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Unread 09-20-2012, 09:11 AM   #1
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Is it "okay" to enter a costume into more than one contest (if you didn't win)?

I've only been in 2 Cosplay contests before, and I'm fairly new to the world of Cosplaying in general, so I'm not 100% sure about the unspoken rules of contest etiquette. I've tried searching around but for some reason I'm having a hard time finding solid advice on this. So if there is a good thread somewhere else, point me the way!

So as the title of this thread asks, is it "okay" to enter a costume into more than one contest if I didn't win anything? (By the way, I'm talking about construction-based contests, not Masquerades or skits - not seeing a board for this, hopefully its okay to put it here!). Anyway, some background: I just worked on a costume that took me a really long time and an insane amount of effort (not to mention money) to create, by far the most difficult costume I've ever done. So of course I'm very proud of it! I recently entered it in a very competitive contest at a large major convention. The competition was insanely good, and I didn't win any awards. I did get some really great tips and had a blast!

So another small (but sizeable) convention is coming up that I was already going to. Since I didn't win an award in the recent one, I thought I'd use the feedback I got, touch up my costume, and give it the chance to shine in the spotlight one last time and maybe win something. Since I worked so dang hard on it and all! But I want to know, am I a total jerk for doing this? Its not against the rules, but still... I can't help feeling like people may think that way and it'd make me look bad in the future.

Also I'm really concerned because I was watching videos of past contests at this particular convention and saw a judge that I actually just met and talked a lot with at the contest I was just in (this person was another contestant). So I realized, what if a judge ends up being someone that already saw my costume? Would they think negatively of me? Would I lose points? I see a lot of people on this forum do judging, so I'm really curious what you guys think.

I'm super duper nervous about this, still being fairly new and all, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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If you're entering a cosplay contest at a con, I would refer to their masquerade rules that should be on their website. If you can't find anything on the site, try to get in touch with the masquerade coordinator. Send them an email with your concern. From what I've seen so far with my own masquerade experience, every con is different. Some say you can't enter a costume for craftsmanship judging if it has been previously entered in another contest AND has won an award. You should be fine. Small cons have a pretty laid back atmosphere. And I don't think anyone will "look down" on you if you wear your costume again. You put a lot of time, effort, and money into it. You should be able to enjoy it as much as you want. Don't forget that cosplay is suppose to be fun too!
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If you haven't won anything, you're all good. Fair game. Go for it and good luck!

I have never seen a masquerade or contest rule saying you can't re-enter something that has merely been entered before - only things that have won before. That's called sandbagging and there's another thread somewhere in this sub-forum about it.
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The only rules that could apply here would be if the contest has a rule for all new costumes. A few do have this, but if it is not expressly stated then yeah I'd have no issue with it
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Thanks guys! I feel more confident now! The rules say only costumes that have won an award can't be entered, so as far as the rules go I'm good. I was just not wanting to violate some unspoken rule and offend people. Since its in the same city only a month apart, there's a good chance someone might recognize me. Anyway I'm mainly concerned if a judge saw me in my costume or in the contest at the other con that they would think negatively of me and it would hurt my score. :-/ I know there is more to contests than winning (otherwise I wouldn't do them), but winning an award verifying my hard work would be really nice. ^__^
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for sure! I entered my Euphemia ballgown at AN and didn't win anything, so I entered it at Ochiba-con last weekend and won Best Novice

I think (at least here), you can enter your outfit as many times as you want until it wins something, and then you have to make major modifications before entering it again, and enter it at a higher level... like I won my award in Novice, so if I wanted to enter my dress again, I'd have to make some major modifications and clean it up, put more emphasis on making the shaping PERFECT and everything, and then i would have to enter it in either Jouneyman or higher (depending if I've won my 3 Journeyman that makes me move up to Artisan by then)...
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everywhere I've been it's only if you won something your not supposed to enter it again. I also think that it's nice to enter it again if you did upgrades to it so your basically entering an upgraded version of your costume and not the same costume at another con.

I have seen and heard of people who do make one awesome cosplay and then enter it in more then one contest and win awards at these but your not doing that so your in the clear.
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