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Princess Tutu costume help

Okay, so I'm planning on cosplaying Princess Tutu for a con in April, but I'm a bit unsure of how to do certain parts of the costume.

Here's a picture of her:

So here's what I'm thinking for the various parts:

~Tutu- for the pink tutu section, I've already got a tutu like this- http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Produc...athered-front/ and I'm planning on just rolling down the leotard bit and kinda tucking it inside the skirt so that I can use it as a just the skirt/tutu part

~White skirt- I'm thinking of getting some white sort of satin/lyra (not that horrible Milanoo-ish satin though) and making the skirt shape. Then attaching it to a piece of elastic about an inch thick and then tucking that under so it looks like it's attached to the leotard

~Leotard- I'm going to try and get one with the same sort of material as the skirt, and I'm trying to find one like this- http://www.flickr.com/photos/ardawig...628705157729/- it kinda has straps like this- http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Produc...zio_nude_3681/ (I already have one of these) but it obviously has to be a leotard and not underwear like in the last link! I'm thinking of maybe just getting one like this- http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Produc...leotard-l5407/ and just altering the straps but I don't know how I'd go about doing that- any ideas?

~Armbands/headdress/crown- have no idea for these- any help??

~Wings- again no idea, please give me some suggestions!

~Necklace- I'm planning on making it using this tutorial- http://www.thenoodlebowl.com/jongleu...unecklace.html but if anyone has a better/easier method please tell me!

~Blue bits- dunno what do call them really, but they're those three blue bits(?) that hand down from her wings- not sure whether to include them or not, since I don't really think missing them out would detract from the overall costume, and most people probably wouldn't notice if they were there, so do you think I'm better off leaving them out?

Quite a lot of stuff there, and I appreciate anyone taking the time to read through it all, but really, any help at all would be great!
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Tip for the crown: Carefully cut the shape out of the bottom of a plastic bottled water bottle. (I believe my friend used a Dasani bottle to be exact). Paint with acrylic or spraypaint, and either glue to hair clips, or use chicago screws or those bendable paper connector tab things (like those things built into duotangs) to attach ribbon to tie around your head.

Tip for the headdress: get a pair of cheap headphones that go around the back of your head. (like these - you can probably find them for $10) Cut off the wire, attach whatever you're using for the headdress to the headphones, and as long as it's not too heavy, it should work.
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