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Help with Batman Costume

Hello all, I'm new to this forum but not new to costuming. I've made my own costumes for various occasions for at least 5 years now, including doing make up for low budget stage performances.

I come to you all asking for some help in designing a Batman costume for Halloween, yes... THIS Halloween...
Clearly I don't have months to spend on it and not a whole lot of money.

So here's the skinny, I am dressing up as Catwoman this year and my boyfriend is going to be Batman, but the costume themselves are not "completely accurate". In other words, these suits ar emore so "inspired" by the characters, clearly they ARE Catwoman and Batman but the designs themselves are not 100% one cannon suit or another. For example, my catwoman costume is largerly a mix between the Catwoman comics, Arkham's Catwoman, and the Batman cartoons Catwoman. (you know who I am, it's just not really 1 design or another).

Designing my suit was easy. Design my boyfriend's... is not. First, the major inspiration behind both suits is Batman animated series and then a flare of the modern deisngs from places like the Arkham series. Let me make this abundantly clear.. my boyfriend is NOT super buff. He is a large man, 6'2" with the build of a non-defined football player.
This is him here -> http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphoto...61835461_n.jpg
Like I said.. large man. Designing his costume is turning out to be a pain because of his build. Originally we were just going to go with Animated Series, but realized that a grey spandex bodysuit with black "outside undies" just did NOT look good with his figure. I have the mask, cowel, cape designed wiht no problems, the same with the boots and gloves and the belt is not much of a problem either. It's the main suit. His arms and legs i'm not worried about, it's the torso. A tight suit is NOT going to go well. I've been trying to think of padding for it.. but I'm not sure what to go with. Just stylized pecs, pecs and abs, shoulder plates(?), hard apdding, soft padding.... I'm jsut not entirely sure what to do with it. We're staying away from light grey, going for darker shades. I don't need somone to do the design, I just want some help with input.
Some ideas, ya know? I'm probably going to do some form of foam padding for the torso, I am also debating if the padding should be outside the suit or under the suit.... My mind is just... drawing blanks for this...
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Sewing for the Big & Tall set is always challenging, been there, done that, was only successful about 40% of the time.

Light padding is the way to go, like no more than 1" thick standard upholstery foam. Cut it to the shapes of the muscles you want to define and sew each one into a cotton 'pillow case', something tightly fitted to the foam shape that will crush the hard edges & make it not itchy on the skin. The easy part is placing them: put on the suit and stuff Then pin them in place, remove the suit, and sew them in place on the inside. You can also work with ready made shoulder & boobie pads removed from other garments or bought at the fabric store.

Much as it will bruise his ego, an under layer that is tighter (i.e. something along the lines of a tummy slimmer) will help too.
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Thanks for the advice. I've actually used the foam method bethor when making monster costumes, so I'm familair with it. It's just not as easy for me to figure out where to place the padding on him as we are pretty opposite of one another. For me, adding foam muscularture to myself to turn me into a monster is easy because I'm addin gonto what's alreayd there and what's alreayd there is a fairly flat surface. But wiht him.. I hav to figure out how to ad don in such a way that it also "takes away". I guess I'll just have to work with him in person and try to figure out what aptterning I want to go with (don't think super ab crunch, just maybe enough to make the area less "uniform").

As for the tummy slimmer, I don't think it would bruise his ego.. as much as it would "bruise him". He's a lot more sensitive than I am when it coems to discomfort. I've worn big monster costumes for hours ebfore, even danced in them, and for Catwoman I have to wear my tall curvy healed boots and an underwire bra to make the suit fit better (I've worn that rba for a whole day before... it does not like me and I don't like it). I'm willing to go farther in discumfort to really sell a costume. But I don't think he would last more than 5 minutes in something that would restrict him like a slimmer. He'd much rather the costume look a little dorky than look perfect but be thinking "cna't wait to get out of this". Luckily, the torso of the suit is the hardest part, the rest will be fairly easy (assuming we can find boots in his size... 13 wide... or I might just have to edit a pair of converse into "super hero cartoon" boots.)
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