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Shinra soldier helmet

ok boys and girls im newer to making stuff for cosplays. my friend normally makes everything but i dont want to burden her anymore so i want to make everything for this cosplay myself. ive got everything but the helmet done and i cant figure out how to make it. im making the shinra blade soldier helmet. or this helmet

i am having the worse time trying to figure it out. i dont even care if its made of cardboard
i even downloaded a pdf that is the pattern but well im just dumb at this and cant read the writing on this pdf.

thats the pdf. any and all help would be great.

thank you everyone.
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What the hell is MFWIC?
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Welllll that would be a really janky version of a pepakura file of that helmet, but props to him for figuring it all out.

Too bad each piece isn't labeled with what part it goes to because he said he has armour and a helmet in there. I would read through all the comments on the PDF and see if he mentions it. The basic idea behind pep files is that you cut it all out, crease the tabs and put it all together... check this guy out he can explain it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONn-o...feature=relmfu
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I can't watch youtube at work, is that a STEALTH video there? If so, it's A+ info.

You can do it in cardboard, cardstock (thick paper), or EVA/craft foam. Different methods = different finished product. Depends on time and what you want.

Resin method requires ventilated space. Just so you know. Don't do it inside. Polyester resin (the cheaper, more common type) stinks to high hell. Epoxy doesn't, but is about 3x more expensive.

If it's your first armor build, try foam, it's easier, cheaper, quicker. Foam + glue (look up the ratio mix for water and glue) + some kind of reinforcement backing = decent 1 or 2 time use helm. Cost effective, but not particularly durable. Also different methods for painting, but check out the prop and armor section of this forum, or therpf.com
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one question,
can you get your hands on some sheet metal?

if so, it wouldnt be to hard to "wing it", otherwise, theres some tutorials, on SCA/LARP
sites, probably here too, try medieval helmet, or some such,

the hard part would be finding something to form it around, and joining the parts,
since you need some articulation, which you wont get if you just pop rivets in it

the "undermost" piece should be one solid bit, or make a "skull cap" and add the neck guard,
youll want the edges rolled in, then tap em flat,

the main helmet piece would be easiest to look at like a backwards trucker hat,
if you have a hard-hat or a large rock of proper shape, form the piece around that
leaving enough overage for the rear brim
(remember its not actually angled up, its jus all the pics show it in a facing down position)

the visor is a beast, shaping wise, so thatll be mostly "winging it"

it would be wise to roll all your edges, the reason thier not in the art or game,
is cause its not made from sheet metal, i think canon wise, itd be composite materials

just remember to start oversized then trim down,
make the helmet loose, youll want about an inch of padding or more (not compressed)
deburr ALL edges, it not only looks nicer, its safer
roll your edges down, or it collects lint and liquids (more so if you roll up)

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What the hell is MFWIC?
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I work with sheet metal more often than not and I think if the OP is having issues with paper craft, sheet metal is not the way to go.
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You guys who do 3D work often have to remember it's very hard for a lot of people.

I'm part of the 15% that come by it naturally. For me it's easy to look at a piece of fabric or wood an imagine it wrapped around a body transformed into a dress or cut and nailed transformed into a table and I can judge if the amount I'm looking at is enough to do the thing wanted. Another 20% of humans are wired in such a way they can learn these abilities. That means 65% of humans look at something like a paper pattern and see only weird shapes, the concept of fold here, attach there is simply beyond them. They follow the instructions, but cannot visualize what the thing will be until it's completed.

So, to the OP: you need a real Pepakura file, not someones knock off version. That program is designed to step by step walk you through the pattern making & assembly process, it's beginner friendly. With a real file, you can upload pictures of steps that are problematic and we can microsoft paint them up for you to help you through the process.
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