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Originally Posted by TBZK View Post
Lines for events or registration? Regardless of how long the lines are for registration, the process goes a lot faster now. Lines for events was a whole other story.
Yeah everything is relative. Normal registration was definitely much faster this year as compared to prior years. Things seemed more organized and efficient, the whole thing just seemed to go much quicker.

I know it was mentioned in the ANN article:
That they were going to try to cut it down from 80 to 45 minutes waiting time or something like that.

Whatever they did it seems to have worked out.

As for the X-games I did affect us so there is nothing wrong with including it in the discussion. And I can give examples of how cons have avoided things like this in the past. For instance in 1996 I remember how comic-con (at the time only in the 35,000 people range) moved their date due to the RNC also taking place in San Diego. They weren't huge back then like they are are now, you can see the reference here:
and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...al_Conventions
Cons can move, contracts can include non-performance clauses, and so on.

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That line for the dance.

Good god was it awful. It took me 2-3 hours to get in each day and people were cutting like they owned the place. The 1 or 2 people "managing" the line weren't doing anything to stop it and some of them were quite rude. This really needs to be fixed. I hated this more than anything from the X-Games.

The dance itself.

Day 1 dance was meh. Day 2 was great. Day 3 sucked (there were some really long pauses and that last DJ was terrible.)

Last Comic Standing.

The first guy was good, everyone else deferred to racist jokes (especially that asian guy) there was just too much of it so I left when the band started laying to go wait in a 3 hour dance line.


Really didn't affect me at all (And I was staying at the Bonaventure.) I walked and took the bus. When I had to take a detour, I did. Didn't have one single bad encounter with the crowd. (Though I hope never to see these two events on the same weekend ever again)


Yea they did suck, wth AX? They were so generic looking.


Awesome! Everyone was standing and applauding and shouting her name and really getting into it! The only nit pick was the whiny guy in front of me going on about how everyone should sit down and put the glow sticks away. >=/ gtfo its a concert

Exhibit Hall

Didn't have much I wanted and didn't appear any more crowded than it normally is.


The concourse hall was definitely more crowded than normal.

Not as many "OH WOW" costumes. I just didn't see that many that I absolutely wanted a picture of compared to other years.

EVERYTHING started late. I know this has kind of become the norm, but Fiction/Junction started almost an hour late and LiSA was about 30 minutes behind schedule. Why bother having a schedule at all when nothing starts on time? It's really irritating to leave something you were enjoying to make a scheduled panel/concert/etc. only to find that they haven't even started seating yet.

2013 - $125 for a premiere badge good lord...

This is ranty as I just got back, but on the whole I enjoyed myself more than I thought I was.
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It was my first AX and I thought it was pretty super freaking awesome, personally. :P I agree that programming may have been sparse, although it sounds like more of you should have tried the Random Encounters Video Game Musicals panel.

Also, I had an Industry pass and found street parking for free. Bias acknowledged.
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I may comment a bit more about my experience later, but I had a great time, personally.

Originally Posted by Makira View Post
AX Staff. I had some issues with a few people over my gun. Apparently while I was in the cosplay repair center some guy told my BF I needed to get it peace bonded. I was in there for a while so my BF forgot to tell me. I had been running around to panels all day and was running late to start and never got it bonded in the morning. He stopped me later and completely tore into me. "I told you you need to get this thing checked out and you did not listen to me." and he kept going on and on and ON. So I said "Alright, stop right there, you never fucking talked to ME personally about anything, I'll get the damn thing bonded, that's no problem, but stop talking to me like I'm an idiot." Right then a nicer, younger, AX staff member came up and instantly peace bonded my weapon for me. If you're old and grumpy, you should NOT be working at a fucking Anime convention. Sorry, that was my biggest gripe, honestly, he was very, very rude for no reason.
It does sort of boggle my mind how people like that stay in convention staff positions that interact with attendees on a constant basis. Yes, I realize the need for being firm (many attendees are pretty much kids), but there's a line between firm and outright rudeness. I think it's a problem with many conventions, but with a con as big as AX, the problem is magnified with the greater number of staffers.

