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Unread 12-29-2012, 04:51 AM   #256
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Originally Posted by Peaches-N-Cream View Post
i dunno bout long distances anymore, just you cant see that person for realz and can only think rather the person cheats on you or not..at times i cant seem to see whats real anymore because Men these days are so...hard, you know?

You sit here hoping with these big dreams,years pass by and your in the same sitting spot alone wondering what you've done wrong..
That might be true Peaches, but that is just an assumption. You cant possibly say that all men will do that. Its like i assumed that all girls are vice versa doing as they please with other men, when their with someone from long distance. You just dont know unless you try it out with that person. But in my opinion anything can work if the other is willing to make it work as well.
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Unread 12-29-2012, 06:13 PM   #257
Evig Vinter
It Started Off So Well...
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1. Nikolaj (Pronounced like the Russian "Николай/Nikolai," or, "nee-kah-LIE")

2. San Jose, California (Northern California), USA

3. Male / 17 / Retired Student. I live in the good old US of A, I'm of strictly European decent, I was raised Roman Catholic, and I am more inclined to agree with the political views of democrats as opposed to republicans. Video games and comic books occupy a majority of my life, followed by cop dramas, politics, coding, and thinking. Gotta love thinking. I also really enjoy exercising, sports, and sleeping, but my time doesn't allow for a lot of those things. Just so you know, I crossdress for humor (A taste acquired from my friends), and I like romance more than your average straight guy does.

4. I've recently started liking modern anime and manga. My list of new likes is: Star Driver, Tiger and Bunny, K, Magi, Bakuman, Blue Exorcist, Beelzebub, Deadman Wonderland, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (My guilty pleasure), and I've really only just begun with my watch list. Older likes are: Pandora Hearts, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Naruto, Axis Powers Hetalia, Black Butler, Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, Pokémon, and Digimon. As for video games, my favorites are the Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Fable, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of series, Final Fantasy series, Professor Layton series, Uncharted series, Call of Duty series, Fallout series, Eternal Sonata, and various others. I prefer Marvel over DC; NCIS and Law and Order: SVU are amazing, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best (Though they aren't completely on their game this year), and the Glasgow Rangers kick ass! In addition, Star Wars and Star Trek, I prefer both.

5. Friends. Perhaps more. Mostly friends, though. Any gender for friends, and female for anything more. A cosplay partner would be cool, but I'm more than willing to travel long distance to see friends for a weekend or more. Also, someone to have epic adventures would make me happy. I very much like to go on adventures with friends, to any where from across town, to across the state, to across the country, to across the world.

I apologize for the very long post, but I'm too odd to describe in less words than that.
2013 Conventions:
SacAnime Winter*, AOD**, Fanime

