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girl on fire
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Thoughts on "plus size" cosplaying...

I've debated posting this for a while, so here it goes! Hope it doesn't sound as weird as I think it will. D:

Weight. We put so much thought in everything we do on our weight. Some "fat" girls want to be skinny. Some skinny girls want to gain some curves. Once we've slimmed down and reached that weight, we realize that it's not what we thought it would be.

When I was in high school, I became anorexic. I went from being curvy with a nice pair of C cups to 102 pounds at 5'7". I went from a size 9 in jeans to a size 2. Let me tell you that a size 2 on me didn't look anything like I thought it would. Looking back, I would kill to be size 9 again. I don't even really remember what made me want to lose weight in the first place. Was it all those gorgeous women I saw in magazines? On commercials? Did I think my boyfriend would like me better that way?

When I hit a size 0 in jeans and my pelvic bones were sticking out of my skin, I decided I'd gone too far. Being anorexic KILLED my metabolism, and the worst thing for someone with zero self esteem and recovering from ED to have happen is to gain a bunch of weight in a short span of time.

I moved straight out of high school to Chicago, and gained about 60 pounds. I was back to eating the same yummy foods I ate with no problem before I had my ED! I was loving life again! But, it made me gain weight so fast. I got horrible stretch marks EVERYWHERE on my body -- my stomach, my arms, my breasts, my sides, my thighs, back of my legs... Seriously, you name it, I probably got stretch marks there. My self-esteem went from zero to "I seriously hate myself" in less than six months. When I say I hit rock bottom in terms of self esteem, I mean it: I found out my boyfriend cheated on me, and when I asked him why he said it was because he preferred "thin" girls. My old friends asked me how I got so fat. I dropped out of cosplaying because I didn't even like myself in normal clothes, much less in costume. And in the Summer of 2010 I hit my worst low I'd ever had: I tried to kill myself.

When I was seeking treatment for my ED, my doctor told me that eating disorders never truly leave you. You think you've overcome your illness, but a few months down the road you start thinking those thoughts about what others might think of you and you slide right back to square one. After being in the hospital for six days following my attempt on my life, I had people come visit me that were supportive, sad, and even angry with me. My friend asked me why I let my stupid issues get to me so bad that I would hurt everyone around me by killing myself. I was so enraged that someone would think that I would ever harm myself over "stupid issues", that I didn't think of everything, that I didn't try everything. She didn't understand what I'd been through.

When I left the hospital I came to the best revelation I've had to date: I don't owe these people a damn thing. I don't owe it to them to be skinny, I don't owe it to them to be flawless on all my facebook photos, I don't owe it to them to live up to their standards.

That night I went home, hugged my cat, and dusted off my old sewing machine. It took me a year and half to make a simple ass costume, a bunny suit. My favorite anime character is Asuka from Evangelion, and I thought I would NEVER be able to cosplay a 14 year old. Then I found an amazing figure of her in a bunny outfit, and I thought, I could do that. So I spent a year and half of off and on sewing, berating myself for thinking I could pull it off, calling myself a whale, going through periods of severe depression, getting over it and telling myself I will look totally amazeballs, and then rinsing and repeating many many times. Finally, a week before the con, I had *finally* finished it.

I tucked in to some nylons to make my legs look schweet, wiggled in to some shapwear and donned my bunny suit and pranced around that con like a loony. I was a smash hit. I found pictures of myself in every corner of cosplay albums from that con. Men and women alike asked me to pose for or with them, I was interviewed, got free stuff for posing at booths with their products, etc. Now, half of that reason was because I was dressed as a damned bunny girl, but the other half was because I was owning that costume like a mofo. I didn't care if I was fat to anybody in that con, I was confident and it showed in all my photos. The high of the con lasted a week, and I gained enough of a following to start a cosplay fan page on facebook. I was happier than I'd ever been in my life.

And then... A friend told me one day he'd found a picture of me posted on 4chan in the cosplay section. The person who posted it liked the costume and posted in a "best cosplay" thread, but after looking at the thread myself I was shocked to find so many people calling me a whale, making snarky comments, saying I disgraced bunny costumes, I made them vomit, I hate sausage legs, etc. Then a whole slew of pictures made their way over to /b/...