I mean, seriously, even if it's the second time you're reminding someone (although I don't really count it like that for you, since you weren't told directly the first time) you'll get more cooperation by being firm but polite. Are customer service skills really that hard to figure out?
Thanks to all for helping with the AX 2012 Gathering List! Hope it gets better next year!
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I had a lots of fun this year which is my best year!

Pros: Staff and Convention Staff are nice to me! Registration Line went very quick. FREE ENERGY DRINK ALL OVER! I like how Console, Arcade and Tabletop is now in one huge room to prevent fire hazard.

Cons: AX did not have the full experience when X-games took most of the area. Lack of Variety. I just heard that AX Idol and Battle of the Band are gone this year. First Masquerade Ball is gone, now these?? I look at the video game tournament selection that I'm very disappointed for the lack of variety. Too much fighting game. Gotta mix up your genre better. Please mix a lot more variety and bring back these events because it's losing it's touch when it getting bigger and bigger.
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First off, let me say that my experience really was fantastic and memorable, so much better than the previous years but it was because of the people I've had the chance to spend time with, with AX being a facilitator to it all. I primarily attend AX as a cosplayer with the intention to go dancing and enjoying the night life.

That being said, I felt the space could've been utilized much more effectively. The dance should've been held in the WAITING ROOM rather than in the room it was held in! Even if the audio equipment would've been insufficient for the size, it would still facilitate for a larger crowd that AX pulls. A suggestion would be is to segment the waiting hall into three sections and have each section represent a different genre, Trance, House, and Dubstep. You then could have a cash bar in the center that would fuel each of the sections.

Oh yeah, What. the. HELL! There was a shuttle from west hall to the JW Marriott?! Why the hell wasn't I informed?! Seriously! Why wasn't it posted in areas where the attendees have to pass through like near the entrances? Luckily, I had a car that I could dump my cosplay at and I'm one of the cosplayers with an elaborate setup (Wings that open up to a 15'+ wing span).

The cosplay repair station needs screw drivers. They honestly need screw drivers, maybe just buy a bunch of Ikea tool kits and have it on stock. It would help with a lot of the "serious" cosplayers like armored cosplayers, too.

I'll add more later.
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Dance sucked. People managing the line were crazily power hungry. I was kicked out after waiting 2 hours because he didn't like that I wasn't wearing a shirt(When he let in the people before me that weren't wearing shirts).
-Line staff too rude
-Small room
-Bad DJs
-warm water

A lot of people had trouble with one of the convention staff that was blocking one of the doors when the exhibit hall closed on Saturday. She threatened my friend, talked smack about some MLP cosplayers, and gave sarcastic answers to someone who was looking for a water fountain. Do these staff come with the convention center? Because yeah...

I'm not going to complain about anything xgames related since it's out of AX's power that it landed on the same day. Money speaks.

I don't care that the badge got uglier. What I do care about was the lack of nickname I spent hours thinking up...as you can tell by my username I lack a lot of creativity. And the badge is costing more money and offering less in return.

I say this every year, but please stop holding karaoke contests that no one wants to listen to. It's all about open mic that brings the inner beast out of everyone.

Things I liked/loved:
-arcade/table top gaming in one giant room that was open late
-fast badge pick up

Things I disliked:
-convention center staff
-badge price going up, but offering less
-lack of nick name on badges
-karaoke contests
-lack of schedule on the internet/panels and events suddenly getting a time change or drop.

Sheraton Hotel:
-Given a single bed instead of two.
-Broken AC.
-No ready rooms at our check in time, had to wait 3 more hours.
-Weak batteries in TV remote.
-Clogged Sink.
-Slow Room service(Although the guy who brought the stuff to you was super nice)
-Threatened by the hotel to be kicked out/raise their rates when we complained about the broken AC.
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1. Registration was really fast (Except for when they had a problem printing out around 40 names for Premier Badges little bit of a wait but Eh (Technology) what can you do!

2. The Dealers Hall, I was able to find A lot more stuff to buy this year than previous years.

3. The Cosplayers, Man'O'Man was there A LOT of coplays this year! I think more this year than any other year since 08 since i have been attending!

4.Unlimited Water from the (Drinking Fountains) just keep filling up the Water Bottle!

5.GOH were pretty good this year. i don't really get all hung up on what GOH comes to a Con, but to see (Monica Rial) (LiSA) (Mad House) It was Cool!

