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Originally Posted by arrancar12 View Post
I need to start a diet and my doctor suggested a low-fat diet. Things you need to know: I'm a type 2 diabetic,I have high blood pressure,my good cholesterol is always lower than my bad,I am a ice cream addict,my back is weak, and I'm just 21..I'm no good with diets as I tryed the weightwatchers one and had little results.

Any advice on a diet that would work for me? I really need to lose 40lbs or else I go on insulin >_< and yes I did google low fat diets..
I don't want to get your mind blown by this (I guess I will provide links), but by limiting fat intake, you will end up eating more carbrohydrates, which in turn spikes insulin. In fact, most of your bad cholesterol is coming from the excessive amount of refined carbs, not from saturated fats. Fat itself does not cause an insulin response. As long insulin is in the body, the body will never burn fat as energy. Type 2 Diabetes is simply the body cannot produce enough insulin to create a storage response to keep blood sugar levels down (meaning, low sensitivity to insulin). Exercise will improve your insulin sensitivity, meaning that insulin will simply rise and fall in a shorter period of time upon consumption of food.

To be able to burn as much fat as possible, blood sugar levels should be stable. For a diebetic, the glycemic index is your friend in which gives you a guide of the insulin response given for particular foods. Generally, refined carbs will cause a higher response than complex carbs. Fructose, although low in glycemic response, has a high insulin response, and should be treated just like sugar.

So being on a low-fat diet isn't a good approach to fat loss. Instead, a high-protein, fairly low carb (< 100g) diet allows the body to utilize as much fat because less insulin is produced. This includes eating saturated fats (which is going to be a side effect of eating a high protein diet) as long the body is under a energy deficit.

For example, The high amount of sugar in ice cream can be replaced with a frozen yogurt, which significantly decreases the amount of sugar while being naturally sweetened by whole fruits. Throw out the cereal and instead have eggs or a healthy omlette lubricated with butter ("healthy" is a relative term... :P)

The Cholesterol Myth
Low-Carb Diets improve cholesterol long-term
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Thanks guys this has helped me think on a lot of things. Now I can do the eat chicken with no skin,lots of veggies,cut out cereals with a lot of sugars,walk move, but I'm not sure about the ice cream it will take a awhile for me to drop it but try alts to it may help. A high-protein low carb diet sounds more like I need. Great Ideas and advice all

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If you make little changes through out the next couple of days/weeks it should be a little easier. I've actually been making my changes over the past couple of MONTHS, so it's been really slow, but totally worth it. It's actually a challenge now to make it TO my budget of 1220 calories a day, I'm usually somewhere between 200-100 calories below and end up staring into the fridge trying to figure out what else I should eat! XD It's maddening! And it's not even like I'm hungry or craving because while that seems like so little calories I've actually eaten a LOT of food. It's just all been really healthy and so while there may be room in my budget, there's no room in my stomach!
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