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Mercy on a body-troubled lolita lover

I saw that there was a post on this, but the last comment was in 2010 so I'm hoping this is an okay place to post this. If not I'm sorry have mercy please.

Here is my issue. Regardless of Lolita or any kind of fashion style type I can't find things that suit me well at all. I wear big baggy t-shirts and black pants everyday. Trying to make this a shorter post, conventions are my chance to wear a different kind of fashion (not to stir up any debates on that issue) that I can't wear in day-to-day life so I want to find the perfect Lolita styled outfit for myself. Trouble being I can't even find black pants that fit well without help from various sales people.
I could really use any help, tips, suggestions on colors, styles or types of lolita would be greatly cherished.

Here's what I know.
I'm 5'3'' I've got redish brown eyes on the darker side, my hair is going to be dyed soon hopefully to a more fitting shade (not loving the red color, suggestions would be loved too), most likely on the darker side. I'm a 36D on top, around a 35~36in waist (around my belly button), my hips are around 41in heh. In general my face is round and chubby, I look chubby and my second and third chin agree. Losing weight has not been an easy thing at all..
To top it off, I got a bad chemical sun burn and the skin on my back, shoulders and chest is scarred and isn't fit to be seen. Nor are my legs...
I like darker colors, red, blue and maybe green. (not pink or yellow though) I've found some things below for possibilities. I'd like to not spend more then $150.. Below are the links, thank you for the help and sorry for the trouble, but i've no one else to turn to.

The red and black version are nice, not sure about the underbust with sleeves

Like it, not sure if it'd look good on me without the hoop-skirt thing underneath, not a fan of them.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Gothic...74e 0680#shId
Not really Lolita and not something i'd normally wear, but I love the corset.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/FREE-SHIPPIN...em1e6edb3 1cb

http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Sweet-lo...em1e6e521 f90
Love the red/blueish color, maybe not the bows.


I really don't like the white at all, but I'm at a loss as to what would look good color wise.

I know a 'Hot Mess' post, but I'm that desperate. Have mercy, I beg. Thank you everyone.
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Well first of all, all of the areas you want to keep covered up are places that are typically covered by lolita, so that's a good thing! Next, you're going to want to know an actual bust measurement if you don't know it already before buying anything. It sounds like your'e looking for something more in the gothic/darker classic range or maybe something aristocrat?

I would avoid anything from Ebay. The two of the links you have from there have pictures stolen from Mille Fleurs, so that's not a good sign. I'm also really not familiar with cosplay buy, but I'd avoid it too just in case. A lot of those sorts of cosplay sites are scams. I am very familiar with Fan Plus Friend though, so definitely stick with them.

The first outfit you've got put together would be great with a blouse with some sort of cravat, it would be a really nice aristocrat coordinate. The second dress from f+f is also lovely, but it definitely would need a petticoat. Not necessarily one with hoops, organza or tulle would work as well, but all lolita dresses need a petticoat. If you're not fond of the idea I'd say stick with aristocrat. Another thing to keep in mind is that f+f does custom stuff, so if you find a dress on their site that you like but don't like the color, there is the possibility of getting it in a color that you prefer.

I hope that helps! I know it was kind of a lot of stuff.
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Ok first off you have a lovely face. Invest in some tights or knee socks that will take care of your legs. Buy a nice petticoat to hide your hips if you want a short dress and get a light weight blouse high neck blouse if you don't want to expose your arms and chest.i find pieces are easier to acquire and ou can mix and match better than getting full dresses. Course if you really love something don't be afraid to wear it.
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