2013 Cosplays:
Unknown at this point

* Dependent upon whether I'm feeling better, or if I'm back in the ER again.
** Dependent upon interests, time, and money
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Unread 01-01-2013, 02:52 AM   #258
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1.Name: Victoria Capone!
2.General location Staten Island, NY.
3.Self Summary & Gender >< some people can't tell sometimes in the pics. Sad but true. Also Age (If you are 16-17 or under please put your age if you are older you are allowed to put a age range.: I'm 17 years old, born in August. I'm a leo! I'm pansexual, which means I'm attracted to any gender. I'll be graduating high school this year and I'm planning to study acting at the College of Staten Island. I'm always up to meet new people so feel free to drop a message anytime. My tumblr is spysbutt, and my email is whaleyousea@gmail.com.
4.Likes and or dislikes: I really like video games, astrology, cartoons, comics, and obviously cosplay! I dislike people that don't respect personal space, Victoria's Secret, the dark, and a bunch of other stuff I can't think off the top of my head at the very moment.
5.What you are looking for. (Be it just friends or more) I'm looking for both friends and a significant other! Of course, I'd honestly have to know someone well enough to really get that far in a relationship. Just looking for friendly, patient folk that live near me, and share my interests!
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Unread 01-02-2013, 05:54 PM   #259
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1. Eehhhh call me Kawaii I guess
2. Texas
3. I am of the female gender! I am 14, 15 in March. (I don't care about age though, friends are friends right?)
I can be reeeeeallly bubbly and energetic if I know you well or if you give that vibe that you're bubbly too. If not then.......Im shy and awkward...I guess (<<SEE? AWKWARD ALREADY). But really, Im a bubbly energetic little thing that likes to laugh and have fun.....and eat food.... XD
4. Food! (Even though I dont eat much) sweet foods~~, lately sleep, dancing, drawing, manga, cosplaying (duh), uhhhhhhhhhhhh I like lots of things C:
Dislikes? Hm...melon. eewwwwww. Melons make me feel sick. I really dont like any kind of melon. Also people who brag too much. Waking me up (lol, I either wake up super early and jump on you, wake like Yuki Sohma and run into a wall or I'll be like Honey-Sempai and turn evil )
5. BUDDIES! I am really looking for friends, I cosplay all alone so I'm pretty lonely
Erm...I guess a relationship too...(I mean Im really shy on that whole area...confess something and I'll probably make everything awkward but if you somehow like me then....okay.... >_<)
I guess I'd like a guy who sees me as their princess. As cheesy and girly as that may be, it's the truth. I don't want some guy who will ignore me or whatever! Buuuuuuut I'm pretty sure most girls feel that way.
6. Since theres no picture of me I'll describe my appearance:
Im 5'2'' (not THAT short...but all my friends seem to think so) and I guess I have a more athletic build...but not? Im really quite lazy but my body appears as if Im in shape :P Ive got short dark brown hair and tan skin (asian alert! But my eyes dont look asian. I am though!) ....sorry not too good at describing myself.

My favourite Manga would have to be one of three... My Heavenly Hockey Club, Ghost Hunt or Ouran High School Host Club.

I like friends! Talk to me! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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Unread 01-02-2013, 05:58 PM   #260
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I'd also really like a cosplay group or partner.
PM me if your interested!
I'll be attending Mini A-Kon as Rin Kagamine and possible A-Kon. Let me know if you plan to go to either of those!
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Unread 01-03-2013, 08:03 PM   #261
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1.Call me Glo!
2. I live in DFW, Tx
3. Female, 20
4.I Likes reading, watching movies, Crafting (I'm such a DIY WHORE! XD). Dislikes: Onions! Bleh! Especially Raw Onions!,..MTV (Can't stand all the FAKE People!...),..& Heels!
5. Im Single and Straight! Looking for Friends?? Cosplay Buddies Maybe something more if it leads to it But Cosplay Friends are definitely a Plus

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Unread 01-05-2013, 08:11 PM   #262
Rhea Lief
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Originally Posted by Hetaliacosplay∞ View Post
Name: call me Pocky
General Location: Arizona
Self Summary & Gender:I'm 5'2", i'm Native American girl (FBI), And i started cosplaying this past summer. I'm rather lively and weird(just the way i am). i'm sort of a tomboy and is really up for anything that a usual girly girl wouldn't do.i can be a fan girl at times I can break a bone if i need to and i like to be really random.I'm really fun and tend to stick on the bright side of things. You don't have to hide anything from me because i keep secrets and i generally don't care what your like as long as i like you
Likes: Anime and Manga, I really love pocky and pizza! I love gorey horror movies and i love to cosplay. i like to draw, make cosplays, and play music. I like video games and fat cats >o<. i like to randomly put things on ppl's heads and hug them. oh and i'm really in love with this one Anime/Manga called Kuroshitsuji. i love to cosplay as those ppl. ohh and i ♥♥♥ CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dislikes: i hate liars and smartasses. I don't like soda or watermelon( even though i'm around a family who eats watermelon and drinks soda all the time). I hate it when ppl annoy the crap outta me and and just try to push my buttons. I hate full of themselves and generally just plain Jerky ppl.
Age:13 ( but i'm going to be 14 in 3 months)
What are you looking for: some more cosplay friends or a relationship. I really only care about how you treat me and what your personalities like. And to love me no matter what and to have a cool convo with.
My favorite part is how you put things on peoples heads and hug them. Keep being awesome. That's all I had to say. To bad you aren't my age.
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Unread 01-06-2013, 05:38 AM   #263
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Sure, why not.