The comments were horrendous. Someone linked to my FB page. I had to close it because it was getting so much hate. I got messages saying that I had no business cosplaying and that I looked gross. Somehow my personal info got leaked. I was at work when I got a call and the voicemail was someone saying they knew where I lived and were going to rape me. All of my accounts (even this cosplay.com account) were hacked, and someone cleaned out my personal FB and posted horrible photoshopped pictures of me on there, calling me a fat whore, etc.

All this over one costume? Why were the people so intent on tearing me apart when they knew nothing about me? I even became a meme on 4chan. "Fat Asuka" I was called. Nasty comments were left on my dA. Eva fan sites, the same sites I had been a part of and contributed to for years made fun of my costumes and me and called me a whale, and when I told them it was my costume they immediately apologized. You're sorry you got caught being a jerk?

I immediately went back to my old ways of hating myself and lashing out at people because of it. Eventually, my new boyfriend sat me down and told me straight, "Those people hide behind the internet and think that they can say whatever they want. They are bullies. They have insecurities and they tear you down because it makes them feel better." I knew this to be true. Why was I so upset about these people? These people I'd never met? If someone said those things to my face I'd punch them in to next Tuesday. The positive feedback I got at the convention were from real people, and these were lonely people on the internet who hung out on 4chan all day and bully people and are racist, sexist homophobic lackeys. And you know what? After wearing that and some other costumes to cons this year no one has once said "Thar she blooooooows!" to me to my face.

You're not cosplaying for their approval. You either put blood, sweat, and tears in to that thing or you paid good, hard earned money for it. You didn't cosplay specifically for that one random internet douchecanoe's approval, did you? Of course not!

Then, back in earlyish June, someone sent me a message saying I'd been featured on Cosplay In America's facebook! He didn't put in the description, "Great plus size cosplayer! She's so brave! etc." He just left as a great cosplay, regardless of my weight. Sure, there were one or two comments about my weight by a few losers, but 99% of the comments were people telling me I looked fabulous and my cosplay was beautiful. (You can read the comments here, if you'd like: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater )
Then CiA contacted me asking if I'd like to do an interview with them. Me? They want to interview a "fat" cosplayer?

Then, I got messages on facebook from people saying they were overweight and inspired them to cosplay again or not worry about what others think when they are rocking their cos. They told me about their horror stories of finding unflattering pictures on the internet and horrible comments about their looks. People would try to thinly veil their snark about their weight by saying things like, "Oh I don't mind if overweight people cosplay, I just personally don't care for it."

There were support groups, galleries, panels, and meetups galore for girls (and guys!) who were plus size cosplayers and just wanted to enjoy themselves while in costume. Being in that environment helped me to be the person I am today, and I can proudly declare that that person is the person who just don't give a fuck.

Today I workout to maintain my size. I lift weights, I eat right (sometimes >_<) and remember to treat myself every once in a while. I encourage those who want to get fit for themselves and nobody else. I don't put a number on my goal weight, just stop until I'm happy with myself. You want to drop 60 pounds for a costume! Rock on, but make sure you do it in a healthy way (don't kill your metabolism like I did!) and make sure it's for YOU.

If there is only one tip I could ever give someone who wants to looks good in cosplay -- CONFIDENCE! You sulk around look like you're not confident in your looks, people will notice. You walk around that con like you own the place and rock that costume and people will notice, no matter your weight. I've seen girls and guys of every body type that exists do badass cosplays, and the last thought on my mind is their weight. Take it from me -- you will never those cosplayers who retouch themselves in to oblivion. And you shouldn't want to. You're going to look damn good no matter what you do. This summer I'm planning on doing Asuka in her plugsuit, which you guys all know is a very tight, unforgiving costume.

But I'm gonna rock that mofo. Wish me luck, and happy cosplaying guys! I'm going to go pass out since I stayed up way past my bedtime.
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aw, this is amazing. i hope more people see this, i used to be insecure for different reasons, but now i just think, "i wasn't made to make everyone else happy!"
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This is a very good story and life lesson(only change yourself to make yourself happy). The weird thing is I have almost the same stats as you did before anorexia(5'8 and size 6-10 pants). I only want to lose the ten pounds and waist inch I gained this year, partly so I can feel better and partly so I can run faster(I'm on a running team and super slow right now T_T). I understand what you're saying when you say that size zero looks weird on someone with our height. I haven't been a size zero since I was twelve/thirteen, and at least four inches shorter, so I know that's not realistic. However I'm going to try (safely) for a size four. Thanks for reminding mw to make sure I'm doing it for myself and no one else.
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A great, motivating read. thank you for sharing your story~ : )
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Halfway through reading I switched over to your gallery on Cosplay.com just to see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, it was about nothing, just a hot curvy chick in a bunny suit ;3

Seriously! Teach me the secrets of your confidence and rocking those sexy curves!

