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Unread 08-28-2012, 02:50 AM   #1
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Haunted Hayride Ideas?

Hello there,
This is my first thread and I'm hoping to get some advice on some good ideas for a haunted hay ride this Halloween. I already have a huge idea cooked up but I feel it needs to interact more with the audience. Every year there are groups doing small little skits, but I want to really make an impression this year. I feel that there isn't enough being done to make it great.
Here is my idea,
My friends and I will be creating a large graveyard on both sides of the path with life like statues and gravestones, I even figured out how to make super tall dead looking trees using plastic wrap, tape and spray paint(It will be held up with more, I promise thatís just the shell.) The eyes for the statues will be glowing so I thought of placing those off in the back so that they look as if they are moving forward. Iím hoping that the closer the decorations get to the audience the more precise everything will look. I will be using fog a lot and pumpkins for most of the lighting. There will be two fence entrances on each side of the road to both sides of the graveyard and an old street light will make a spotlight out on the first actor. So when the first cart is coming up that actor will look around and then drag someone hiding out in the right side of the cemetery and drags them out into the street (unwillingly) and into the left side where they disappear. Later when the cart passes the street light the victim will escape only to be caught by the collar and killed in the spotlight.
I know itís gory but I really want to scare people this year. I was hoping someone could give me ideas on what to do between the scene since there is about 30 seconds before they get to the other side of the spotlight and then some before they leave the cemetery since we are on a wide u turn and are occupying both sides. Iíd love anyoneís impute.
Also we arenít allowed to touch anyone on the cart.
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This probably isn't helpful, but clowns. I'd shit myself if I turned around and a clown was casually sitting next to me on the tractor.

As for your idea, it's very good and interesting. But you say you want to interact more with the audience on the tractor...but watching something from afar isn't really interacting. I wouldn't say to get rid of the idea, because it's very good, but to think of more to add. I'd recommend looking into some of the famous haunted houses and hayrides for ideas.
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probably a frackpants
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I have a minor logistical suggestion: you're going to need more than pumpkins for lighting if you want people to see any details of your setup. A few sources of low-angle spot lighting, concealed in or behind something, should do the trick.
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Another logistics thing: how much area do you need to cover with the fog? You'll need many fog machines if you want to cover a long path (and somewhere to plug them in, if they're not battery operated!), or a heck of a lot of dry ice.

Definitely think that having someone jump into the back of the hayride when no one is looking is great. Maybe having something falling onto the cart would be good too? (Maybe not confetti, but tissue ghosts or the like?

You could also have the path take a couple of forks, where the riders have to call out which direction to go in. That way, it'd be a different ride every time!
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Thanks so much for all your input. I totally agree.
I will have several fog machines to use from last years event and I'm working on finding more lighting than the pumpkins.

I love the clown idea, totally creep. lol
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