1.Name: "that random guy" or Matt, whichever you so prefer.
2.General location: NE Ohio
3.Self Summary Incoming wall-o-text!

I'm just a guy that's in his 20's with an undergraduate degree. Not sure what my favorite food is, but I eat peanut butter more than anything else. My favorite colors are purple and pink. My favorite band is Thin Lizzy, but by favorite song is X-Japan's "Rose of Pain". I have a very dry sense of humor. Not that that's a problem in itself, but I also use deadpan for my delivery.

Truthfully reflecting on myself, I have l low self-esteem, suffer from depression, and a mountain of trust issues. I'm also quite the cynic, judgmental, and a perfectionist. Interesting enough, all of my flaws make me a normal guy. Sorry, I'm not perfect, but I am working on it.

Other people would say that I'm a good listener, insightful, and kind even. A close friend of mine describes me as a "charming insertchoiceofword". I'm nice, intelligent, and dependable. Anytime someone needs something to get done, or they need someone to step up in a crisis situation, I'm usually the guy they go to.

4.Interests: I'm really into fitness. I still have a lot of goals when it comes to my physical health, and I keep working towards them. I get just as much pleasure helping others reach their fitness goals as I do meeting my own. There's no accident that on the different forums I visit the health & fitness sub-forums is where my activity is usually the most.

I'm not much of a gamer. In fact, right now I only play LoL and DDR consistently. However, I used to play fighting games competitively, I have experience running the top guilds in popular MMOs, and I occasionally get blown up by creepers when I'm reeeeeaalllly bored. Sadly though I don't own any consoles, I just don't have the time or drive to play most games.

I love writing. Most of my writing is in the form of fanfiction or role playing, but I'm still pretty good at the academic stuff. I have to be though since it's my job to make sure kids know how to write those college style essays.

I really have a lot of different interests but I think that covers my big hobbies.

5.What I'm looking for: Since I'm not in school any more and my job doesn't really give me a chance to meet people my age, I suppose I'm looking for like-minded folk to shoot the breeze with.

I am also looking for people who wouldn't mind modeling for me. I want to get as many opportunities to work on my photography as I can, and I really love cosplay as a subject. You see, I myself suck at making costumes. I lack the time, patience, and the natural talent. But I greatly appreciate and admire the dedication cosplayers put into their art, and I would love nothing more than to improve my technical skills to provide quality photos of their quality work. I think working with people in this way would help me open up to asking more people for shoots and such on the floor.

Because of my career and ethics in general, I can't really be "friends" with people who are underage. Just hanging out on that level poses a considerable risk I think. So it's nothing against you, it's not that I don't like you, but it's a liability on my part. Besides that, I'm pretty open to the different people I meet.
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Unread 01-06-2013, 06:50 PM   #264
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Name: For now call me Unaki. I am a 22 year old male (23 on Jan 28)

Location: Southern Kentucky (No I am not a hick nor do I sound like one) I live somewhat close to Nashville, TN too.

Summary: I have lived in KY all my life and have traveled to several states on vacation trips. I have family in the northern states, in the east and even in the southern states. My family is quite large but that is besides the point. I spend most of my time on my computer and working on side projects including costuming. I am not the best costumer but I have the resources to get something done when I need it. I tend to try and fill up my time with as many conventions as possible and cosplay at each one.

I can easily travel to a lot of non-local conventions and my home convention is MTAC in Nashville during the spring season. Outside of that I regularly attend AWA and even Momocon with many smaller outings in between.

When I am not costuming I am working my way, or at least trying to, into the professional scene in League of Legends or I am playing around with LEGOs or hanging out with my friends. Lately though I have been feeling a bit lonely and would love someone that could be a little closer than my friends could ever be.

I am a loving and caring individual and help those out who need it when I can and don't mind spending a little money on my friends especially if it means I can hang out with them. I don't actually have a job (Medical reasons, nothing contagious, lets not discuss yet) but I am constantly on my feet and can support myself and others without trouble.

