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Lose 'x' amount by...

I know I have a goal that I would like to reach (25 lbs in 4 months would be nice), but some of my cosplays have been made when I've been at my current weight. I'm just looking for people who are in a similar situation. And with a lack of motivation. Hoping this help motivates me to get my rather large bum up and swim it off!

Tell me about your weight loss plan and we can compare notes and encourage each other to do our best!

My plan is to cut waaaaay back on soda, sign up for my local YMCA and swim about 3 times a week or more if I have the time, and try to avoid sweets and track my diet more.
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I'd like to drop 35 by my sugery in september. My immediate goal is 15 by anime north in may.
My diet isn't really an issue since I love fruits and veggies over any candy and I only drink teas and water. But getting my butt away from work and out of the house is the issue. So I signed up at a gym and I'm making myself dance everyday.
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My current work out regimen includes a jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill in the morning. After that it depends on what I'm doing throughout the day that determines my evening workout. If I stay in all day and just do some housework I do aerobics for an hour, normally Richard Simmons. (I know, but he keeps it fun and entertaining.) If I've been walking around town getting errands done, I only do pilates or yoga at night, and if I've REALLY been bustling around town, I'll skip my evening workout altogether.

As for my diet, I've cut out pop completely, drinking only teas and waters. I also keep a food journal and monitor my calorie intake and output. I also eat a lot of fruits and veggies as snacks, and I only have the occasional piece of candy when I have a low blood sugar attack. Chicken and fish have also become my best friends.

My ultimate goal is 25-30 pounds in three months, 10 pounds a month, 2-3 pounds a week, as suggested by my doctor.

Whew that was a bit long winded, but this kind of suuport would really help I think. Many of my friends say they'll join me, but they always back out and fall back into their bad habbits, thinking that losing weight takes no work.

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Asa Gohan
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I need to lose 11 Pounds by Anime Expo. I have been following the Eat this not that diet, but doing very little exercise. I'm still losing weight, however slowly. every day is a battle but everyone has been telling me I look great.
Lots of calorie counting has been helping!
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I want to lose 20lbs-30lbs by Otakon...but it's probably not going to happen given that I'm a fulltime college student right now and I'm being swamped by exams. Though, losing 20lbs by then would be really nice. I live in a huge campus so I walk everywhere I go, and I've already lost 15lbs since the beginning of the semester but I'm still not at my ideal weight. Other than walking, I don't really do much...and it's difficult given my class schedule, but I plan on changing that very soon!
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I would like to lose 35 by Otakon, but since that is a bit extreme, I'm shooting for 15.
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well i would like to lose about 7kg for supanova in june, and im getting more work so that will help by getting away from the computer and eating not when im bored -.- i dont eat that bad anyways, i dont like sodas or chocolate or anything like that, but 7kg would be nice.

best of luck to every i hope u reach ur goals <3
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10 lbs before A-KON for me.
2 months to do it?
No problem <3

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Lithium Flower
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As much as I can by the end of the month. My over all goal is around 30-50lbs as a total goal but not by any particular time frame.

A more reasonable approach is 20-30lbs by the end of this month. Though that in it's self is not much more reasonable and dare I say, nearly impossible. So I will simply say, as much as I can by the time A-Cen rolls around.

I've discussed what I am doing in other threads but I'll repost them here:
Standing with one weight in each hand, lift one arm up towards the shoulder, and back down again. Doing it one arm at a time, Right, Left, Right, Left etc..Only count Ď1í when you have lifted both arms once IE: Lift with the right arm, lift with the left arm=1 rep not right arm=1, left arm=2. I can do anywhere from 200-400 of these at a time. Total for the day depends on if Iíve done the work out once or twice, so anywhere between 400-800 a day.

Sitting with one weight in hand, I do the same lift style only going down between the legs so the arm is reaching straight down. Donít rest your arm against your leg. I do 50 with one arm, then switch so I am giving my arm a break and continue with 50 on the other then switch back to the other arm. I do around 100-200 of these. So between 200-400 a day.

