the main floor and was in a pretty darn good seat for the show. So I guess really it comes down to how badly do you want a "good" seat.
You guys think you had it bad all of us that were backstage had limited view of the large screens and everything was a little fuzzy and backwards to us! XD

Anyways I look forward to next year and the wonderful events and masquerade and perhaps I will run another panel next year too. ^-^

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