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Unread 10-15-2012, 07:14 PM   #31
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I'm a sophomore Theatre Design major with a minor in Spanish. If my college offered more languages I'd love to take them too, but...anyway!

My school does not have an anime club yet, but a friend and I are working hard to set one up. It's not going to be a huge club because we both have enormous amounts of work to do for our classes. My hope is to get more students interested in anime, manga, and cosplay (especially!). Even though I go to an all-women's college, I know there are many people here who would like an anime club!

For me costume design is the focus of my major. I have to complete studies in areas such as set design and lighting design, but my love for cosplay led me to my specialization. Some of my cosplay work counts towards independent studies, especially on cosplays where I give myself leeway to add my own design elements (like my current project Seth Nightroad). Historical and cultural costuming are my favourite subjects of study, particularly Tudor, Victorian, and Japanese. I am very comfortable in kimono and would love to wear them everyday if it did not break so many norms.

If you join your local chapter of the International Costumers' Guild (ICG) you can get a card that gives you an extra 10% off your purchase every time you go to Joann's! You have to pay to join the ICG, but if you're a student it shouldn't be expensive (I pay nine dollars a year). Coupons are a good idea and can be combined with your 10% off card. Also, if you join the ICG, attend meetings whenever possible! They have some great members with lots of experience who love to talk to you. Unfortunately the nearest chapter to me was in Boston, Massachusetts (I go to college in Troy, New York), so I only make it to one or two meetings per year :/

More on the subject of cosplay. I've gotten comfortable with not rushing the craftsmanship process. I like to set dates that I want a cosplay completed by (usually coinciding with Halloween or a convention), but I'm not hard on myself if I do not make it. It alleviates a lot of stress to not have to worry about finishing one or two things up the night before and convention, unless they are really, really, really tiny things. Sometimes it is great to get out an older cosplay that I haven't worn in awhile!
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I'm 21, and a senior in college. My current major is Pre-Med with a specialization in Clinical Health Promotions, and I have a minor in classical vocal performance. I'm also married to a wonderful man who has a degree in Physical Chemistry with Math and Physics minors, and he is currently working on his Masters in Divinity.

I am actively involved in my college's comic book club, and I am the Public Relations officer of the forming Japanese Culture and Anime Club. Other than doing those things at college, I cosplay on a normal basis, and go to a plethora of conventions year round. My best words of advice to new college cosplayers is find a friend who has an apartment! I've noticed on here that a lot of you guys are limited in what you can do because of dorms being small. I literally have a ROOM in my apartment dedicated to not just my own, but my friend's cosplay stuff as well; that way, we can keep each other motivated when we work on it

Also, concerning my convention schedule, the reason I'm able to go to so many conventions is because I work for My Cup of Tea Maid Cafe affiliated with Anime USA. Basically, being staff for a convention means that on a first come first serve basis, you can get free passes to other conventions that they are partnered with to work their promo booth in the dealer's room. If you have the time, and would like to go to more cons, I highly recommend becoming a staffer for an anime convention; they're a bunch of great people to work with, and you also can put it down on a resume.

Lastly (I promise!), my cosplay facebook is http://www.facebook.com/maid.mikomi ,and my dA is emilysmuse.deviantart.com. I normally don't get on here, except when it's near convention time, so if you ever wanna chat or learn more about cons, college life, or cosplay, hit me up

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I'm 22, I already have a Bachelor degree for teaching English and history at high school and I'm currently trying for my Master in English Literature at university.
Cosplay doesn't seem so big in my country as it is in America (you guys have the most awesome conventions!), but I've met a couple of cosplayers at school and on conventions and we're going to the next event together Cosplaying doesn't interfere with my academic life so far, but I'm currently in a VERY driven group so that might change
Outside of all that I'm a player at the iniversity theatre and I occasionally write.
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Saw this thread which has died a little, but I wanted to post.

I'm 20 hear and entering my second semester of Junior year; so hard to believe how fast it is going. I study Biology up in UMass Amherst and have no idea what I wanna do with that haha. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't permit tons of clubs and stuff, but I am a teaching assistant for an intro class and I work with new students.

As for cosplay, most of my time is spent making them, rather than using them. With school, it can be challenging to travel to distant cons; there really doesn't seem to be many that happen close by. I feel like there are some cosplayers on campus, but I haven't been lucky to meet any of them; I would love nothing more than to meet some more people who cosplay and make friends with them. In the past when I've cosplayed Halloween, I've gotten a lot of mixed reactions because some people just don't accept it or think I'm strange lol; my hope is that changes in the future.

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I'm a second semester freshman (well, technically I'm a first semester sophomore credit-wise, but that's another story), studying Theatre and Arts Administration. I'm currently trying to decide between Theatre Performance, and Musical Theatre for my emphasis
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Hey! I'm Raven. I'm a 28 year old University Student. I'm majoring in Anthropology. Hoping to become an Archaeologist. I'm almost done my BA. Hoping to go for my Masters and then maybe my PhD eventually.