6. (LiSA) Did anyone go to the Concert! It was AMAZING! One of the BEST Concerts Ever! She was so Filled with Energy! just Awesome to see her having a Really Good Time onstage performing in front of us!!

7. Hall G (Main Events Room) I liked this room. did not matter where you sat you can see the Full Stage. AX did a good job at the lighting/curtains/Stage just Everything! oh yea Even the sound was Really good for the (Lisa Concert)! perhaps they will keep using HALL G for Concerts and Main Events instead of forking out money for Nokia Theater....

8. Lounge 21, it was good. the sound was kinda too loud and distorted at times. good bands on stage. Lolita Dark was Good.(Stephanie Yanez) was YAY!!!

9. Food Trucks (They were back) yay! soooo many Food trucks on Sunday it was AWESOME!

10.Aniplex Booth (Buying a Lisa Cd) Allowed you a Tix for a Picture with LISA on Sunday! (It was Awesome)! she is soo very nice. i walked up for the picture she had a Big smile and said ok (Please Smile)!!! she was so cute!!!

11. Being able to sit (Almost every where and any where) there were soo many people at once that the Event Staff i think gave up telling people not to sit in certain places. on Friday i was told not to sit on the stairs and for the next 30 minutes more and more people started to sit on the stairs to the event staff just walked away lol.

12. I talked to a lot of people this year while waiting in Lines. i am very shy so i never talk to anyone. but the people i talked to were very cool and nice!

13. Artist Alley, i did not go to Artist Alley but I came across A lot of people that did and they were saying it was amazing and found A lot of really cool drawing and items to buy that they had never seen before!

14. (Autograph Session Staff) This is the Best Staff team i think i have come across in a while. they were all very nice and went out of their way to try and get answers for you about what time Sessions were and who was going to sign! Thanks Staff!

15. Ticket Leap Tickets! WAY better than waiting in the (Main Event) Ticket line like other years. you buy the ticket online have your seat numbered barcode already printed on the paper (DONE)! I hope AX does this again. i hate waiting in the TIX line after getting my Badge on Day 0.

16. DAY 0 (Opening Ceremonies) @ first i had my doubts about it. but after seeing it i Loved it! It should always be held on DAY 0! there are A lot of people there already to get their Badges. cause when they have it on Day 1 in the morning i think a lot of people are not able to make it because of work or whatever the reason. so day 0 they can see it because it is in the evening. *My friend had to work Friday Morning so she would have missed it) ... (makes sense to me)

17. There is much more I loved about AX this year! I am looking Forward to coming back next year for my 6th Straight Year!! ALL at (LACC)!!!


1. Dealers Hall. oh my GOSH i don't ever remember it being this Crowded, felt like i was at Comic-Con. WOW could barely get to a Booth and the line control was krayzie when Booths had Autograph sessions (in most Locations).

2. The Big room Below Deals Hall. I always forget what room that is. but yea sooo many people. Soooo many cosplays it was Amazing but yet Very Very Crowded. could barely walk through anywhere the 1st 2 days.

3. X-Games. there was this lady walking down the street barely wearing any clothes attending the X-Games, when she walked by a girl Cosplaying she had the Guts to say (Eww can't believe you would wear that ugly thing in Public). I just looked at the lady while walking by and said (Wow I can't believe your NOT wearing anything in Public). oh yea plus the Streets being Blocked off, taking the long way back to my hotel.

4. The Christian Announcers outside.. (I am a Christian) but there is a time and a place to do your Preaching and Sharing the Gospel. they just kept saying the same things over and over. possibly they could reach more people if they did not use the Megaphones and walked up to people like (Jesus) did and talk to them 1 on 1. it was funny though cause i walked up to one of the guys holding the Sign and said (God less You) he just kind of looked at me funny and said ummmm *Thank You* in a whisper voice. like he was shocked to hear that from me cause i was attending AX and wearing anime stuff lol

5. Price for parking. I parked at a hotel so i paid $12 a day. but everywhere i looked while walking to Con from 8th street was $15-$20. because of the X-games. i know that;s why. Previous years i had seen prices of $5-$15 on the street. but yea..

6. there are some other things to gripe and complain about BUT the Good things Far Out weight the Bad so i will leave it at this!!
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I'll comment more as the week goes by. Overall this year's AX wasn't as-good as previous years. X-Games being there was mainly an inconvenience, not being able to enter through the West Hall easily like previous years.

