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Unread 07-07-2012, 12:41 PM   #16
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I have another I can't believe I forgot!!!

This year at A-kon, while I was dressed as Stocking with my wings and everything, I went to get autographs from the band Oz. Natsuki, their vocalist was first, and when I walked up to him, in English he goes "My angel!" I just smiled at him and said okay. Then, again in English, he goes "Will you be MY angel?" I responded "If you want me to be." His translator told him what I said and he just gave me this really sly smile, signed my poster, and then reached out, shook my hand, and asked me what I thought of their concert. I was on cloud nine after that.
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Unread 07-07-2012, 02:13 PM   #17
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I have a couple memorable moments while in cosplay. One of them it was the first year I cosplayed which was Hetalia and to say the least my cosplay looked like crap. But this was a little before Hetalia got really big and some how someone recognized who my character was and started to tweak a little like "Ohhh it's America!" and then she asked me if she could get a hug. First and last time that's ever happened.

The other one was more awkward more than anything...I was cosplaying as Turkey the most recent con I went to in March and then for some reason an Italy comes up and asks me if I want to play the pocky game. I'm just sitting there too stunned for words and for some reason I said yes...Anyways the Italy cosplayer told me that none of the other countries wanted to keep playing. I'm just thinking "Oh geez no kidding I wonder why (sarcasm)" Anyways yeah that was ummm really awkward for me but memorable.
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Unread 07-07-2012, 02:20 PM   #18
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Well I've only been to one convention so far in my first cosplay, but I've got something~ ^^ At the 2012 Anime Expo, I was in my Ciel cosplay (no butler, sadly :P) sitting by a wall with my sister, watching all of the lovely outfits walk by. -amazing outfits :3- And a Sebastian walks up to me and kneels down and kisses my hand and we had a chat~ *o* Haha, made my day ^^
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Unread 07-07-2012, 02:58 PM   #19
Waifu Beam
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Let's see.....oh I have one!

I was Dancer Bartz this year at AX and not a lot of people knew who I was but I expected that. However, there were a few who did know, and all of them were girls funny enough. Anyway, the first one was when I was walking to the line for the Tiger and Bunny panel. My friend told me that she was talking about Bartz in Dissidia and how much she loved him, and so he was kind enough to tell her I was cosplaying him. When I showed up she freaked out and before we went in the room I handed her one of my three red roses. That made her day.

The second girl was when I was chatting with the creator of Cosplay in America since I always have gotten my book signed by him whenever I saw him since 2010. She asked to make sure I was who I was and after chatting with her, I gave her another of my roses since she was just too cute and loved my cosplay. I also made her day.

And finally, my third and final rose went to a girl whom I met in Artist Alley at AM2. She and her friend were selling Final Fantasy stuff, and she told me she was a HUGE fan of Bartz. I told her that at AX I would Dancer Bartz and I would make sure to find her so I could show her. After finding her friend whom I bought something from, she had another friend show us where she was since she had her own table. Once I got there I told her that I was the girl from AM2 that was going to be cosplaying Dancer Bartz. She had the biggest grin on her face and we started chatting up a storm. Before I left I bought some art from her like I said I would, and then gave her my final rose. She left it clipped up on her stand the rest of the days AX was held.

I was so happy to have made their days. <3
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Unread 07-07-2012, 08:10 PM   #20
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Oh I've got memories.

I went to Youmacon 2011 last year and it was my first ever anime convention. Besides the whole feeling of absolute awe and amazement at so many people in costumes, the dealer's room with so much merchandise and the overall epic feel of the venue I got the chance to meet two of my favorite people EVER.

The first was none other than Vic Mignogna. I met him on Friday night. I was waiting in the little hallway leading to the Maid Cafe where his autograph session was going to be held at 6:30. As I was waiting I heard a familiar voice and stood up to get a better view of who it was. I knew who the voice belonged to but for some reason couldn't match it to the person until he walked closer flanked by two people who were either friends or convention staff - I wasn't sure. I continued to watch him and finally realized that Oh my God, that IS Vic!. As he got closer to me, he spotted me and before I could react properly he bolted over exclaiming "Oh my god! You are adorable!" before proceeding to hug me tightly. He then signed all three books I had brought with me from home (Anime Profiles, Land of Sand novel, Manga Profiles) and even joked around by drawing devil horns and a mustache on Roy Mustang's face on the cover of the Anime Profiles book, and let me get a photo with him. What could make this even more awesome you ask? I was dressed as Edward Elric at the time.

The second was an internet legend. You all know him as Little Kuriboh. I got to meet this guy on Sunday, the final day of the Con. I was dressed as Edward again and decided to kill time before my ride came to take me home by going to a panel. It happened to be a little YuGiOh panel and the man himself was one of the panelists. Though the panel itself was fun, what made it great was when LK decided to turn the last half hour into an impromptu autograph session. However when the time came I was kind of trampled by the many people wanting to meet him besides myself. As I made it to the table he was sitting at, I tried to get his attention nicely, saying "Little Kuriboh! Kuriboh!". When he noticed me he grinned and promptly said that I would be the first to get an autograph as he decided to move things outside for space and indirectly saved me from trampling via cosplayers. As we moved out of the small panel room, he signed my progam even telling me "It's ok!" when I got flustered and couldn't find the page where his picture was. He found it for me and signed it and when I finally asked - I got a picture with him too. He was such a sweetheart and it left an impression on me to this day.
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Unread 07-08-2012, 01:11 AM   #21
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In San Diego Comic Con 2011, my younger sister dressed as a HOT DOG. We thought it was funny to see her as food item. Anyway, we went to PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR panel. During the Q&A, I asked my sister if she want to ask any questions to the voice actors. She first said no because she is somewhat shy. She soon changed her mind and wanted to asked one, but she was told that the time was running out. She was disappointed though(she was 8 at the time). When the panel mod says that there are 5 minutes left....well this happened.

Here is the link of the panel and start watching at 5:10. You won't see my sister in her costume, but you might like the reactions of the voice actors.
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Unread 07-08-2012, 03:36 AM   #22
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When queueing for Bristol Comic Expo, we found more Vocaloid cosplayers. Since I was high on excitement, I was just "HIIIII!!!!!!!!!!1!!!"
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