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Unread 01-07-2013, 10:14 AM   #46
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My first had to be three weeks after I sprained my ankle. I was at my first con and I was having a blast dancing on some ledge out in the courtyard and I tripped over into a bush and hurt my ankle really bad. I somehow managed to stand up again after about 20 minutes and I was okay for the most part. But, not 10 minutes later my best online friend came and we'd waited to meet each other for months and I was tackled to the ground. That didn't help. At all. It was horrible.

Another was last year when I had 3 planned cosplays and ended up with one. Two nights before the con I dyed a shirt, and I hung it up to dry in the bathroom and forgot all about it. It was my Friday cosplay so Friday morning I went to put it on, and I noticed it wasn't the right color. It was supposed to be purple, and it began as reddish pink and I put blue dye in. It was still magenta. Frick. The jewels I spent all night making looked like poop because it was literally air dry clay that was cracking because I rushed its drying process in the toaster over, covered in shiny nailpolish. I just didn't feel like wearing a bunch of poopy looking stuff. I was already painted pink (Prince Gumball) and I had no other clothes that would work, nothing that I could even get away with using as a casual PG. So after 2 hours of painting on PAX, I had to rush scrubbing it all off my face and neck (ow) and finding something nerdy to put on because I didn't have time to put on my other cosplays. Saturday comes around and I'm supposed to cosplay Karkat because I have a panel. (The panel was mostly a failure as well but I guess that's not a "worst experience") But anyway, I forgot my white acrylic paint to go with the black. I have to mix my own grey to make the PAX makeup, and there wasn't anywhere within walking distance where I could get it. I ended up using Ben Nye (it comes off my face really easily and I can never get it to blend right) but it worked I guess. That was actually my one cosplay. Because Sunday, I realized that I left my boots and belt buckle for Fledge at home. I was really freaking frustrated.


I survived Floodcon 2010. MTAC Odyssey was my first con and my friend had to leave Sunday morning so I was all alone that day. Nashville was flooded. I had to stay an extra night there and then go an extra 3 or so hours down through Alabama to get home. It was really depressing because I know of at least two congoers that lost their home while they were at the con because of it. It was just really terrifying and sad for a first con.
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Ganbatte minasai!
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Originally Posted by ChillyCircle View Post
So you didn't get to go after all that?
I still went the con and had a good time as long as I didn't think about the drive I needed to take back home during which I could not afford to be pulled over for any reason at all. And at the con itself, I couldn't do anything that would have required proof of age.
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Well this one was a real punch to face figuratively, It was my first con that I had ever gone to.

So a bunch of my friends from the college I was going to were all going to Anime North, a bunch hadn't yet figured out arrangements for transportation, they convinced me that I should come too. The organizer of the transportation of the people who had not decided on a way there was my at the time boyfriend, my friends convinced me to go and do a group cosplay with them. (My Jynx Pokémon cosplay).

I ended up rooming with two other friends at a different hotel than my boyfriend which was perfectly fine with me. Our group had bused up and we had fun and what not, we split up once we made it to the area where our hotels were and the con.

Everything was pretty much fine the first day but the second day of the three day con is where it all went down hill. I was the last to leave the hotel room so I was a little behind on what other people in my 'group' were doing, so I met up with one of my friends that I was sharing the room with. She was in line to get things autographed so in the mean time I texted my ex (I will be referering to him as 'ex' now because it's just easier to write but keep in mind we were together at that time).

He was at a game show that was being thrown at the con with some of our friends, my friend who I was currently waiting in line with had money that was owed to her from one of our friends who was at the game show. She asked me to ask if she could get the money back soon as there were things in the dealers room that she wanted to buy. The message got delievered to the friend who owed the money, he said no problem, and another of our friends offered to wait outside the hotel that the game show was at with the money.

Needless to say I was not told that the person was waiting outside, I later got bitched at by my ex because our friend missed the remainder of the game show. This was only the beginning of the end.

We continued texting each other and I asked where he was and what not, he took this as me trying to control his whereabouts when I was merely curious as I was currently just standing around while one of our friends was part of multiple photoshoots and I wanted to go hang with him instead.

Needless to say he told me to meet him in the parking lot of the hotel I was currently at so we could talk. When I went we spoke for a bit far off into the parking lot where he ended up breaking up with me. I was crushed as I had come to con to hang out with him and our friends and it was him who had continuously insisted on me coming.

The rest of the con was pretty much ruined after that, a very long and awkward third day of the con and on our way back I ended up having to sit next to him on the long ride home.

That's the nutshell version of the story. All I can say is it was comforting to have friends there for me.
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Unread 01-07-2013, 02:53 PM   #49
Maybe a spy
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The worst thing that happened to me at a con was everyone else forgetting me.

We were at NYCC/AF and I had wandered away from the group. I don't like being around people all day, so that's not unusual. But about two hours later when I got back to them they hadn't even realized I was missing.

Which wasn't so much bad as irritating. I mean, how do you not notice that someone is gone for two hours?

