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A snack that seems to help me.

So, I got this recipe from Dr. OZ show and I tried it because for one I had the stuff in the house already and two, I was curious. It was suppose to be a 'make your hair shine' outcome but for me it's really helped curb my appetite and lessen my urge for sugary goodness.

You take original almond milk, Chia seeds (Mine are ground) and a little bit of Truvia (Or stevia). If you don't feel like too much sweet it tastes pretty good without the sugar too. I haven't tried it with vanilla almond milk yet but I imagine it's tasty as well.

I also add cinnamon or nutmeg.

The texture is kind of thick depending on how much chia seed you use (it thickens). Almond milk is pretty thin so the chia helps make it a lot more milky. If you don't like mini tapioca balls in your bubble tea then you won't like it because the seeds have a similar feeling in your mouth. It tastes like tapioca as well (with the sugar).

It's a fantastic mid-day snack, I sip on this between meals and I've noticed that I've eaten a lot less and have had less cravings. I have had more energy and consumed less sugar. I can't tell you if I've had long term effects yet because I have only done it for about a week but I figured I'd share.

It's great in the summer, like a milkshake and it will help you eat less during your main meals. I DON'T recommend substituting it for all your meals tho.

If anyone tries it, I'd love to hear what your results are or your thoughts.
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Great idea! I'll try it soon, my go-to snack is celery with crunchy peanut butter!

Celery-- fiber, keeps full! "One of the very low calorie herbal plant, celery leaves contain only 16 cal per 100 g weight and lots of non-soluble fiber which when combined with other weight loss regimens may help to reduce body weight and blood cholesterol levels." (http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/celery.html)

Peanut butter-- protein, also keeps full! If you're thinking "peanut butter has too much fat", remember that celery is NULL for fat, so the two together makes a snack still healthy on the side of fat AND will keep you full for a long time!

Note: Usually takes 2 pieces of celery cut in half, peanut butter in the center filled as high as the celery is.

I'm sure everyone has heard of this snack, but it's seriously a life-saver for those who feel they are always hungry :3
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LinkofHearts- Is this, like, a shake? Do you blend it?

MoradoFlower- The only way I can eat celery is with peanut-butter. Lol. The thickness of the peanut-butter covers up the weird texture of the celery enough that I don't gag on it. And just add raisins and you get Ants on a Log, the very first snack I learned to make, lol.

(The second was pears with raisins and pretzels added to look like mice. My kindergarten was all about the healthy snacks. Something like this but without the candies: http://welcomebabyuc.blogspot.com/20...pear-mice.html )
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