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Unread 11-11-2012, 06:37 PM   #1
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I'm making horns...

...and I really don't know where to start. First off, my horns are un-Homestuck related; they're my own design, but they're something akin to this:


They're just for a standardized demon costume, and my cosplay partner suggested that I use "model magic" clay, because it's so light and since my horns are going to be substantially large(r than the ones in the picture), they're going to be heavy if they're made out of anything remotely heavy, but I just want to avoid clay for a number of reasons. So, other than clay, what's a relatively light medium I could use for fairly large horns?
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how about expanding foam?
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There are so many different ways you can go, such as building the shape with armature wire, filled with either foil or paper, and then a few layers of paper mache and covered with a final layer of either bog or clay to get the texturing you want.
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Well, even though they are un-homestuck related, its all horns, homestucks can help! I shape horns with wire, It doesn't have to be special wire, actually whenever I've made horns I've used a bent up hanger. I paper mache and paper mache and paper mache around the wire until it's think enough, having the inside layers dry and more far apart, as to make it lighter, more hollow.
Model magic is great, but does it crack. It really does crack a lot, and sanding and modge poge can't always fix it.
I've seen good methods that people have used wire covered in cardboard or paper mache and then that was covered with lots and lots of string to give it texture and such.
For attaching the horns, depending on if you are using a wig or not, I would use a stiff headband with screws that have the opening for the screws inside the horns, with some super glue and hot glue.

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Unread 11-14-2012, 12:58 AM   #5
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Please let us know if you make your horns successful, thanks
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Unread 11-14-2012, 03:08 AM   #6
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Yeah there are SOOOOO many ways to make horns. The clay method your friend told you is sound. I would stay away from model magic though. It is really light, I'll give it that, but it cracks and shrinks a lot and is not particularly durable.

The way I've been making horns is by using foam (insulation foam board, but expanding foam works too) and covering it in apoxie sculpt. You can sculpt in your textures with some simple sculpting tools as well and painting should be a breeze.

I did every single horn in my Monster Hunter costume this way, and they are all really strong and painted very well. Good luck!

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When I make my horns, I first make the general form out of aluminum foil and then cover that with a layer of light weight air dry clay. It's so much easier for me to apply the clay that way and it keeps them light weight. Worked perfectly well on my Aradia horns, which have a slightly similar shape to what you're going for.^^

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I've seen people use newspaper as a base then wrap it around with a ball of yarn to give it texture then a light coating of paper mache. Personally I never tried it, but it looks good.
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even though they arent homestuck horns, they look similar to a character from homestuck called aradia. so you can look for tutorials for that character and if you want ridges on it, a lot of cosplayers add that to their horns so you should be able to findsomething for it

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Are you trying to make curled Ram horns, as in like these?

Cause if so, you don't have to make them if you're uncertain about getting well made and light ones. If money isn't an issue that is. You can buy unpainted or painted ram horns from http://www.monoyasha.com/hoovesandhorns.htm. Just scroll down a bit and you'll see them.

However, if you choose to hand craft them, they will not be feasible if made of clay. If those hollow plastic horns on the website weigh a pound each, a solid clay horn will be twice or three times that. So what you should do for horns so large is make one out of clay. The methods described above will work fine. Then you'll want to make a negative cast of the clay horns, so that you can cast hollow forms of the horns out of a lightweight plastic. Here is a how to website on casting moulds and a how to on moulding things out of said casts. Otherwise these things would likely snap under their own weight, or would crack if the clay was too light. I have paperclay horns on paperclay armor, probably about 2 feet long each, and they are chipped and cracked in many places. I would prefer to go back and cast the armor out of thermoforms or other plastics.
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