Interests: GAMES! Lots of them! No I am not a "Mario gamer" who only likes Mario. I have a Wii U, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, Genesis, NES and emulate a lot of other systems I own titles for. I play games to have fun and recently I have been wanting to expand a little bit. I hope to expand and become known within the gaming communities as a strong League of Legends player and spend a lot of my free time bettering my gameplay so I may one day end up on the season championships stage and possibly have my name engraved on the Summoner's Cup. For those who wish to know, my main champion is Elise.

My current non-gaming interest is LEGOs. Yes I am nearly 23 years old and I play with LEGOs. They really are quite fun to mess with.

ANIME! Of course I love anime. In my opinion Gurren Lagann is one of the best series to ever be conceived and will always have a place in my heart no matter what comes along. I myself am not too big on over-done anime that extends past 100+episodes or spans 1000s of chapters in a manga (Bleach, naruto, etc.) and tend to avoid them though it doesn't mean I wouldn't cosplay a character if it were desired. The only exceptions to this rule at this time are Fullmetal Alchemist (The series is just so...GOOD! The story is very gripping and its hard not to like the characters) and Soul Eater. Black Star is the most overpowered character in the series. Who else can bend plasma beams with their bare hands?

As far as nonstandard stuff like OVAs are concerned my favorites have to be Star Driver, Summer Wars and Redline. Redline of course is quite possibly my most favorite movie in recent years that isn't live action due to it being completely hand drawn and featuring crazy vehicles reminiscent of Wacky Racers. My current project with LEGOs is to build the Crab Sonoshee hoverjet and I am slowly getting started there.

Small side interest that really isn't a big deal: I like MLP. No I am not a "brony" and no I don't go crazy over figures and such. I just think the show is cute and fun.

I have a ton more interests other than what is listed and I don't want to take up a lot of space.

Looking for: A relationship with someone who doesn't mind someone who can get a bit more "nerdy" than most. Other than that I am looking for buddies who wouldn't mind trying to do group cosplay (Currently into Sengoku Basara). Maybe even someone who doesn't mind my own group of friends that can get a little...weird in a fun sense.

Note on travel: I can easily make a somewhat distant relationship work. I honestly don't consider anything less than 2 hours long distance as that is merely a chunk of time rather than a long drive. Gas isn't an issue.

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Unread 01-06-2013, 11:16 PM   #265
Zamboni Guru
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1. Lauren
2. North Alabama
3. I'm 17, 18 in March. Female. Lived in Alabama all my life. I am (supposed to be) attending college down around the Birmingham area starting in the fall. I really have no cosplay friends around where I live, so it kind of sucks.
4. In all honesty, I haven't been as much into anime/manga as I used to and more now live action. My favorite shows right now are Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. I love movies and books. Even if we don't share interests I can typically get along with whoever as long as you are willing to try, also
5. Friendship. And hopefully we could cosplay or meet at a con together!

Feel free to message me.
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Unread 01-07-2013, 12:24 AM   #266
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1.Chaz 17
2houston tx
3. I'm usually a very shy person until you know me and stuff iplay guitar and stuff
4.i like cute things and cosplaying playing rpgsand kingdom hearts and cartoons and stuff
5someone to cosplay with and play videogames and maybe makeout oh an female too
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Unread 01-07-2013, 12:25 AM   #267
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1. Lee
2. Bay Area California
3. Really shy but that's not going to stop me from trying this out. In all honesty i know this won't work for me and i don't have confidence in how i look because of things like this but i keep giving hope to it. Not very good at expressing myself. I'm more of a listener than a talker i suppose. I play the guitar, love music from other countries. Also like the thought of traveling, have not done much but when i do its a wonderful experience. I am 22, a computer technician and amateur voice actor trying to become a professional voice actor. Can speak Japanese,listen to J-rock and electronic music, May try to become a pro S4 League cosplayer.
4. I like Music,Technology,Art and animation,Tennis,Snowboarding,Cosplaying,playing guitar,voice acting going to cons and more.
5. A relationship would be nice but if not then a friend is cool too.
If anyone wants so know more let me know...
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Unread 01-07-2013, 12:43 AM   #268
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Doing this again, But I have learned much about myself since my last post. So this is more of an update then a repost..

