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Unread 01-27-2016, 10:34 PM   #1
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convention advice

I'm a "fresh-out-of-the-womb" cosplayer; well, haven't evencosplayed yet.

My first ever convention will be Supanova in Melbourne and I'm SUPER EXCITED!
(but also a little worried)

So, for the more experienced than myself, could I get some answers and advice?

How much money should I bring? I want to get a couple of posters, clothing and maybe 1-2 figurines.

What to eat? I heard that the food there is bad and expensive but I don't want to take full meals or any heavy/large items.

Also, items. What kind of bag should I bring with me to carry stuff? Won't it kinda ruin the cosplay?

a more Supanova specified question,
What kind of activites are there for you to do?
and important; will there be a maid cafe?
I know I should just wait until the official announcements but I'm too curious.

any other advice will be thankful

(cosplaying as C.C.)

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Unread 01-27-2016, 10:54 PM   #2
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How much money depends on your budget really, consider not only what products you want but also if there are any photos/autographs because those can get quite pricey. My hubby and I usually spend a couple hundred each, which we plan for. Also consider bringing cash rather than try to hit the atm's there, the ones at my con always have huge line ups and even run out before the end of the weekend. As for food, I would recommend bringing granola bars and/or bottle of water and any other snacks you might need. I still buy something more substantial when there, but it helps to have snacks if you'll be there all day. And I do try to fit my bag into my costume, but sometimes you just need a bigger bag. You can always put it down for pictures.
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Unread 01-27-2016, 11:05 PM   #3
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Alright let's try this again since my computer thinks its perfectly fine to randomly go back a page and delete the ENTIRE post I wrote..

So for money I say a few hundred bucks is smart. If you can keep it on a card that's better for obvious safety reasons. I think of how much things cost, and what I may want. Your typical statue will be between $30-50 normally. This would be just the normal sized statues you see on display when you watch a con video of the dealers hall. The more impressive ones are easily $100+ and sometimes $200+.
Posters will depend on where you get them. If you get them from a vendor selling licensed merch, they will normally be no more than like $25 or a wall scroll at the most. But the art in the artist alley will cost more. These, however, are not licensed merch..
And clothing honestly depends on what you are looking for..Nothing in the dealers hall will cost much different than any other store. A tee with a picture on it costs pretty much the same at a con as it does in hot topic.

Eat REAL food. Like go eat an actual meal. Anything you would normally eat any other day..
How good or bad food is isn't "because it'sat the con" it;'s who makes it. So just because it's at a convention doesn't inherently make it disgusting..It's only so if the person making it can't cook. Though it follows the "convenience store" thing where they can hike up the price because it's convenient so it's like "Do you really wanna walk ALL THE WAY OVER THERE........Or would you rather have this..It costs more, but it's right here...." So they raise the price because it's more likely people would rather pay more than walk a little to get cheaper food.

Bring a bag, unless you wanna walk around with your figures in your arms..Which you don't. I assume you are worried that it will look bad when you have it in pictures. Do what everyone else does. Put the bag down when getting a picture taken, but leave it near your feet so no one takes it.

And last, about the con specifically, your best bet is to ask in a forum or page dedicated to the con. Not a forum that's anyone on the planet can be on at any given time. You are way less likely to find people here that know that con even exists than you would be on a forum or page for it.
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Unread 01-28-2016, 03:24 PM   #4
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I would say to bring between $100 and $150 CASH. Just be sure to keep it somewhere safe! Its rare to find vendors that take plastic, and your bank may not be immediately in the con area. Hotels/convention centers usually have an ATM, but the fees might be a little steep. Just try to keep a budget and priorities in mind. Also, keep in mind that dealers usually have sales on the last day of the con. Just don't expect big sales like 50% off one item though. For what you have in mind, I think $100 is enough. But make sure you check out the whole area before you buy. Different vendors sell the same items, but at different prices. So see if whatever you're eyeing has a twin somewhere else for a little cheaper!

Definitely bring food, especially if you have a hotel set up at or near the con. Or if you can, see if the local area has at least a little convenience store where you can stock up. If you are commuting back and forth, bring some hearty, wholesome snacks to keep your energy up. Try to stay away from sugary foods since those will make you crash. I like to bring granola bars, pretzels, fruit cups and beef jerky. And bring WATER! Remember to sit down to have a good meal at least twice a day Again, check out the local area if there is at least a fast food restaurant around. Not all that healthy, but it will keep you full for cheap. A fun thing Ive noticed is that local area restaurants and eateries tend to give con goers a little discount if you show them your con badge!

