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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:26 AM   #1
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Am I the only one who doesn't mind cosplaying in public?

I get the general consensus that people here are of the mindset that Cosplay should be confined to conventions or photoshoots only. I've always planned on wearing some of my less cumbersome outfits just to school or around and about because hell, I made it. I'mma wear it. Nothing like Inuyasha or Kingdom Hearts or the likes, but maybe Kyoko's (Skip Beat!) bright pink jump suit or Agito's (Air Gear) orange straight jacket. I'll shamelessly admit I'm an attention whore sometimes anyway. But is it really that awful to whip out some old Cosplay stuff just because?
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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:33 AM   #2
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Nah, you're not the only one. Cosplaying in public..is actually pretty cool sometimes; you get the best reactions from people.
I think it's a personal preference or something.
On that note, I'm one of those people that'll just pull out a cosplay and run around in it all day if I'm in the mood to. Nothing's 'bad' or 'wrong' about it.
It's just different and the poor normal souls will try to drive you mad for it or antagonize you. Or even quite the opposite and cheer you on and admire your oddly coloured wig and unique choice of clothes
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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:35 AM   #3
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I think people are okay with wearing accessories in public. Most of my cosplays don't have anything really appropriate to wear out and about
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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:38 AM   #4
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I actually cosplay from time to time at my college and I get stopped by foreign exchange students from Japan and random people and asked to pose for a picture or sometimes when I just wear my cosplay wig in public I get the best questions asked and the best looks from people! It's actually pretty fun!
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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:48 AM   #5
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Nope. You aren't. It's fun to see the reactions. I dress up as Link so some people think Im Peter Pan X3
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Unread 09-10-2012, 01:02 AM   #6
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Unread 09-10-2012, 01:06 AM   #7
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I've never done it personally, but I do think it should be done more often.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 01:12 AM   #8
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Not at all. I gave a spiel about cosplaying in public on another thread on these forums, so I'll just put that here in place of a long explanation as to why I think cosplay in public is fine. It's a bit odd taken out of context, but w/e.

Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
Wait, so I'm an idiot who can't spell just because sometimes I feel like cosplaying in public? Sorry, but I have to disagree. I cosplay in public occasionally. I don't do it to freak out the "mundanes" or to attract attention to myself. I just do it because it's fun for me.

Honestly, I really hate the whole "Cosplay has to be kept behind closed doors and shouldn't ever be worn in public unless absolutely necessary!" mindset. Look, there's nothing wrong with cosplaying public. The part that becomes a problem is when people decide "Lol, I'm in costume and I look unusual, so I should make a scene and act weird and draw attention to myself!". It's the attitude that causes a problem, but there's nothing wrong with cosplaying public.

Granted, when I do cosplay in public it's very casual attire, and nothing too unusual (the most out of the ordinary thing I wore in public was my Maka cosplay, but the only thing making it a bit strange was the coat, and perhaps the boots). Even so, I don't think anyone should get all offended and angry just because someone wants to cosplay in public, even if it's a kind of unsual outfit. As long as it's modest, covers enough skin, and they act presentable, what's the big deal?

If someone wants to wear their Shiemi Moriyama cosplay in public (a colorful pink kimono), then who are you to tell them they can't, as long as they're acting appropriately. Honestly, that kind of attitude makes you look like those popular girls in high school who think they can be the fashion police.

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Unread 09-10-2012, 01:20 AM   #9
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You know honestly there is no reason why you shouldn't. Personally I do not like people who cosplay in public for only the reason of I have seen more people do it disruptively then respectively. If you can respect other people, and not disrupt anyone's day (other then pictures) then honestly go for it. Just know cosplaying in public can have undesired effects. Businesses have right to refuse service to anyone and some places would rather not have you around for security and liability reasons. If you can walk away without starting a scene then you're okay. To many people now day in age fight and argue about a place's right to do this. When to be honest simplest thing to do is acknowledge the fact your getting the boot, and/or ask for someone to talk to in the future about what is allowable.

