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Unread 06-22-2012, 03:27 PM   #1
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Is Milanoo trustable?

I keep hearing good and bad things about them... Yesterday evening I ordered a Soul Eater cosplay. I was looking into Milanoo a little bit more today and I see good & bad reviews but I do see that Milanoo creates fake names and all and writes good reviews. I think I can still cancel the order and get my money back, but I am not sure. Help please. D: (I think this is the right place to post this)
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Unread 06-22-2012, 04:25 PM   #2
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No, they are not. Neither are their various storefronts.
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Unread 06-23-2012, 05:18 AM   #3
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I've read several horror stories from Milanoo + they steal their photos... get your money back I'd say.
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Unread 06-23-2012, 05:11 PM   #4
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I agree, you should probably cancel before it's too late. Milanoo has a really bad reputation. I've read several horror stories and watched youtube videos about them from other customers. A lot of people complain about the quality of the outfits, how much they don't look like the pictures or never receiving the items at all.
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Unread 06-23-2012, 09:09 PM   #5
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Well.... I too have heard of horror stories from milanoo.... on the day my cosplay arrived from them too..... *sigh*

I ordered a Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna) cosplay from them... it actually looked alright..... it fit perfectly and everything was spot on.... but then the horror came..... most of the buttons fell off the NIGHT BEFORE Supanova.... so I had to stay up till about 1-2am sewing them on (because I had it out to iron it before and I was just putting it on and checking everything so it'd be perfect for Supanova the next day)...

So yeah... I acutally don't think you should Trust Milanoo.... I also heard someone ordered a England cosplay, ordered it again because the size wasn't right, and then they had to reorder it again.... because stuff was missing... but each and everything they sent it back.... the same costume came back.... looking different each time....




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Unread 06-24-2012, 04:43 AM   #6
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I've heard nothing but horror stories about them and seen some real trainwrecks... so I'm going to go with 'no.' Cancel the order and get your money back.
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Unread 06-24-2012, 10:52 AM   #7
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I've heard that some people have been conned out of their money and it was spent abroad, so they've had to cancel their credit cards. Those may just be tales, though.
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Unread 07-15-2012, 11:50 AM   #8
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Is Milanoo trustable?

I am watching some horror movies but may be that is fake so you get back your money soon.
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Unread 07-17-2012, 01:00 AM   #9
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NO. Do NOT order from Milanoo. They have have a very, very bad reputation like poor quality, shipping extremely late, making fake reviews, stealing photos, and trolling various sites. If you want a reliable cosplay site, use C O S P L A Y F U .com. I have ordered several costumes and wigs from them and they ship fast (free, but you have options to have it shipped faster for a fee). Their costumes are really nice and they are not expensive (at least compared to other sites).

:> Sorry you ordered from there. D:
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Unread 09-24-2012, 12:48 AM   #10
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if you have enough money, you can "Test" milanoo yourself, but you will always get the same feeling,"never order from milanoo" again. For cosplayer beginners, you can order items from cosplaymagic.com, miccostumes.com,****This Website Link Has Been Removed due to Recent Forum Spam****.com,cosplayhouse.com,h allocosplay.com.And if you want to get more special costumes, try to find some good cosplay commission in http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=246
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Unread 09-30-2012, 01:41 PM   #11
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I have always wondered the same thing....Yeah, now i know for SURE im never ordering from milanoo......EVER
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Unread 10-19-2012, 11:03 PM   #12
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Aw poo, I just ordered a lolita-type shirt from them for my Ciel cosplay. It's been a couple days, so I don't think I can still cancel it... Has it been just cosplay outfits that've been bad quality or their clothes in general?
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Unread 12-26-2012, 01:04 AM   #13
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Aye yi yi. Good thing I checked here before ordering a zentai suit from these guys. Thanks for the heads up!
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Unread 01-07-2013, 10:17 AM   #14
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I don't know if this can be of help, but, Had do a order on Milanoo.com...and my order was a Lolita dress. In the picture, dress was very nice, but when DHL give my package, well..I show you:
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=r90lmc&s=6 My first thinking was "maybe I have wrong size" I have check, no, it was right.. So next was "maybe they have wrong" Send a mail to them that reply " The size is right, we are sorry to hear that you don't like your dress".
It was terrible. So I don't have do more orders from there.
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Unread 06-30-2013, 04:37 PM   #15
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When I was younger I ordered a Yuki Nagato Lolita Dress from there. It took /so long/ to ship and then it was the wrong size. One of my favorite sites now is ****This Website Link Has Been Removed due to Recent Forum Spam****. They're very trustworthy and I've had great experiences.
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