Standing with arms to the side and a weight in each hand, bring the arms upwards (not forward) and lower back down. If I look like an insane person trying to fly then I am doing it right Ľí Only count 1 when youíve lifted up and come back down. These I have much more difficulty with, and can only manage around 25.

Standing with arms in front and a weight in each arm, open the arms as wide as possible and bring them forward again. Like a weird looking invisible hug. These I struggle with as well, and can only manage around 25.

Standing(or kneeling, I have a low ceiling..this ryhmes), with a weight in each hand bring one arm up then back down and switch to the other arm. Raising the arms up as if you want to answer a question, keep your elbows straight and do not count 1 rep until both arms have come up. Right, Left=1. Not; Right=1, Left=2. I can do around 25-35 at a time, around 100 total. So between 100-200 a day.

For working on my thighs I have a bit of an issue in that Iíve discovered I have a problem with my ankles and until I can get checked out I am very hesitant to do jogs or running. I am looking to get a bike in the future!

I also do squats, where you stand with your legs apart how youíd naturally stand and squat down as low as you can go. Hold your arms out in front of yourself to help balance, and if I can Iíll hold weights as I do this. I can currently do 100 (25 at a time), but need to get to doing more.

A move I learned in yoga class was to come down in a Ďpush upí style position only keeping one foot down as you bring the other leg upwards in a bending motion as if you where running facing the ground and continue switching legs in this running motion. Bringing one leg up as far as you can, back down and bringing the other back up while maintaining a Ďpush upí style position with hands flat and toes on the ground. This will help work my legs without hurting my ankle.

Another yoga move is laying flat on the back, with my hands situated halfway under my bum and bringing my legs upwards at aprox. 45 degree angle and lowering them down. I can do around 15 of these before I want to murder a puppy. These are usually kept to the beginning stretches so I am not sure how many I can do in a day.

Sit ups. Fuck sit ups so hard. weights? Fine. I can struggle through weights. I can muscle up for squats. But sit ups? I hate them so fucking much. You donít even know. I can barely manage 25 at a time, and can do between 50-100 during one work out. Seriously. I fucking hate sit ups. SO DAMN MUCH. I would rather pay for someone to take a bendy straw and suck the fat out of my stomach then do another fucking sit up. Everything else? No problem! I can work at it. Watch me go. WEEEEE! Sit ups? I hate them. Haatteee.

Gave up pop, as a test Boyfriend challenged me to give up pop entirely until we get to A-Cen. I am curious to know how much weight thatíll take off alone /snark/
I have also begun 20 minutes of cardio, that involves side lunges (with the 10lb weights-yes it nearly kills you), crunches, ad push ups. Unfortunately because I've yet to get my ankle checked out I cannot run/jog or do jumping jacks well at all. So I am struggling to find a way to make up for lacking these activities.

I am drastically cutting down what I eat, using the menu's given to obese weight-loss patients as reference for portion sizes and nutrition and consuming more water then I have in the last 10 years of my life. (I had gone many years without touching a glass of water, this is not an exaggeration. I hated water.) I am also consuming more fruits and veggies-though I've always enjoyed them in the first place.

I have to completely cut out pop drinking, which I caved and had some during Easter sadly, and over all I am eating much smaller portions of food and exercising as often as I can during the day. Today before lunch and shower I've completed this:
quick stretches (about 10 minutes) into lunges, squats, 200 reps with 10lb weights (25 at a time-4 times per arm switching arm every 25 reps) and crunches. All about 35-40 minutes.
Which is pretty light compared to what I do after lunch and dinner but I wanted to get something in this morning to get me going.

Overall I think where I am lacking the most is keeping myself from binge eating. I've always eaten for emotional reasons ever since I was very young, and when you grow up learning that food=comfort it can be difficult to let go of that security. Which is why I am consuming such regulated portions of food-which I can update this post with when I have lunch.
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Originally Posted by Slapthefatcat View Post
I would like to lose 35 by Otakon, but since that is a bit extreme, I'm shooting for 15.
Similar goals. I'd like to lose 38lbs overall, but 18lbs by Otakon for an even 160lbs.

Just continuing my usual routine since it has been working: watch what I eat, choose healthier alternatives, and exercise when I can.
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