I learned (after a long conversation with a very close friend) that I more desire the female life (no hate, if you don't like it just pass me by and move on). I have never really liked to many "guy oriented" things, and only lived as a male because I thought I HAD to..Anyway..

Jason (I hope my username was enough to know that, but eh *Shrug*)
Though, I will say I want to change that..To Jeimi (Pronoinced like Jamie)

2.General location:
Washington State. King County to get more specific..

3.Self Summary & Gender:
So, As mentioned above, I would rather live the female life, but alas, I am technically a guy. I have many life issues with myself so I would like someone that can help me overcome them. I also would rather dress female, but I haven't come out to all the right people yet, so I have to still be a guy for now. If I can find some females to befriend that will help with my transistioning, that would do wonders for my self esteem..I'm also a romantic, and prefer a dinner/movie type date ending with laying on the grass and looking at the stars, over anything else..Anyway....

25. Looking for around 22-26ish. That's a normal range for me..

4.Likes and or dislikes:
I LOVE magical girl anime..It's my favorite..I don't really read manga..Or read at all lol It bores me..I like a lot of music..I like mostly rock though..
If you want to know who I cosplay (or will be cosplaying) you can check out my profile..There's a lot lol

I don't like:
Heights, Water (as in swimming, boating etc.), liars, cheaters, backstabbers, people who drink (only in my relationships..It's just something I don't like), and drug users (this includes pot, sorry).

5.What you are looking for:
Really, anything..Friends, BF/GF (Yea, I am bi, Don't ask lol), crime partners (Disclaimer: NOT REALLY!! lol), party members (please get this reference ^_^).

Sorry, since I'm new to the whole "figureing myself" out thing I mentioned above, I don't really know what to put so I just winged it lol
Cosplay DA Regular DA Cosplay Group DA Tumblr
Commissions Here YouTube Group YouTube
Kumoricon 2017:
-Created Character [SAO Hollow Realization]
-Cloud [Dissidia Final Fantasy]
-Red [Pokemon Fire Red]
-Gohan [DBZ]
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Unread 01-07-2013, 11:59 PM   #269
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2.NorCal Bayarea

3.Hi! Im Ann, dont worry im a girl! XD Hmm im pure! 100% anime/manga fan! wana start cosplaying Im slowly getting into it XD! I'm also silly , if u read this by now :P and um..im 27 >>; i play video games too :O and yah..anything else ..feel free to ask

4.Likes and or dislikes:
Anime Anime! Manga! and Video Games!!
i Dislikes High places! :P

5.What you are looking for:
uh friends yah..not really looking for relationship now , i wanna cosplay as Lucy from FT this year, hope to fine good friends to cosplay wit
Anime Los Angeles 2018
Anime Expo 2018
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Unread 01-08-2013, 01:54 AM   #270
Kindness in a can
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Location: Northern NJ
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Seeking - Relationship, friends

Interests: Music! Donovan, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, David Bowie, Tommy James & the Shondells, etc. If you listen to this stuff, get to know me!
I like to just drive around, relax, watch movies, go to Walmart and make people laugh.
I would love to find a friend to go to Mitsuwa with and cook stuff together!

Video games: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Brawl, any Naruto/One Piece fighting game, Pokemon, Mother. ect.

TV: Game shows, cooking shows, syfi low budgets, Gaki no Tsukai!
Movies: anything that doesn't suck! And love horrors and mindf*cks

Anime wise, Im pretty much into anything someone can show me. Generally enjoy the typical Shonen stuff, but ill list everything I remember! Reborn, Naruto, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ouran, Deathnote, Eden of the East, Card Captors, Soul Eater, Excel Saga, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakasho, GTO, DBZ DB GT, Case Closed, Hellsing. Prolly forgot a lot more.

Hope to get to know you!
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