To be honest if you can cosplay respectfully, and responsibly I don't see why you couldn't make some strangers day. Random out of place stuff does make some people crack a smile.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 09:52 AM   #10
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Like others have said, I say go ahead as long as you aren't being disruptive or wearing something inappropriate(like a bikini cosplay). Personally I will wear wigs out every once in a while cause it is fun but I won't wear my cosplays out because I'm just paranoid that something bad will happen to them.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 10:00 AM   #11
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As long as you don't harp about how people treated you differently/poorly because of it. At least you're willing to admit that you want to do it for attention.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 10:19 AM   #12
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I don't mind cosplaying in public. I have actually done it quite a few times lately.
I dressed as CJS and walked around college campus and the Boston Common a couple of times already because there were cosplay meetups and photoshoots with my friends that were happening. I have just gotten really used to it, so it seems so normal to me now. lol

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Unread 09-10-2012, 12:55 PM   #13
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Originally Posted by Dairylives View Post
As long as you don't harp about how people treated you differently/poorly because of it. At least you're willing to admit that you want to do it for attention.
Actually no. I don't do it for attention when I cosplay outside the closed doors of a convention. i do it because it's enjoyable for me, and in the case of cosplaying at festive civic events, it makes things a little more fun. While I may enjoy compliments or people asking me for photos, that's not why I do it.

And yes, if somebody behaves in an incredibly uncouth or unprofessional manner, then yes, they DO need to be called out on it. I read a story here about a cosplayer on their way to a con with their outfit on, who stopped at a Subway restaurant near the con for food. The clerk was incredibly rude when the cosplayer went to pay for their order- They pulled out part of the money from their wallet and handed it over, then went digging for the rest of the change. But before they could get the rest of their money out, the clerk went off on them. "Just because you're dressed up like a little child doesn't mean you can shortchange me!"
I don't give a flying fornication whether the customer in question is wearing cosplay gear, full gothic clothing, or incredibly ratty stuff that they just cleaned their basement out in, that's incredibly unprofessional and uncalled-for. As somebody whose job involves dealing with the public (security in my case), there's a certain standard of professionalism expected, and while on the job, certain opinions are best kept to myself. If I were the owner of that restaurant, I would NOT be happy with that employee. First of all, unprovoked snark on customer's clothing just isn't appropriate, and second, making such a comment to somebody attending a major con might cost me a lot of business. After all, the offended con-goer is probably going to tell a lot of other con-goers not to patronize my business because of how they were treated.

And I've heard stories of people who look different in any way (not just cosplayers) having members of the general public come up and say hateful and ignorant things. There are ways of putting people like that in their place without sinking to their level- but perhaps it needs to be done. Statements like "So kind of you to take an interest".."That's an interesting assumption", or "Wow, that was a really nasty thing to say!", said with the right vocal inflection can carry some serious weight.
People who feel entitled to be so hateful and rude to perfect strangers probably do it because they think they can get away with it, nobody's ever called them out or set a limit for them before.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 03:47 PM   #14
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I only do it when there's a meetup. I personally wouldn't do it alone. There's some local cosplay groups around here which meetup at malls and stuff.

I also have to agree with Amanita. If someone treat you poorly because you cosplay in public, you still have a right to complain. Costumes don't cause poor treatment, people do. I shared a story on here a few months ago where my group got kicked out the mall. The parents of another girl called to ask some questions and the guard completely lied and said we were harassing people. I had every right to file complaints against this man for trying to ruin my reputation because he doesn't like how I dress. On a side-note, this issue has been settled.
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Unread 09-10-2012, 04:44 PM   #15
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I wouldn't do it, that's just me, but I'd never judge another cosplayer for doing it. What I think annoys people on here, is that people will cosplay in public, get called weird/freak/what have you, and then complain about it on here.
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