Not being able to use that jungle-area with the giant horseshoes by Staples Center, the side of the Staples Center (that cool metallic/futuristic-looking wall), one of the staircases and the wall of windows, and that balcony-area because X-Games was using it meant less-areas for pictures.

I chose not to wait in-line for pre-reg. on Thursday because the line was already stretching far at 9:00am in the morning, so I went to Universal Studios (Transformers Ride!!) and didn't make it back in-time before pre-reg. closed. So I got up early and waited in-line from 4:30am-8:00am. When reg. opened around 8:10am, I was done within 2 minutes!

Will have more to say later. At-least one good thing was how fast pre-reg. went for me, although I wish the badge lanyards said "Anime Expo 2012" on it rather than advertising "Shonen Jump"
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I enjoyed this years AX. The hassles were there with the lines, but over the years I have just learned to cope with them by showing up early.

As for X Games; I think both events fed off of each other. X-Gamers went to the LACC to check out the people with the funny costumes and us con-goers got to see some pretty cool events. Even I tuned in to the X Games from my hotel room when there was downtime. I watched quite a bit of their Men's Skate competition! I even got a sample of Monster Energy and Speed! Those free drinks SAVED me literally... gave me the shakes but gave me the boost I needed to start/continue my day. Overall it was a good experience for two sets of fans to get together!
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Originally Posted by SleepyD View Post
It does sort of boggle my mind how people like that stay in convention staff positions that interact with attendees on a constant basis. Yes, I realize the need for being firm (many attendees are pretty much kids), but there's a line between firm and outright rudeness. I think it's a problem with many conventions, but with a con as big as AX, the problem is magnified with the greater number of staffers.

I mean, seriously, even if it's the second time you're reminding someone (although I don't really count it like that for you, since you weren't told directly the first time) you'll get more cooperation by being firm but polite. Are customer service skills really that hard to figure out?
A quick recommendation for people that have issues with staff at ANY convention. Always get their name (department too if possible).

When you hear "some staffer was a jerk", that really doesn't help narrow down which of the hundreds of people the complaint might be referring to. Managers tend to take incidents like this seriously, but if they don't know who was causing problems it's much harder to address.
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I actually don't have much complaints. Registration line went by REALLY fast this time. No standing out in the sun for hours and hours. For me, lines for panels were pretty smooth too. The staff running them weren't rude or anything.

However, one gripe I really had was when my group and I were sitting upstairs in the West Hall on Day 3. Apparently there was a Bang Zoom voice audition or something going on in the far left hall. We were just sitting there watching the people line up for the auditions and this staff member was screaming and yelling at the people to line up properly against the wall. I honestly wanted to tell her to calm the fuck down. It was pretty much in her tone of voice and language that she thought everyone was stupid because they couldn't follow her confusing directions for lining up. I think she said something along the lines of "ARE YOU FKING KIDDING ME?!" somewhere in her sentences.

I was really happy when another staff member in a black vest told her to calm down and speak more nicely because she really needed to cool off = = Definitely wasn't pleasant to hear her screaming voice.

Aside from that, before the con I was a bit worried about traffic and other problems associated with the X-Games being right next door, but I honestly didn't have any problems at all. Sorta forgot they were even there haha.

It looked like some AX attendees even enjoyed watching the outdoor race from up in the halls. Yes, it did get pretty loud right outside the South Hall when the race cars went by, but when I went inside, you can't even hear them.

As for the X-Games attendees, they were actually very pleasant. At least the ones I ran into or saw. Some of them stopped me and my group when we were heading towards the food trucks and they asked us how much it was for a day pass (one of them even complimented my cosplay<3 ). They were a bit iffy on buying when we told them the price, but it looked like they were interested in what was going on. I think I even saw some X-Games attendees in the South Hall. I have no idea how they got in without a pass, but they had the X-Games handkerchief hanging out from their pockets and they actually took a picture with a female cosplayer in front of the AX/SPJA backdrop in the South Hall. They posed with her pretty respectably too, not obscenely like I thought they would because the girl was pretty cute and the group of six-eight guys honestly look like the stereotypical "jocks" that would have probably mocked cosplayers, but they didn't. Actually looked like they were having fun looking at all of the cosplayers and taking photos with them. Can't judge a book by its cover I suppose. x]

As for the food trucks being there - PLEASE BE THERE EVERY YEAR. <3 The food I got there was delicious and I personally thought they were well worth the price. Especially the Red Robin truck's burgers. I ate it and I just fell in love. <3

Only real complaint I have is the lack of interesting panels. I only went to the debate on the first day, Steve Blum panel, and tried to get into the Fakku panel haha.