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Unread 01-07-2013, 03:43 PM   #50
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Nothing TOO horrible has happened to me yet, but the worst so far is probably whenever I wear a costume that gives me limited vision and I end up tripping over people who are sitting on the floor. At my last con, I was exiting the dealer's hall and someone was sitting RIGHT in the doorway. I didn't see them because the costume I was wearing blocked my sight of the floor in front of me so I ended up completely tripping over them and almost killing us both. Thankfully they were alright and we both apologized, but I really wish people wouldn't sit RIGHT in the middle of the hallway, or RIGHT in the doorway of busy rooms. (I won't even begin my stories with people sitting in the center of halls vv' )

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Unread 01-07-2013, 06:05 PM   #51
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Too much party for the Cosplay

I went through my freshman year of college partying stage....I got really really drunk I woke up next to a guy who I barely remembered meeting AND I spent ALL sat and sun puking me guts out!

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Unread 01-07-2013, 06:09 PM   #52
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when I got trampled and stampeded on at NY Comicon. Fractured my right ankle in two places! Just because of some famous person coming in for autographing. >.<
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Unread 01-08-2013, 02:44 AM   #53
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I was supposed to go home with someone, after the day ended at PCC 2012. Suddenly they didn't want to call or return my calls and I was ended up stranded. Of course, that's until someone in my group was nice enough to give me a ride home. Always have a backup plan if someone decides to flake out and blow you off. *lol* To say the least, I am no longer friends with this person BECAUSE they pulled their last straw with me.
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Unread 01-08-2013, 01:28 PM   #54
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at a con i went to a while back i was asked if i liked hetilia, i said no. after that every hetllia cosplayer starting shouting "hater" at me whenever they saw me.
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Unread 01-09-2013, 06:16 AM   #55
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Despite having panic attacks and health issues that require me to see my doctor about every other month or so, the worst thing that happened to me wasn't really bad, especially compared to other stories. I just got yelled by some girl (not sure who she was cosplaying as) when I asked a question about a pet she brought with her (a ferret if I remember correctly).

Rude, but not a really big deal. I guess I just got lucky so far (I only been to a convention twice and they were small. I want to go to another one this year, not sure how well I can handle big ones).
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Unread 01-09-2013, 11:56 AM   #56
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Originally Posted by Gummibar View Post
I was supposed to go home with someone, after the day ended at PCC 2012. Suddenly they didn't want to call or return my calls and I was ended up stranded. Of course, that's until someone in my group was nice enough to give me a ride home. Always have a backup plan if someone decides to flake out and blow you off. *lol* To say the least, I am no longer friends with this person BECAUSE they pulled their last straw with me.
Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
at a con i went to a while back i was asked if i liked hetilia, i said no. after that every hetllia cosplayer starting shouting "hater" at me whenever they saw me.
Originally Posted by KawaiiCouture View Post
when I got trampled and stampeded on at NY Comicon. Fractured my right ankle in two places! Just because of some famous person coming in for autographing. >.<

Horrible. Just horrible. :/
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Unread 01-09-2013, 12:39 PM   #57
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Originally Posted by Bm-Atticus View Post
In 2010, I had back surgery on my back about a week and a half before Fanime. Nothing major but it left me unable to walk without a noticeable limp/shuffle. I also had my Ezio cosplay from Assassin's Creed. So I grabbed that, my Pedobear costume and drove with my friends from San Diego all the way to San Jose (My back was not happy, but it was still functional.)...
Oh my goodness...
People surprise me so much. This is what bugs me the most about anime conventions, people think that since it's a "party" they can be out of control and tend to stop thinking.

My stories of woe:
The one year I went to Sakuracon my life wasn't in the greatest shape. I was in a not-so-healthy relationship, school was causing me grief and I felt very alone at con. I was with friends but I didn't really bond with them, and I was still really shy and didn't go out and talk with people. I cried once in the hotel room and once at con. Luckily a friend of mine and my parents were there to comfort me.

Kumoricon 2011 I had gotten a purple catnip fish cat toy from the Farmer's Market for my Sailor Luna costume. My thought it was funny to hide it and I couldn't find it the next day when I needed it. I was already stressed about my first panel that I was running that day and other things caused me stressed. I was in tears and refused to talk to them until latter that day. Luckily my other friend was willing to get one for me before I got to con and I paid her back. Although I didn't dress up as their Sebastian because I was still really upset.

And maybe not a horrible thing to happen but it sure made it awkward. I had just told a long time childhood friend that I really didn't want to be around them anymore because they made me upset (as polietly as I could). They took it really badly. They went to con and it just really hard. She went and cried to our Mutal friends about it. I went to the Dean Winchester School of Dealing with my Emotions so hide things so I did my best to keep my distance between us instead of comunicating what was wrong.

