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Unread 05-31-2012, 07:35 PM   #1
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How many wigs do you have?

So, I've recently found myself window shopping for wigs on eBay just about as much as I eat food and breathe oxygen. It's getting to be an obsession of mine, even when I don't have costumes to fit the wigs I want! The possibility that I might someday own tons of wigs and have walls lined with wigs and wig heads got me thinking...just how many wigs does the average cosplayer own? Do you have way more than you'll ever need to the point of needing some kind of intervention, or do you have a select few that you constantly reuse from costume to costume?

Personally, as of right now, I only have two. This one and this one. I adore them both and wish I could wear them everyday. I've seen about twenty more that I want! I think wigs are probably the funnest thing about cosplay for me. :3
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Agghhh so many /)___(\ I have... six cosplay wigs but I have way too many natural everyday styles. And they get thrown away and replaced and.... yeah I have a problem.
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Originally Posted by Kennykins View Post
Agghhh so many /)___(\ I have... six cosplay wigs but I have way too many natural everyday styles. And they get thrown away and replaced and.... yeah I have a problem.
That's my problem, too! I mean, I haven't bought any besides the two that I posted (except for like...years ago. I bought a white one and a short pink one, but don't have them anymore...), but I see so many styles on eBay that I want to buy simply because they're normal enough looking that I'd be able to wear them to work and school. Sure as hell beats growing my hair out! XD
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I've got... three. I think... Yes! Three. Or, at least, three good wigs. One long straight black wig, one long straight dark brown wig, and one long curly/wavy auburn wig. I'm going to be getting a long curly blonde wig soon and a short orange wig with a matching clip on pony. Possibly also getting a thick, medium-length brown wig for a Legend of Korra cosplay. I window shop, too. It's a bit of an obsession of mine. I just about died when Arda took down their website for updates. XD I wish I had more wigs, but I'm broke, and can't justify it to myself, especially when so many of my cosplays can be done with my own hair and a little styling.

EDIT: I LIED! I have four. The before mentioned three, PLUS a short spiky pink wig! I've worn it out before and it's awesome. Looks like real hair. I got so many compliments when I wore it to the thrift store. XD
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I have three owo A Rainbow one which you can see in my avatar, a long blonde one, and a short red/brown wig owo

I usually just get what I can find for a good price X3 All my wigs I've gotten brand new for like 10-16 dollars with free shipping on ebay x3 I usually buy them as I purchase a cosplay or finalize on a cosplay that I'm going to do because if I didn't, I'd be going spend crazy xDDD Cuz there are way too many gorgeous wigs!!!

I actually wear all of them around in public x3 My favorite to wear is the rainbow one because it draws everyone's stares, and I get people asking me if it's my real hair, and asking me if I dyed it!!! Someone at my college actually stopped me to ask about it and then when I went to a buffet for Mother's Day with my family, this one adorable guy who worked there was like, "YOUR HAIR COULD MAKE ANGEL'S CRY! <3" And I was like sdnflkdsnflkdsnfkldsnfkldsnklf Every single time I passed him he made a cute comment xD And some people obviously didn't like it, but little kids were really happy when I went by, so it's a pretty fun experience wearing unnatural cosplay wig colors in public~ I actually may be purchasing more in the future just for that purpose x3

Gah ; n ; I rambled again ; n ; -flails- Sorry about that!!
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I have like 8....... But most get reused. I did get addicted w mine but I know friends who have more. I just keep a spot on my shelf that has a basket In which my none styled ones sit n then two wig heads that have my stylized ones under plastic.
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I currently own seven. An old, cheaper wig I used for Sai/re-used for Yuffie, a blonde wig I used once for Vexen and then turned into my "guinea pig" wig, wigs for Zexion, Aoi from Jihai, and Schala, and I have two still waiting to be styled into an elf ranger and Quorra. My boyfriend's Magus wig, which I made, also spent an awful lot of time at my house before being retired. Three are on my top closet shelf on wig heads, and the rest are stored in their bags either in a drawer or beside the head-styled ones in a small stack.
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Right now I have three with a fourth on the way. ^.^
I totally agree with you though. If I'm ever bored, I usually find myself browsing through Ebay's wigs and staring longingly at them all.
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I currently own... 5, 6 and 7 coming soon. But I've had 2 more that I sold. A short black spiky one, a long blue and black layered one, a short pink bob, a long curly/wavy auburn one, and a short maroon one. The ones I sold were an ash blonde pigtail set and a Kagamine Len wig that was horrid. Every waking hour I look at wigs, and I lose track of time and my boyfriend gets mad at me for not texting him back xD
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I would have over 35 if I didn't try to sell them, currently I think I have close to 18.

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14-16 wigs? Probably more that I'm forgetting..
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A lot. I have to say around 15. >_> The bad part is that I still haven't used a couple of them in cosplay yet. I just have them stored away. I really should start selling some of them off...
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um... 5 ?

1) Wavy/curly light brown wig that came with 2 ponytail clips, natural looking but the color doesnt suit me

2) short, auburn wig that also looks natural and i love wearing it... but it disappeared TTATT

3 and 4) 2 blonde wigs - one specifically for SeeU cosplay and it's a nice orangey-strawberry blonde color while the other one, I got without double checking the color for SeeU but ended up realizing my mistake too late... the seller sent it to me (after) she reversed my payment and never asked for it back... it's a platinum blonde-ish color - and both wigs are about 100cm?

5) My blue Miku wig where the pigtails are nearly dead... the short bob base is ok tho~ lol

6) I don't have it -yet- but im getting another wig for Panty IF the blonde one i already have doesnt work out o3o
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I have two >_<...

1. A Temari wig (which you can see if my icon) which isn't my most favourite wig (or most comfortable), though I'm still kinda proud of my styling attempts ^^;

2. A wavy Luka wig (a lot like the pink one you have!) which I absolutely ADORE to pieces <3 The colour, the length, the style...the only thing is it's kinda hard to brush, since you can't really brush it because the waves come out.

I'm also planning on getting an Izumo Kamiki wig (from Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist, you can google if you don't know who she is ) when I get enough money, and I can tell I'm gonna love that wig too :3
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Originally Posted by patriciarakel View Post
I just about died when Arda took down their website for updates. XD

I currently have 4 wigs, 5 if you count doll's flower hair piece. I would also have 5 if one of my wigs wasn't two sewn together. I have Inga's hair which is a 40" wig with spikes on the side and a second one sewn on top to form a hair poof and a high pony tail. Then there's a short wine red wig with two matching pony tail clips (slightly curled) for Mey-Rin. Both of those were from eBay. I have a yellowish blonde scruffy from coscom for Shizuo, and a long purple wig from EpicCosplay. They are sending a replacement for it now, but we'll see which one I like more. xD

I will soon be buying: a Victoria in Spanish brown from Arda, a long dark purple wig from somewhere, and a red wig with lots of matching wefts to form Etna from Disgaea's hair

So, right now 4/5, soon 7/8
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