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Unread 07-17-2012, 11:07 PM   #1
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Was your first cosplay expensive?


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Let me put it this way: cosplay *can* be done for cheaper, but cosplay can also be done for a much, much higher price.

My first completed cosplay was totaled over $250, not including a white shirt and makeup or anything else that I already had. However, the wig is versatile and it was a uniform, so I can reuse it if I get the urge to change things up...

Many other cosplays are less reusable for different characters, but it really just depends on what you want to aim for when you pick a character. If you want something lasting and accurate, you're probably going to pay more than for something "close-ish" and meant to be worn only a few times.
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My first cosplay was Light Yagami. I didn't want to do anything too expensive, cause I didn't know how good I was going to be at it.

Things I bought for him: Jacket, handcuffs, pants, shoes, tie, dress shirt, bag of apples.
Total cost:

About 15$

Not as such~

But I like how you are doing something more detailed, and willing to just jump into it, even though it is your first time 0u0
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My Tali (Mass Effect) costume has already surpassed $300, but there's been a LOT of trial and error involved in it.

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I can't really speak for everyone...but thats pretty much an average for my cosplays. Most of my cosplays cost me over $100, hell my Date Masamune cost me over $200 and I'm still repairing it/making it better. I've even seen people spend much much more on their costumes. Cosplay is an expensive hobby, and I think that is something most people getting into cosplay aren't aware of (No offense to you, I'm just speaking in general from experience.). Once you add in fabric, thread, notions, wigs, shoes, props, accessories...it adds up. I myself wasn't prepared for the cost of my first cospalys either...they were, like I said, a little over $100 or close to it.

But if you worried about spending too much, try your best to budget yourself next time. Shop in thrift stores, or even look in your closest for items you can use. Find a wig that can be used for multiple characters (I bought a long black wig that I am have so far used for three different characters) Yes, cosplay can be expensive, but you can still cosplay while on a budget.
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My first cosplay was extremely simple and lacked a whole lot of accurate details. Total cost: maybe $50.

Every cosplay after that: about $400. Not including the cost of the boots I keen reusing, as well as various other components and accessories.

For all the things you're putting together for your costume, $160 doesn't sound bad at all. I feel like as long as each component is of good quality and is worth the money paid for it, a costume can wind up costing a lot without being "too expensive", a phrase which implies that you paid more than it was worth.
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Unread 07-17-2012, 11:45 PM   #7
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I do not remember how much my first cosplay was. At the time, I did not even know what cosplay was - I just wanted to have the outfit. It really all depends on the character and the material that it is made out of. I buy my cosplays and I have noticed the different materials matters (regardless if you buy or make). If I get a costume and a wig, then my outfit is usually $130. If I end up getting money, then my outfits will be about $160-$180 because I have a larger budget.

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Unread 07-17-2012, 11:53 PM   #8
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Yeah, my first cosplay of Simon from Gurren Lagann cost me about $90. Not bad.
My second cosplay as Naota was around $100. A couple mistakes weere made to bring it to that price.
The third one I completed was Canti from FLCL. That ran me over $800. I had about $200 in failed ideas and another $100 in mistakes.
My Pokemon engineer one was only about $60. The robotic Pokemon were a LOT more.

So although $160 isn't cheap, I'm sure that for that you probably got something that's pretty nice, and there's always room to spend more than you need to if you're not careful. Cost also tends to go up with procrastination.

With any cosplay, you will likely end up choosing exactly 2 of these 3 options:
1: Make it fast.
2: Make it cheap.
3: Make it good.
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Well considering it was made from mountain dew boxes..Probably around $150 worth of drinks. I guess it was expensive..and delicious. It sure took awhile for me the plan out how to make everything. : P
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Uh,cosplay that I didn't really use at all was 118 + shipping, and my actual first one was 177 then forced me to pay more if I wanted it to get to me on time. so, about 200. So, considering my family's situation atm it's pretty expensive.
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My frist cosplay was Grell Sutcliff. Most of it was from my closet or my cousin's closet, the chainsaw I got from party city so it was pretty cheap, as was the wig since it was a crappy Halloween wig. The most expensive thing was the $30-$40 boots but DAMN did those things look accurate, and I can still use them for other characters ^^
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Unread 07-18-2012, 12:18 AM   #12
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First cosplay was Alice of Human Sacrifice Meiko and that ran me around $40. Of course I didn't know what I was getting myself into and I wasn't sure I was going to like it so I played it safe I guess? Now my bigger cosplays tend to run into the $100s with ease.
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That seems a decent price for a cosplay. I've gotten my Ohana Matsumae cosplay commissioned for $170, and it's a fully lined kimono-thing.

Now, if you're doing a cosplay that can be easily replicated with normal clothes (like the character's main outfit is casual clothes), you'll pay a lot less depending where you shop.
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My gears of war cosplay actually only cost me about $60 dollars for everything. It really just depends on materials and what not. I think the more you get into cosplay, the better you get on budgeting your costume and at finding cheaper techniques to make your costume.
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Unread 07-18-2012, 01:29 AM   #15
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I spent a hundred dollars on dupioni silk for my first costume. That was WITH a 40% Joaans coupon.
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