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Its another Bleach Espada mask thread!! SUPER ULQUIORRA EDITION (V1.0)

Hey all,

So I did my first evar cosplay this weekend as Ulquiorra. I bought the pants and jacket, made the helm and sword, and had casual shoes.

I want to make it very clear that I could have made a 'better' cosplay had I given myself more time. I also want to make it clear that I don't think all the time in the world would change my opinion of Model Magic in the rant below. I consider it an inferior material for this application, given my personal tastes and expectations of what I can build.

I enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of this convention, was accepted unconditionally, and in the end...that's really what matters isn't it? Now, on to the elitist rant.

I have reasonable experience building things, I've done some crazy things with computer cases in my time. I've worked with wood, metal, acrylic, body filler, putty, clay, plaster, even composite (yes, carbon fiber).

I wanted to comment on Model Magic.

In no way would I EVER consider it "solid" or "stable". This stuff has a pliability almost like that of a workout mat, but slightly firmer.

This may be beneficial in terms of comfort and functionality, but between the cracking and crumbling and overall fragile nature of the material, the only real reason I would recommend it is price and ease of use. If you can use your hands with reasonable dexterity and have $20, you can have an Espada mask that looks ok, isn't too heavy, and will last all day if you take excruciating care when handling it.

Anyone who has worked with acrylic knows that you must be extremely careful when handling it as any scratch will show up, and must be painstakingly polished out. I am not unfamiliar with delicate materials. The bulk of the mask can surely take a beating, and If it wasn't illegal I would find everyone who posted that model magic dries hard as a rock, and I would beat them in the face with my mask. I imagine the experience would likely be only 'unpleasant' at the worst, as the mask is in fact not as hard as a rock.

The edges and horn did not fare as well, and the slightest bumps and nudges from people all day long were too much for it in the end. The horn was crumbling by the end, and it was beginning to fit poorly as well.

I also made the crosspiece of his sword with Model Magic. Please don't ask. It had completely disintegrated within an hour of wearing it.

You will probably wind up remaking the mask after your first con wearing it. My research has confirmed this, those who had reported their results post-con usually had intentions to remake the mask. I will be remaking my mask as well as I made this cosplay as a means to make his other 2 forms, and therefore need the mask to last. I have plans but nothing I want to share yet, experimentation is necessary before I post further on that lol.

With that rant aside, here are some pics! Don't judge my bachelor-pad-disaster of a work area.

A word of caution, photobucket is rolling out beta testing of their new layout, so please let me know if this link doesn't work.

photobucket Gallery of helmet pics

And the full outfit:

For anyone who was in a similar position as I was when I embarked on this quest, here are a few of the resources in my "research" folder. In my experience on other forums there tends to be a shortage of collective resources..so I believe in helping out where I can.

-Makeup etc-

- Mask -

- General reference -
http://news.mmosite.com/content/2011...th is,1.shtml

Also hi Im Underdog =]
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