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Baron Malleus
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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
I have a lot of good moments at cons, but right now can't remember too many, but I shall recount the ones I can.

This year at A-kon when my friends and I were in our Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt costumes and were heading for a private photo shoot, someone stopped us and told us we had just won A-kon because we looked so awesome. I thought that was pretty cool, especially since we actually had just been informed we won a Best Craftsmanship award in the Hall Cosplay Contest.

Also this year, but at Anime Blues Con (my hometown's new anime con), my friend and I were in the elevator, not even in our Panty and Stocking cosplay anymore, just street clothes, and a vendor that was on the elevator looked at us and goes "I remember you as the Panty and Stocking cosplayers from A-kon. You guys were awesome. We posted your picture on our site of all the great cosplay we saw at A-kon." I was just shocked he recognized us out of cosplay, especially since neither of us had on wigs or contacts or anything that would even closely signify we cosplay Panty and Stocking. So that was really awesome.
I haven't been to Anime Blues yet (also my home town), but I frequent Midsouth Comic and Fantasy and Misouth Science Fiction and Fantasy cons. I have had great experiences at both of those conventions. Gonna be good this year at Midsouth. A buddy and I have a plan in the works to get some laughs. I'll post pictures in March once it is done.

As for good experiences at conventions, I went to Mechacon in Louisiana and met Samantha Inoue Hart, the voice of almost every Chocobo ever, and the voice of Optimus Prime, Garry Chalk. Sammy Hart ran a make up panel and Garry sang blues while playing the guitar. It was a pretty interesting convention overall. A different year I had Beau Billingslea, Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, sign a bonsai plant for me.
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My fave one was getting the signature of the producers of PMMM in Homura. They were all excited. Also getting Jamie Marchi's signature wearing Liz Thompson with my bf as Kid.
She was like "Okay so I'm totally breaking the rules but I just HAVE to get a picture..."
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That guy
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A few years ago a friend was on leave and in the area, so we stole her away to Portcon. Which was epic, since we had no idea she was coming back here (she's a magic Marine) until poof, there she was. We listened to Turisas and Alestorm all the way up to Maine, volume all the way up to be heard over the downpour.

Since this was our first way-away-from-home convention, we weren't good with packing yet. Hence, when we set out to have our dinner of cup ramen and oranges, we discovered that we'd failed to bring utensils. Forks, spoons, chopsticks, anything. So we improvised, and thank god for the coffee machine. We used the hot water from that, then used the stirrers to mix everything up. From there, one of us used the ice tongs to eat dinner, and another just slurped it up like a cup of noodley hot chocolate. I tried my best to use the stirrers as chopsticks, but it didn't end up working out and I drank my dinner too. We were all still in cosplay at the time as the Baccano! group, so it was doubly entertaining.

On Sunday, though, the car didn't start up. We were planning on moving it closer to the convention before everyone arrived, so the driver and I marched out to the way way faraway parking lot we'd put it in before at what couldn't have been later than 6:30 am. So when the car didn't start, our hearts kind of stopped. While we made our way back to the hotel, I kept making jokes about how it just figured, and shrugged it off as a problem. I'm the type to never worry in tense situations, but in this case, I don't think the casualness was appreciated.

After we made it back to the room to give the news, I proclaimed myself done with the ordeal and went back to sleep. In the meantime, the driver and other passenger asked the hotel guy (who I was told always wears a superhero mask during the convention) about it, and he sent them to find Waldo. You know. The guy with the jumper cables. At the same time, there was a big game going on, Where's Waldo, so everyone was trying to find him. Eventually they found him, a mustached man in a hotel uniform with the tag Waldo, and we all lived happily ever after.

Also one of our high school friends was in the room next to ours. Crazy coincidence.

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