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Working out for Crossplay?

I'm seeing a lot of good workout recommendations for overall weight loss and bulking up, but is there such a thing as a "reshaping" workout?

I'm a female, and overall I like to think I'm pretty fit: 5'6" 115 lbs. However, I'd like to make my overall shape more "masculine." I'm already starting upper body workouts, but my biggest concern is my lower half. After years of martial arts, I am undeniably pear-shaped; my upper body looks fine, but then my butt and thighs seem almost disproportionately big compared to the rest of me. This has never been a problem before, since I usually cosplay guys with relatively baggy pants, but my next crossplay will have relatively fitted pants, so I'm looking for ways of working out without gaining muscle mass (maybe even perhaps losing mass???) in my thighs/butt. Any advice or info would be hugely appreciated!

Of course other general tips/stories about working out for cross play are welcome as well!!

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Couple questions, that will help me give you some suggestions.

What are you currently doing for lower body workout?
What are you currently doing for your upper body workout?
What are your general eating habits?
Do you have access to a gym or are you doing home workouts?


I'm a certified personal fitness trainer as well as a certifiable health nut.

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Gah late response but better late than never I suppose. I'm actually about to start my cutting phase but I guess it's still good to know at this point if I'm doing something wrong.

1. For lower body, I'm mostly focusing on cardio (ellipticals, running, swimming) because my thighs are already pretty muscular from years of doing martial arts and swimming and I actually need to focus on getting them smaller for the cosplay.

2. For upper body, I cycle through shoulders (three types of shoulder press, front and side flys, swoop pushups, military pushups) and chest and back (chest press, back flys, lateral pull-down, more pushups). For lifting, I do as much weight as I can, and do five sets of six reps. For pushups, it's as many as I can. I supplement all this with core/ab workouts as well.

3. I've been trying to eat a lot more than usual, focusing on high-protein and high-fat foods. However, I've also been interviewing during this season and I tend to lose my appetite whenever I get stressed. On good days I can eat five times a day, and often snack on things like cheese and lunchmeat.

4. I'm able to go to the gym about every other day.

So far, I've been continuously gaining and losing weight for a net total of... a whopping one pound. I have noticed visible changes in my arms and back, though (I think I've gained about half an inch on each arm, an inch on my waist, and about half an inch on each thigh).

Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it!
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