And why is it at con that my friends forget to eat? My friend had a break down while running a shoot and I had to run and go buy her something ebfore she killed someone

To lighten the mood here's a happier tale: At Newcon this year I did a dance skit. My costume had a mask that made me blind. I thought it would be okay, I would just be careful, I am a professional so I'll be fine. I fell off the edge of the stage, got right back up though! It did hurt and my knee was sore for the rest of the day.
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Unread 01-09-2013, 12:52 PM   #58
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I'm so glad none of mine involve panic attacks or people getting really hurt. o.o

My worst was at Anime Boston 2010. I'd made a prop that I barely finished in time and it ended up breaking ALL THE TIME. Parts fell off in the car on the way to the train station, parts fell off at the con when it was just sitting on a chair or if anyone touched it, parts fell off on the train...and then speaking of the train, ours didn't let us off at our stop. There were a ton of other con-goers getting off at the stop too, and we were sitting at the front so we had to wait for them to get out of the way so we could get out. My friend's boyfriend had already gotten our stuff down for us while everyone else was getting out, and we were standing and were about to get ready to walk out when the doors closed, and the train started moving. We were told by the attendant "I just watched you, you sat there and didn't do anything for the past ten minutes!"...which was a total lie. So we ended up getting off at the next stop, having to find a subway (my first time ever taking one), and take it several stops back, then walk two blocks and get to the mall that connects to the convention center and the hotel. Meanwhile I was carrying a heavy bag (about 25lbs), toting a heavier bag (about 40lbs), trying to keep my prop pieces together, and also carrying a keyblade. Nearly fell over on the subway since I couldn't spare hands to hold onto anything, and my poor friend who is tiny kept stumbling into me whenever the thing stopped. >.< I was bruised for the rest of the weekend and into the next week from the strap digging into my shoulder, and various prop pieces hitting me.

The next year wasn't as bad - it was my favorite con so far actually. We drove instead of taking the train, and we'd brought my wings (I don't have finished pictures, but they're fully feathered, and when extended they're about 6ft long each). We managed to get them safely into the hotel and onto one of those things that you wheel your stuff on to take it up to the room, had no trouble getting them into the elevator. Everything fit comfortably, but then trying to get them out nearly took my friend's arm off. You know the thing that makes the doors stop closing when you're in the way? It worked twice, then we had to physically restrain the elevator doors to stop them closing while the cart, my wings, and my friend's arm were stuck in the doorway. Not fun. We were shouting to see if anyone could come help us since we were kind of terrified that my friend's arm would get caught and we couldn't push the cart back into the elevator either. We managed to shove and pull everything out (still don't know how it got stuck, as we got it in so easy), and my friend was fine, even though we were both bruised and scratched up from the doors and the wings.

Worst part? The PVC pipe I use for the harness broke, and I didn't have the right glue to fix it. Didn't even get to wear the wings after the adventure on the elevator. But we got them back down and out of the elevator with no more hassle when it was time to go! And the rest of the con, like I said, was absolutely fantastic and my favorite yet.
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I actually just remembered this one.
Me and my group went to AX during '12. Cause we were attending out of state, we didn't bring any snacks/foods. So we of course tried out a couple of places around the hotel. Most of the places were awesome! *coughdespitethefoodtaxbeingcrazycough* But there was this one little place that~ well~ It made the whole AX trip really off-putting.
What happened was: We went to a place near the westin, it was near the underground Mcdonalds (The name escapes me at the moment, some kind of cafe). We went there to pick up something to eat in the morning (Mcdonalds was making everyone sluggish) bought our food, and left. At some point in the dealer's room, my gf said she couldn't find her card. We backtracked and headed back to the cafe.
So we got there, and asked if they had her card. And older woman glanced at us for a moment, and went back to what she was doing. We asked her again, and again...and again! This time we were starting to make a scene to get her attention. At this point a younger woman came out from the back and asked what was going on. We explained to her that are card is gone, and my gf recalls never getting back from them. The younger woman then got a little moody, and told us she didn't know what we were talking about. My gf then said (screamed actually) that we were about to call the police. I was trying to calm down everyone, everyone was screaming and~ it was just pure craziness at this point.
And finally! The old woman who was ignoring us when we walked in, reached into her front pocket of her apron, and threw the card at us! We were speechless...
And YES~ this old lady DID speak English fine! (She was speaking English when we first walked in.) It makes me really mad when I think back on this~ If I lived in Cali, I would very much be calling someone on them for investigation.
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Unread 01-10-2013, 07:48 PM   #60
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my worst con experience, which my friends and i now look back and chuckle at, was last year at Otakon!! It was a scorcher and I was wearing my fancy davesprite cosplay which involved and ton of layers and makeup, plus wings that were semi difficult to put on take off. We had o take a break during saturday to switch hotels, so we were driving in the car. I had been doing outdoor shoots so i was very hot, very sweaty, and very irritable. I was snapping at everyone and I feel so bad about it now. I had counted on water being in the car but there wasnt any, so on the verge of passing out, angry as hell, headaches abound, we finally get to our new hotel. as soon as we walk into the air conditioning, these little kids run up to me FREAKING OUT BECAUSE OMGG YOU LOOK SO COOL MOMMY LOOK LOOK TAKE OUR PICTURE and theyre like hanging on me and im about to LOSE IT. But my friends awkwardly help me back into my wings and i takewhat is probably the least flattering photo of myself with two 9 year olds in an overly crowded hotel lobby

god thinking back on it is funny, but it was awful when it happened
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