Since I started going to University, I've found it a lot harder to attend conventions, but I've managed. I work part time, so I save up some money doing that. And to save money on Cosplay Items I shop around a lot and try to find the best deals I can. I've also tried to stick to more local conventions to keep cost of travelling low.
I also re-wear my cosplays. After all, what's the point in making/having them if you're only going to wear them once? It helps save on money and time though too!

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Hello all, I'm 32 attending Chiropractic school. Have a couple of pre-reqs to complete before I get into the DC program.

My wife just graduated as an RN, she is our bread winner right now and we have three kids. I've managed to get my kids into cosplay but with a college family budget it can be hard. We just moved to Marietta, Georgia from San Antonio, Texas so I am looking forward to attending as many cons as time and budget allow.
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Mgccc JC?
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Unread 01-20-2013, 08:36 PM   #39
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Hey~! I'm 20 (almost 21!) and I'm almost finished earning my A.A. in early childhood education at a local community college. Right now I'm still looking for a university to transfer into.
I'm not super-involved in activities on campus because I work full-time as a teacher at a developmental pre-school, so most of my classes end up being online or in the evening.

In the meantime, though, I'm finishing my last cosplay project of the year, teaching myself hip hop dance, piano, and guitar, and designing jewelry and accessories.
I've spent most of my time in college paying for school and cosplay at the same time, and it's way too hard on my wallet. I'm retiring from making new cosplay for at least a year so I can pay for university tuition. Once that's settled, I plan on jumping back into it.
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Unread 01-21-2013, 05:27 AM   #40
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I'm currently 23, turning 24 next month and I'll be earning my AA degree soon in Theater Arts. I've actually been in school since I was 18, it's just taking me so long cuz I changed my major twice since then. XD I went from being an Animal Health Science major, to a Fashion Design major, to my current major Theater Arts. My focus is in Costume and Make up design. I hope to work for the movie industry some day. :3 I am going to an Art school once I graduate to further develop my skills. Cosplaying is actually what got me interested in persuing my current career path.

I'm a former officer of the Anime Club at my school. They have this rule that we can only serve for 4 semester and I already served mine. XD But I'm still a member and I help out when I can. And I do cosplay at school. Actually lately I've been fursuiting. I'm a furry too. XD I do this for our join a club event mostly cuz a big white dog attracts a lot of attention. Wuff. :3
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I'm working on finishing my liberal arts transfer program. It basically clears all my Gen Eds out of the way so I can transfer to a four year college and save myself a lot of money.

My college has an anime club but...it doesn't really work out all that well for me. They meet Wed. from 5 to 7:30 and I have other things happening 2 wednesdays a month back home. So I only get to go to half of the meetings and I fall really far behind on whatever it is we're watching. That and my taste in anime is drastically different from everyone else there.

I only get to go to two cons or so a year, so it doesn't interfere with school too much. That and I get a new costume once every two years if that. But it was like that before I entered college too, so...not much is different really.
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I'm a 19 year old cosplayer going to community college, no major, but i'm headed for anthropology next semester, i'm in the middle of my second year. =)

I'm trying to make new cosplays whilst studying, its proving hard but manageable. the hard part is CHOOSING a cosplay! lol
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First year Undecided major. College is pretty great, I must say!

I have a lot more down time than I ever used to, so in that respect cosplay is a lot more accomplishable. However my lack of resources (a sewing machine, a fabric store) makes it ab bit rough. There has to be lots of planning ahead so I can gather everything I need during my feeble opportunities.
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Ello~ I'm 21 years old and a 3rd year junior at Georgia Tech, crawling towards a BA in Computer Engineering. I transitioned from another Tech campus last semester so I'm still trying to wrap my head around this school aha.

I used to attend club meetings for Women's in Electrical/Computer Engineering but my schedule this semester doesn't really permit me to attend the meetings anymore. They have these interesting coffee talks that I can go to though so I may start attending those instead. I thought about joining the anime club but the last anime clubs I've been to at other schools have left me horrified so I never returned. I don't have much high hopes for the club here either lolol.

I'm a full time student and I'm not allowed to work during the semester because my parents don't want me to have a panic attack or something equally worse. I'm hoping to get a summer internship though to pay for some stuff~

Ahh, hmm, I mainly spend winter and summer break working on cosplays since the con schedule in Georgia is fairly spaced out. So that's nice for me. I rather not freak out my roommates tbh. I haven't made any cosplay friends here yet which is why I considered going to anime club, but I'm still kind of nervous.

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Liberal arts major here. Look at me, so fancy in my last semester. My school doesn't have any sort of anime club, and really, I don't think it needs one. It's a two year school, a community college.

That said, anime clubs in my past have been overly loud, full of bouncy idiots doing dances and being all around annoying individuals. It might be different in college, but then, it might not be. Doesn't matter, though, since there isn't one around to attend anyway.

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