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Talking Assassin creed script. HELP A NOOB plz?

Hello everyone!

I had an idea of making a cosplay actuation to an convention with assassin creed characters, but i am a noob and this is my 1st attempt at a script.
Help please?

Ezio1= Ezio age 17, costume of before his family is dead ( a female)
Ezio2= Ezio with the assassin costume (me/a female)
Female aprendice
Templars (1 or 2)

Act 1 ---> Actors: Ezio 1, random lady voice
---Possibily as a film
From 0.00 to 0.18, being rudelly cut with random lady voice.
Giovani monologue , from 1.12 to 1.24 (or 1.50 with cuts [...lies another truth])

Random lady voice: BASTARDI! *trows things to Ezio*
Ezio: *apears from the side of the stage/film, rolling with a big smirk, getting things tossed at him* Woah calm down! *avoids things tossed at him*
Random lady voice: DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK, YOU WOMANIZER! *tosses apple of eden together with a fish*
Ezio: *gets hit with the apple and the fish on his face* Gaw *faints*
---Lights go down suddently. Blackness
Aprox time : ???

Act 2 ---> Actors: Ezio 1, Ezio2, Female aprendice, templars
Firenze, years later
---Lights go up slowlly, showing Ezio2 and Female aprendice walking towards the stage, in the middle of the crowd (?)
Ezio 2: *musing* The force is strong on that one. *observes some random lady*
Aprendice: ...what?
Ezio2: ... *quickly* I meant, the cross marks the spot where to kill *cue entrance to Templars, running after Ezio1*
Ezio 2 and aprendice: *facepalm/groan/ stare stupidificated*
Ezio2: ... let's help the delusional fool.
*cue fighting. templars lose*
Ezio2: *takes a better look at Ezio1. each of one tries to make the same move and try to say the same thing, stopping midway. *
Aprendice: the hell. Your faces are the same
Ezio2: ... you .. me... ? How... This can not be*amazed*
Ezio1: Well don't i look good older? This dream is completly strange but *grins. Towards Apprendice* ... uh... *insert here pick up line - example: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? *
Aprendice: ...*stares, before slapping him* che cazzo! What do you think you are doing you- *gets interrupted by Ezio 2*
Ezio2: Calm donw you two. Stop harrasing the madonna* turns to the aprendice, with a smirk* Mind him not. He is too young to know what he is doing *pats her hand, before suddently pushing her off the way, giving her the apple.*
Templar number 2 or 3: AHAH there they are! get them!*chase after the tree, making them all grown.*
Aprendice: Master *observes Ezio fighting with the templars * here guard this with your life! *tosses it back to Ezio1, getting into the fight *
Ezio1: WHA- *Surprised. Gets with the apple on his head and faints again*
----Light suddently goes off.
----Aprox time : ???

Act 3
actors: Ezio1
(Possibly in film)
*Back to the same place we were in the begining*
Ezio: *rubs his head and picks up the apple* ... Hey... this looks familiar...
----Aprox time : ???

So what do you guys think??

Sorry if i posted in the wrong place omo
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How much time are you being given to to perform this?

I'm assuming this is at a convention right?
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