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I've got a VERY heavy wig...

My Rapunzel wig here --> http://www.deviantart.com/download/3...az-d5h4sj5.jpg doesn't really stay on my head, because I stuffed it to get it to look bigger, and of course, it resulted in it being heavier as well. I am not really too experienced wig-wise, and so I had planned on just wearing it over my shoulder like in the picture and maybe pinning it to the shoulder of my dress so it won't come off, but I'm worried that if I move a certain way, I'll pull it off my head.

Suggestions, please? Thanks!
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I would sew some clips into it. I had to do that with my miku wig.
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There are these clops that look like combs called toupe clips (not sure on the spelling there) but they are sold at paces like Sally's beauty supply and you can sew them to the front of the wig and make the comb looking part go in your hair under the wig cap and then clip it down. It SHOULD stay in place if done correctly..Hope this helps your problem
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Sew in a couple toupee clips at the top of the wig then the sides. Also, bobby pin it like crazy.
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I wear this and it's really heavy:


This is what I do ( I used to have this as a journal entry....)

I spray my own hair with a LOT of hairspray - got2be or whatever. I scrunch it up then stuff it under a wig cap. Clean hair is slippery hair. With the hairspray on it - it has some texture for the pins to grab into.

I have a comb in the front of the wig (toupee clip) that really helps. After pinning on the wig cap - I pin the wig on with the larger sized hair pins - they are U shaped and longer and thicker than standard ones. You can find these at Sally Beauty Supply.

I pull the wig forward slightly while I put the pins in so gravity helps dig the pins in farther. I put 3 under the ponytail vertically - with the ponytail lifted slightly forward with one hand, put the ends of the pin facing up and slide it in about 1/2 an inch. Turn the pin down - grab all your own hair underneath and slide it all the way down along your scalp.

The hairspray on my own hair and the bigger hairpins really make a difference. I've tried without and the wig slides off. It's still not a very comfortable wig -I can wear it for about 3 hours. It looks great though.
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I found these tutorials on deviantart helpful for putting on wigs. They go over how stage actors secure their wigs for stage stunts so this method should hold a pretty heavy wig.



I hope these help!
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