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Lust's Claws

I had a go at making a Lust cosplay for a friend of mine, so I thought I would share my experience to see if I can help people who want to have a go too! it's a lot of fun, and quite an easy cosplay to make!
She got a lot of comments on how successful they turned out. (this was probably my 5th costume I've ever made, but my 3rd since I've started cosplaying seriously) I'm still learning, but I want to share how I went about it anyway.

Lust's claws are shown officially in a few different ways.

Here is a page of the manga that shows a good view of her claws.

In the manga, they are much more nail like, and to me, looked a little too hard to pull off realistically.

In the Brotherhood anime, they are shown to be a lot fatter, more like the whole tip of her finger has become the claw. This appealed to me a lot more since it looked very sturdy.

This was the image I referenced my version of her gloves with.

It's as if the fingertip lengthens and fuses with the nail, which personally, I would find more appealing to look at than the blade like ones in a cosplay (don't get me wrong, I like the blade-y version of the manga, I just prefer the chunky ones for cosplay purposes ^_^).

What I see a lot of the time is how people make her claws dead straight and pin like, as if they stuck on HUUUUGEEE straight fake nails. This is okay, but you can see in both images that they curve slightly, just like really overgrown nails do. I guess it depends what look you're going for. That's why I kept it in my head that I needed to find a way to make these claws poseable without being too bendy.

The other problem with the 'fake nail' method is the amount of time someone will be wearing the costume with these huge ass nails stuck to their hands. What about picking things up? What about going to the bathroom? It'd be very difficult and time consuming to have to keep taking them off and gluing them back on.

So I made my plan of action:

Fine a method that would make them sturdy, poseable, easy to remove and (somewhat) safe.

That's when I made the discovery: Tin foil!

It's magical stuff. It's very poseable, and will retain it's shape.

So I made 10 foil claws about 30cm in length completely covering my fingers to the knuckle, and then later built the gloves in black lycra around them (I'll go into more details in a sec). Like I thought they'd be, they were poseable and retained their shape when slashing them around. They were safe because if they did happen to hit anything (or anyone), they would bend out of place to avoid injury, but be easily returned to normal.

They took a day to make, and unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures in the process of making them, but I'll explain the way I built the gloves themselves.

I made each finger a 'sock' by sewing two rectangles of the same length of the claw together, and sewing the shape of the claw to make it fit snugly, leaving the bottom of the claws open to still fit your fingers in. This was the most time consuming part since it was so repetitive.

Then I made the sleeve of the glove by sewing two long rectangles together, leaving the space were the palms go unsewn (you'll see why in a minute), preferably at the first knuckle of the thumb. I made them a little long so I could just tuck them in if they were too long. Repeat this to make the second sleeve.

I sewed the top 'panel' (rectangle) of the claws onto the top 'panel' of the arm, and the thumb inbetween the two arm panels. I put on the glove and trimmed away a little of the remaining bottom panel. This created the open palm, and made it easy to quickly take off the claws. I would highly recommend hemming stuff back to make it tidy, but if you are lazy to do that (or only have white thread available like myself), then you could just tuck the raw edges into the open palm. I didn't have a problem with the lycra I used fraying.

The open palms mean that when she is wearing the gloves, she can quickly slip the claws off while still wearing the rest of the gloves, for instance, to answer the phone or deal with an emergency. She also had her admission bracelet on her wrist under the glove so it was easy to just pull back the glove to show that. The claws will just dangle from the gloves, but a friend may be needed to put them back on quickly. (this is good for when you have Mustang and Edward cosplayers to chase around the con hall with your friend dressed up as Olivier.. XD)

The diodes that cover the sleeves are easy to do, I just recommend you do them last to prevent them from falling off. You need thin red ribbon, two sheets of different coloured red foam (lighter and darker), and fabric /or/ hot glue. Ideally, you should sew the ribbon down, this way they will be super secure.
Making sure you have to lengths of ribbon the same length, stick them down the top 'panel' of the sleeve and glue /or/ sew. Cut out four larger circles out of the lighter red foam, and four smaller circles out of the darker foam. Stick the darker circles on the lighter circles and stick one on each end of the ribbon on both sleeves.

Other tips:

A couple of the claws got a little flimsy at the con from bashing into things a little too much, so I suggested that when she took them home she would take then all out and wrap them with duct tape to make them super secure. This would probably make them a bit harder to pose into shape but it would have looked better in my opinion. So I suggest wrapping them up in duct tape before you make the 'socks'.

My only other suggestion would be to keep another set of gloves that don't have the claws on, just so the poor person doesn't have to keep wearing these beastly things all day long. They can get really sweaty, even if you have them removable. I cheated and didn't have time so I bought a cheap set of £1 long sleeve gloves and stuck the diodes on them like the clawed pair XD

Here is the result, with my Olivier cosplay..

You can see what I mean about them becoming flimsy during the con. We had a little fight scene in the hallway and her claws kept getting bent on my sword XD wrapping the foil in duct tape would have solved that. Duct tape solves everything... :')

Now you should have a pair (or two XD) of Lust gloves! Feel free to post your opinions, suggestions, questions or whatnot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first cosplay tutorial~
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I'd use wire forms inside too.... Duct tape still won't be super stable as it bends too...
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