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Question writing a steampunk novel... need help

Hello everyone,

Alright, well I am writing this post because I am planning on writing a novel with a steampunk setting but I don't know how to go about it or what to do with the idea. I already have the characters I want in mind and the situation they are in and the plot but I have just having a trouble with writing it all down on paper and just getting it out there. I want this to be a trilogy of some sort because I really want people to get to know the characters and understand the plot.
To give everyone a basic idea for characters, here they are:

Bailey: -weapon is a spear, goofy, outgoing, off-beat, happy, silly, painter, bright
Charlie: -weapons are two katanas, sexy, cunning, closed off from the world, abandon by family for being a lesbian, mechanic
Bell: -weapons are two knives, sweet, kind, soft, hard-working, abandon by family for accusing family friend of molesting her(which is true), optimistic, good listener, author
Amilee: -weapons are bow and arrows and fans, hot-tempered, family died when she was young leaving her and her sister behind forcing her to give up her dreams as a dancer
Anya: -weapons are guns, sarcastic, comes from rich background, open-minded, dark, pessimistic, racist family disowned her for having sex with a her asian butler

The plot is, in a nutshell:
-A woman is going around practicing evil magic causing several people to die and the women are brought to the attention of this and have to stop her. Meanwhile, a man is forcing people who do not match the description of a; white, upper-class, straight male will be killed (mainly). The women are angry about this and take it into their own hands to stop it.

So, yes my question is how to bring this to life? [like write it down, get it out, have it stop bouncing around in my brain]. Where do I start? I have the story down but do not know have to begin the entire story. Do I just start writing and think about the begginning later? Also, what is the best way to describe action, character development, setting-focused story all in one novel/book without it sounding like it's too much? Do the characters sound compelling enough {based on the small basic description}? Do I need to do more with the plot?

ALso any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I just need a way on how to start writing this. Thanks
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It sounds like your trying to go from transferring some ideas in your mind to a fully fleshed out novel series with no real in between. It can take an author years to have the final edition of their book completed, and that's for just one book-not three. It takes time, planning and a lot of changes will happen.

Instead of thinking that you have an idea and you must have a fully written novel RIGHT THIS SECOND think more about the entire thing as a brainstorming process. You have some vague character descriptions to present but that doesn't mean you can't delve into them more, even if this background information never comes up in the story. That means writing down all that's in your head as it stands. It doesn't have to be flowery or particularly well written, you're putting thoughts down in a coherent chronological way.

Your skipping over the important part of brainstorming and development to jump into having something completed. Take your time and don't worry so much about how things sound in terms of being a fancy pants novel, think more on making things fit together and make sense to an outside source. Once you've brainstormed and gotten things down in writing is when you can move on to making an appealing novel.

When I draw there's always the desire to just go right to my idea and start from top to bottom with what I want to do. But if I don't plan out my guidelines first the entire figure will be disproportionate and stiff. You have to start with the skeleton and build muscle upon it before you can flesh out a living person.
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For writing speculative fiction in general (be it steampunk, other scifi or fantasy), I'd say the best thing to keep in mind is research. Even if you're writing relatively soft science/high fantasy it'll give you ideas and keep your descriptions accurate.
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