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Wig Scissors

I know this is a very beginner issue, but I checked the FAQ and roamed some pages. I'm sorry if I missed this elsewhere.

I'm finding that my first wig is difficult to cut. I tried using my home scissors at first, but I have to put a lot of tension on the fibers to be able to get a cut. I bought a scissor set online that was listed as "High quality wig hairdressing". These are marginally better, but it's still extremely difficult to get an accurate, even cut. I'm just trimming bangs, not trying to shear off huge wefts with a single snip. It's so frustrating!

I didn't pay a lot for the 'wig hairdresser' scissor set, so it may be an instance of getting what I pay for. Is there something in particular that I should be looking for? Are there brands/sites that I can get scissors from that will cut more cleanly through the synthetic fibers?
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I actually bought a pair at the dollar store..They work amazingly..Maybe the cheaper the better haha I don't know..But if you try that, at least it's only a dollar and not a ton of money
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It sounds like your scissors are just incredibly dull.

When I cut wigs, I use the cheaper-end styling scissors from Sally Beauty Supply. (Or, if those have gone missing, I might use my smaller sewing scissors that I use for cutting threads or snipping notches.)
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I use cheap scissors as well, and they work fine. Got them at Wal-Mart for like $5.
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You might just be trying to cut to much at once. If you work in layers, evening things out as you go and again at the end you'll have better luck than just trimming large portions at once.
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I got my hair shears at Walmart as well. They were less than $10 but they're heavy for their size (I think they were Goody brand and came with a black pouch). They've served me well for several years, and I haven't noticed any dulling at all.

I do only take small amounts of fiber at a time, like just a few strands, and cut upward/at a small angle rather than across the fiber, using small snipping motions. Layering is important as well (I use those metal clips my hair stylist uses to separate out my sections). Even if you're just doing bangs, it gives you a lot more control over your cut, it's easier to hide mistakes if you're just doing a tiny bit at a time, and you can make it look more natural than a blunt cut would. Even hime-style bangs (straight across, all one length) will look better this way.
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Thanks for the tips! I didn't think that I was trying to cut too much at once, but I'll try the layering and small angles. I'm keeping an eye out for super cheap wigs that I can just practice cutting on. I may also try another pair or two of scissors, since I can always set some aside for crafts if I don't like using them on wigs.
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I suggest getting a pair of Fiskars from a craft store like michaels, a.c.moore or jo-anns where you can use 40 or 50% off coupons. Just a pair of the cheap, purple-handle all-purpose scissors works really nicely. Just don't try and cut too much at once or you'll end up having to draw and "saw" through it.
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Also, you don't want to waste your money on expensive hairdressing scissors anyway; wig fibres dull them really fast. Most people don't have the tools to resharpen scissors, so cheapo ones are a way better investment.
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