All in all, great con for me. Can't wait for next year!
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Originally Posted by ElCapitan View Post
A quick recommendation for people that have issues with staff at ANY convention. Always get their name (department too if possible).

When you hear "some staffer was a jerk", that really doesn't help narrow down which of the hundreds of people the complaint might be referring to. Managers tend to take incidents like this seriously, but if they don't know who was causing problems it's much harder to address.
I imagine that many people don't care enough, don't have the presence of mind, or don't have the guts to ask for their name. And if they were to go the passive-aggressive route, the names of staffers on the badges are tiny and hard to read, even at a close distance, making reporting a specific staffer that much more difficult.
Thanks to all for helping with the AX 2012 Gathering List! Hope it gets better next year!

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I loved AX this year but I need to address concerns that I had.

No Shuttle Service for the Mayfair Hotel - With the Wilshire Grand closed it only made sense that more AX people would book rooms there and none of the shuttles were going to hotels even CLOSE to the area. The walk toward the place was kinda seedy even taking the longway down 7th street and I had to call a cab multiple times to stay safe.

Last Comic Standing in a Smaller Room - Many comedians could not bring their friends and family to the event as we had to make sure we could allow as many attendees as possible. This decision did not make any sense given how the previous years the LP2 was PACKED.

In response to the comments about the show having a lot of race/sex jokes I have two things to say. First off there were quiet a good deal of comedians who strayed from such humor or only used it mildly (this was more apparent in the second half). To whoever who talks about how LCS is full of nothing but race/sex jokes I'm always quick to remind people that clean acts have won in the past, Danny, Jacob, Greg and myself using clean sets. To put it simply comedians have noticed that these type of jokes fly well with the LCS crowd so they will play to the audience more. If people demand such humor then it will be provided
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So I should warn you that I have issues. I've been suffering from postpartum depression/rage so it made some of the things I am gonna talk about feel a million times more annoying than they would be.

Day 0, We surveyed the land by walking from our hotel to the con. We walked from the Hilton.. so yeah, very long. Sadly we took a "special walkway" that the XGames set up and my friend in her power wheelchair hit their electrical bumps and was thrown from her chair landing on her hip and hitting her head on the concrete. She hurt herself pretty bad. Plus she is a big lady so it was hard to help her up.

Day 1, They changed the walkway. Which irked us pretty good after long walks. That day I walked back and forth 6 times because I had a stroller and the shuttle wasn't accommodating for it.

I was given many a dirty look because I breastfeed.. then was given dirty looks because I needed to use the changing tables, then given dirty looks when I tried to push the stroller through the crowds. Lots of con goers were really rude to me that weekend.

The dance was a bust for me. Once I got through that line I didn't feel like dancing and I had to get back to the hotel to feed the baby anyway. I only had 2 hours to dance and it was wasted in line. Depressing since I normally love AX dance.

Day 2: I didn't cosplay because the day before I missed most of my gatherings and was too bummed about that. But the route was changed yet again.. then the jesus freaks came out and one started shouting about how Fluoride products were corrupting us and we needed to stop using toothpaste. Of course I laughed at that.

Good thing: Free energy drinks alllll weekend long.

Day 3: Ouran gathering was held in front of South Hall. Boy did this year suck with gatherings. I really miss West Hall. I had a personal drama that day but the con was fine. I did get very irritated with the amount of smokers by the doors of South Hall. Especially when they looked right at me and my baby and just lit up next to us.

Day 4: I said "F--- it" and stayed in the hotel. I gave what was left of my money to my husband to go back in to the exhibit hall. So yeah, that was my AX.

Oh and I really wish AX would do more for their disabled guests. That has been so unorganized for the last three years. And every email and question I sent before the event this year was completely ignored.
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