And yes bring a bag, especially if you're not staying at the con area. You'll need something to hold your food, cell phone, various con things, etc etc. No one really cares if you have a bag on you, and its takes just a second to put it down when you're asked for a picture. You can bring any kind of bag you like. I have a messenger bag I bring to every con I go to.
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Unread 01-28-2016, 05:12 PM   #5
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Thought forum had not posted my earlier post, please disregard!

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Since I only go to Canadian cons, here are my general tips:

-For a local con, I usually bring like $100. I don't really spend on posters or other souvenir stuff but if you are, bring a few hundred dollars just in case.

-Oh and as for exhibit halls, you should be very cautious. You may be splurging money without realizing that you don't have enough to buy another as desired.

-I usually bring my own water bottle, to stay hydrated and so I don't have to pay extra money on a drink when I need to buy food. At my local con, the food courts/restaurants are NOT cheap. It's expensive, because it's in downtown. Also, if you're very tight on money or want to save (like me), it's a good idea to try bringing your own food and snacks if possible.

-Bags. I normally bring a small pouch (I volunteer at a con). It has limited space, but it's very convenient and I normally bring necessary items like cellphone, Kleenex, painkiller, my money and all the other must-haves.

Apologies if it's short, but I'm more of an explorer than a money spender. Hopefully this helps!

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I would say money wise think about how much youíre willing to spend, for the most part posters/wall scrolls can run anywhere from $25-$50. If this convention has an artist alley you can also check that for fan art posters which will generally be less. Clothing depends on the seller and what type of clothing you want. Corsets, Lolita, Kimonos are going to be more expensive probably about $60+ if itís more T-Shirts, also depending on the seller, can run $20-$40+ Figure prices vary depending on the size, smaller ones Iíve seen cost $10-$25 and the bigger ones range from $40-$100+ Credit cards are possibility, some dealerís might take them but they might charge an extra fee, I would ask a dealer first and see what they say.
As far as food this also depends on the conventions, some will offer a con suite which is where they will have things like rice/ramen, chips, candy, fruits etc. Some wont sell food at the conís because the hotel or the space they have doesnít allow it because they have their own food they sell, which is usually more expensive. Granola bars are a good to put in a bag to snack on and water is SUPER important, sometimes you can get really dehydrated with out noticing especially if you are in a place that is very crowded or has a lot of lights. If you have fast food within easy walking or driving distance I would recommend getting a full meal especially if you plan to spend most of your day at the convention. If the space has paid parking, and you donít want to leave and repay when you get back you can always store dry foods in the car and take a break to eat or drink when you get hungry.
Bags are a little tricky some cons Iíve been to if your bag is too big you canít go into the dealerís room. A purse or a medium bag, like the size of a reusable grocery bag, would be fine. If youíre worried about it not going with the cosplay you can do one of two things. One, when someone asks for a picture you can set it down or depending on your cosplay/pose you might be able to hide it, or two you can get a bag to match what you think that character might have be it style or color.
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Unread 01-30-2016, 10:13 PM   #8
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Honestly, my personal "Dealer Room" and "Artist Alley" money would be at least $100 in my pocket. If I have to give a maximum, I'd say $200. Now, it's always best not to plan out what you're going to buy and what you're not going to buy. I promise you, you're going to want to buy more things than attended to.

For bags, it literally doesn't need to be more than a small square zipper purse. Here's a perfect example for a "convention purse":


If you can get away with it, you might want to attach "special hidden" pockets inside your cosplay for some items. Trust me, when you do go to the "Dealer Room" and "Artist Alley", it's always best to try and take your items back to your hotel room for safe keeping so nothing won't get damaged, lost, or stolen. When it comes to having items inside your "convention" purse, it's always best to bring breath mints, any important touch up make up for emergency smudges, along with like your lipgloss or maybe lipstick, if your character wears it, and at least your comb/small brush to touch up your hair.

In terms of food, I wouldn't eat something heavy like a full course meal. Me personally, I'd go for either a simple sandwich or maybe a halfway decent salad if you're a healthy eater. When I travel for cons, before the trip, I go out and purchase some protein or nugget bars for 'during the day' energy boost. I personally take at least 1 bar in my 'convention' purse just for a quick energy snack during the day. Plus, it curves the unwanted "starvation" hunger feeling.

I do want to give you a friendly warning. Be prepared to change into your cosplay in the public restroom stall in case your room isn't ready for you. Just be sure that you have someone that's not cosplaying with you to be on guard when your rooms are ready for you to unpack and settle in. I can't tell you how many times where either the rooms weren't ready for me and my Mom due to being extremely early or because of finishing up the cleaning, that I had to change in the public restroom stall just to be ready for the con. It can be unpleasant at times out of feeling cramped, but not too horrible.

Anyway, I wish you all the fun experience
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