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Walk-On music help

I've entered my genderbend!Wolfwood in Ohayocon's Masquerade. I'm going to have the Confessional with me since the Punisher's too big for the con's rules. Also it'll be easier to have with me all day. I was thinking of rushing on stage to one corner frantically offering confessions, rushing to the opposite corner, look dejected over no offers then look offstage like someone's there and get excited and run off again.
I have no plans for lines, just holding out the Confessional hopefully. I want to have some music in the background, but I'm not sure what. I was thinking maybe Flight of the Bumblebee since it gives that sort of frantic vibe. Good idea? Bad idea? Any other ideas?
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Greetings Pirogoeth05,

I am not sure what the Confessional looks like, since I have not seen Trigun, but I have a feeling this idea might be difficult to get across without a small amount of spoken dialogue, or at least an intro that explains a bit to the audience what is happening. Not knowing the show, I think this performance would confuse me unless I had some sort of preparation, or some spoken indication of what you were trying to convey. I wouldn't know you were offering confession. I would see you running around the stage, frantic, begging people about... something, then leaving the stage. "Flight of the Bumblebee" would only add to my confusion. I would most likely think your character is somewhat spastic/panicked, and that's not what my impression of Wolfwood has been from other presentations I've seen.

First and foremost, I would definitely choose another piece of music. If you decide to go with the same idea of him trying to convince people to take confession, I would consider something that sounds as if it would play in a church (such as a hymn played on an organ). That way the audience knows you are trying to convince people to do something that would be considered a religious activity, or that the setting is in a church.

Secondly, I would strongly consider adding either a couple lines of dialogue to make it clear that you are asking people to confessional or including a description in the intro of what your activity is. Asking people to take confession wouldn't be something I would assume for a skit, and not knowing the anime, I would be very confused without a little help. For example, off the top of my head, an intro such as: "Wolfwood, wishing to help souls find salvation in any way he can, invites those around him to confess their sins and seek redemption." Or something else that tells a small amount about his character and what his motivations are for asking people to take this confession.

Good luck with your performance!
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