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Unread 08-14-2012, 05:10 PM   #1
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No More Excuses!

You heard me!

I've been on and off my exercise routine since February. It's a very easy routine, doesn't take a lot of time, but I still can't seem to stick with it. I'm not easily self-motivated and can be very lazy, so I'm always finding some excuse not to do something healthy.

I found myself back on fitocracy today after a while of not exercising or posting. I walked/jogged for 45 minutes today and when I went to log it I started apologizing for not being around and giving excuses as to why. I started looking through my feed and found that I did that a lot.

"Sorry I've been gone, excuse, excuse, excuse."

I think I've done it here a few times too, much to my embarrassment.

Well, no more! I'm going to work harder to motivate myself into exercising and I want to know how you guys do it!

How do you motivate yourself? Who here uses a rewards/punishment system for doing a good job/sitting on their butts? What have you tried that hasn't worked? What kind of excuses have you made for yourself and how have you gotten over doing that?

Just recently the Zombies, Run! app released for the android, so to motivate myself I started playing it today. I don't know how it'll work long term, but I know I can't wait to go running tomorrow. I hope the various missions and evolving story line will help keep me going!
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Unread 08-14-2012, 10:41 PM   #2
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My (twin) brother just told me that he wanted to lose weight and so he and I keep each other in check. I don't necessarily have a reward system set up, but I am going to be awesome when I lose this next 15 pounds (and more to come). When I lose the 15, I will finally be out of the obese category.
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Unread 08-14-2012, 10:57 PM   #3
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"No excuses" that's pretty much my mantra. I take my pre-workout and hit it. My biggest motivation would be my dad as well as my family. He's so healthy and in shape you wouldn't guess he's almost 50, he looks 10 years younger.
I know I will never be as strong as he is and I'm sure to some people this isn't anything to be astounded at but. My mom was cleaning the oven, set it to self clean. Grease was at the bottom. A fire started. My Dad literally picked up the oven and sat it in our backyard.
I want to be that healthy. I want to be that useful.

As far as rewards and punishment goes- I don't do that. I either go to the gym or feel guilty about not going. I also take a pre-workout drink that if I don't work out I won't get any sleep later that night. So that's what gets me off the couch.
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Unread 08-14-2012, 11:48 PM   #4
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My dad is the same way! He was in the military for 26 years. He was forty something and jumping off stuff and swimming longer and faster than half of the kids half his age! He is amazing and is my strongest motivator, but he's also not always here to GET me motivated (he's really important at work and so often goes in a lot earlier) so I have to find someway to do it myself.

I have started taking these weight loss/energy pills that lower my blood pressure a whole lot if I take them and don't work out right away, so that's starting to help me a little bit.
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Unread 08-14-2012, 11:55 PM   #5
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Honestly, the way I go about it is this "Don't think about it. Just do it." If I were to tell myself "Oh I have to walk a mile today because I need the exercise." I probably wouldn't do it. Yet I have no issues with packing up my laptop, walking a mile or two down to the coffee house, having a nice light coffee, surfing the net for a bit and then walking home. I have no issues with putting in my headphones and walking around downtown. If I were to tell myself "Oh, I need to do this much swimming today." ..I probably wouldn't. Instead I'm just "Oh hey! My place has an indoor pool! How awesome! let me get on my swimsuit and go down there!" The same with food, Instead of paying too much attention to calories and portion sizes, I just found healthier things that I enjoy eating, and made those habit. .. I still do pay attention to calories and portion sizes, but it's more like training myself to like healthier things, instead of having the mind set of "I can't have this" or "I can only have this much".

I've been able to make a lot of healthier changes ( And drop from 185 to 150ish) by doing things like this. I do things that I enjoy, and I don't really think of it as "Exercise" or "dieting". It kinda helps that I don't have a car or license despite being 28. So if I want to go anywhere, I either walk or take the bus.
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Unread 08-14-2012, 11:56 PM   #6
Tsukasa Hiiragi
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Hmm, reward system ~ never thought of that. I wonder if that will help me stay motivated lol
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Unread 08-15-2012, 01:27 AM   #7
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Suiseiseki- Ugh I wish I had access to a pool so bad! I would be exercising non-stop because I love to swim! I did find it easier when exercising yesterday to think about it like, "I've gotta play this new game about running from zombies!" than "I better get out there and run cause I need to get in shape." So I see your point.

Eating healthy I don't have a huge problem with, I've found. I try to actually cook every one of my meals and I like to look up healthy recipes (which are usually a lot easier than unhealthy ones cause there's less stuff in it) and make stuff for my family. I'm no chef, but I get some satisfaction out of doing a good job and having people enjoy it. Healthy recipes are so easy to find too because EVERYONE is trying to lose weight right now.

Tsukasa- I've thought about the rewards system, but I can't think of anything to reward myself with which is why I asked here. Lol. Treats isn't a good choice because I have a problem with portion control and would prolly treat myself too much, and I don't really have the money to go and buy myself something pretty every time I lose five pounds or something.

I do have a long term reward, which is that once I get to my goal weight/size I'm going to go and get myself a tattoo, but that's so far off that it feels more like TORTURE! Lol.
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