I'm trying to slim down for the November Youmacon so that I can feel confident cosplaying as Stocking from Panty and Stocking.

I have Hashimotos, which is a thyroid disorder that makes it hard for me to do a lot of things, including regulate my body temperature, maintain a stable mood, and loose weight. Add to that the fact that I, too, was anorexic for about a year, and it's probably clear that I fight a battle to shed every pound. Loosing 14 lbs last year was a huge victory! But I still have days where I look at myself in the mirror and want to either hide or break every mirror in the house (see above 'mood stabalization' issue :P)

But the most motivating thing is looking at how I was before I was anorexic. I, too, would do anythign to get back to my sexy size 12. But when I was there, I didn't appreciate it at all. Oddly enough, I thought of myself the same then as I do now - I'm overweight and I look awful. Looking back at those pictures, I had nothing to worry about.

It really all is about attitude, and it's wonderful to see someone who has got that mastered! Teach the rest of us your secrets, oh mighty cosplay-confidence jedi!
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DAMN GURL! YOU HOT! Pfft! You will never be good enough to please others, there will always be some "flaw" to point out, but you stand your ground and do things for yourself for a change! You strut your stuff and show it off! I mean not all women being advertised and marketed are "thin". I mean look at Adele, she's gorgeous and a strong independent woman and now a days people applaud you for taking a stand and making a strong gesture on a topic that is so controversial. Just by reading this story of yours I consider you an excellent role model for myself and millions of girls throughout the world! <3
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Lycoris Ousa
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How did I not see you at Momo well I guess I'll catch you at AWA. Anyways, yea I've noticed with a lot of over weight people that they don't want to cosplay. I've learned over the years that I should feel confident in the way I look and I do. I want to lose some weight and try not to go to crazy with it. I do have the moments with my mom being rude and calling me fat even my father. All I can really tell them is I work out so I don't know what they want from me.

I've had pictures of me posted on 4chan from people who didn't like my costumes and said they were going to do it. I never looked because I know most people on 4chan are jerks and need to learn to stop hiding on 4chan. I don't know you but I'm proud of you, you're not fat looking at all you do just have curves. You're awesome =3
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Amazing story as another big girl I really love this story because I fear what ppl are going to say all the time since I am big but reading your story has made me feel like I can take this on and not care what others say. Love the bunny outfit I couldn't pull it off though.

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aka Shiro Samurai
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Amazing story, I can believe this will be very motivating for a lot of people who are insecure. Thank you for sharing, you rock that cosplay!
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Your story really touched my heart. I used to be big myself and I worked hard for the past four years to get myself in shape. I used to really hate looking at pictures of myself in normal clothes and in cosplay...so I can understand how you must have felt. I looked at your picture and I thought "How beautiful." You've got a lot of guts after all that. ;x;
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Your story made me cry. You are so amazing and I just cant even put it into words. People like you are what keep me going. Im always so self-concious about cosplaying being a size 18-20. But you.. man I wish I could just hug you. Cosplay is about having fun and being somthing you dont get to be everyday. Size does not matter whether you are 100lbs or 300lbs you can pull off a rockin cosplay! Thank you so much for sharing this!
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Wow, amazing story! Thanks for sharing, and rock on!
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This story seriously made my day and touched my heart. Thank you so mcuh for sharing this here, even if it brought back painful memories. This was truly inspirational. <3

I'm...ehu....big, and sometimes it stops me from doing cosplay that I really want to do. I can't say I'll ever be brave enough to wear a bunny girl costume, but reading this gives me more courage, and I'm definitely going to come back to this thread when I need a reminder of the valuable lesson you shared.

Thanks again for sharing this with us. <3


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girl on fire
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Wow guys, thank you so much for all your kind messages both here and offsite. You are all truly inspirations to me and to others I'm sure. I'm happy that you all liked my post, it was difficult to post it but now I'm glad I did!

Thank you all again and please feel free to message me if you ever have questions or, you know, just need to talk.

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dumb nerd
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I looked at the pictures, and saw similarities with my body shape (Though my chest is almost non-existant, I still saw similarities).

helpless aromantic

i'm autistic, please be gentle
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