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I think it's important here to remember that what motivates others will not always motivate you. It's great to hear what others are doing, I myself picked up a few tips of new workouts to try. I recently tweaked a shoulder muscle pole dancing and need to take a short break to let it heal....I am SO trying Zombies, Run. But, until you can find that magic formula for yourself, it's going to be a little hit or miss for a while. Here are some tips I can give to help you find yours.

I encourage you to take a hard look at why you are so unhappy with the way you look and find a thought of what would make you happy. That right there is your motivation. It wasn't until I realized that I was so unhappy all the time because I was sick and tired all the time, I hated having to spend money on new clothes to fit me when my old ones were perfectly fine, and I hated taking pictures because I would immediately compare them to what I looked like in high school that I realized that my lack of fitness was making me really upset. My motivation came from knowing that becoming a happier more fulfilled person came from making the move to change certain factors in my life.

The second piece of advice I can offer, which is one that many others have said, and I fully support, is to find an activity that speaks to you. I loved reading about those who were cycling, those who found a really great routine, or even the one that boulders. They speak about their activity with such passion. When I found the Aerial Arts, I was IN LOVE, especially with Aerial Pole Dancing. I love the sport and I know that I can only improve my dance with side training of core and upper body, flexibility, and cardio. Working out is not a chore, it's simply part of one of my hobbies. Finding something that makes you jump out of bed just like you would for cosplay, even though you know that 12 hours of your day is going to be spent coloring a frakin' wig, is going to be what gets that fire started.

Good luck on your quest!
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Three to four days a week we wake up at 8 and head to the gym. The class we went to today was so hard, but neither of us was going to let the other person give up! We also go to the food store together and stop each other from buying junk.

I'm so close to having abs! All this work has paid off and I can't wait to show off my stomach in future cosplays. * w *
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I think of my goals as what I can DO rather than a weight goal. Run one more mile...lift one more pound...things like that. The weight is icing on the cake.

In 2010 I learned about the existence of a marathon that runs through Disney World. I kinda hate running but traveling all over the resort on foot sounded awesome. Training has been a rewarding experience. I don't look like it but I can now run 6 miles in one shot on a regular basis. I'm running the Disney Half-Marathon this January and I hope to finally do the full next year.

Knowing how I've come is a pretty big motivation. The fact that 1 mile now feels like no big deal kinda makes me feel like superwoman. I spent most of my life believing that I was too awful a runner to even start.

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Motivation wise I always think of where I began and how much I have grown since then. For me its about breaking down my self perceived barriers and pushing myself beyond my supposed limits. Sometimes that means running harder, further and faster. Getting on the treadmill and pushing the incline and the speed to my limit and then just half a level higher and trying to maintain that pace for as long as I can.

Other times it is in relation to the weights and reps. I remember when I thought squatting 225 was hard. And now I can pump that out all day, so its motivates me to push harder, to reach a new goal.

Motivation is your inner mind really. You have to find new ways to make it fresh and challenging. I hardly ever do the same work out 2x when I go to the gym. Instead of traditional deadlift maybe I will do trap bar deads instead. Or working a lot more rowing movements to assist in back development. I work holds, pauses and different rep schemes just to make it more fun.
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