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My Cosplay has been lost, figuratively speaking

I'm not sure where to put this. I don't see a way to post adds in the request for commissions (Seems to've been disabled for months) and honestly... I just want my cosplay finished. Now that it would seem the cosplay maker hasn't spoken to me on here since may 10th this year, I'm firmly sure that I will not hear back from her again. (I've tried contacting her various ways for a long time). So here we go, I guess I'm going to have someone else make it all over again, because I still want this custom cosplay finished.

I have less money than I did back then, so I'll only be asking for the key piece of the costume which is the trenchcoat, unless any generous souls out there are willing to make fake cosplay-knives that are con-safe for free (I doubt it lol).

The story? Well, I've always been a huge fan of the lobby trenchcoat from the first Matrix movie. So much so, that for the main character of my series I've been working on (which has ironically been in development hell this year) I designed his coat after it, but with a hood and he'd wear a bandana to cover his mouth. Well I had a cosplay maker here who I worked with to get it made for several months, hoping to wear it in time to be basically a walking advertisement for my show, PLUS wear the trenchcoat of my dreams and as I said earlier...it didn't work out. I ended up going to the convention without it. I'm going to be honest here, I'll probably even wanna wear it just while going out, because I'm a nerd like that lol

I'm thinking I will pay $250 dollars, but I am fully willing to negotiate a higher price if necessary.

At this point, while a bit saddened by this, I haven't given up. A few things to know about this cosplay:

1. I live in South Florida, so its really more for looks than warmth. That said, that is also why I want it to be made from a heavy cotton/linen blend. The real version of the matrix lobby trenchcoat was made of wool and I'm NOT wearing that in South Florida weather, so that's why its made out of fabric that will hopefully breath better.

2. There will be knife holsters inside the coat, located slightly above where my knees would be, possibly next to my thighs. 4 on each side, meaning enough room for 8 knives. You can make the holsters out of whatever you like.

3. There will be a pocket higher up, near the chest on the inside, on my left, where I can place my toy 10th Doctor's sonic screw driver in it, or whatever else. This pocket should be like the type you have on trousers more or less.. that way its a multi-purpose pocket, but be sure to leave enough room for the toy 10th Doctor's sonic screw driver. The reason is I will be re-using this same trenchcoat for an original Doctor who character I made. (remember to recycle kids ;] )

4. The buttons on the cosplay will be actually snap clips disguised as buttons. I will usually wear the trenchcoat open chested, but obviously sometimes I will want to button it up.

5. This black coat will go down to my ankles, just like the matrix lobby trenchcoat. In addition there will be no lapel around the neck, as I want the hood to attach to it directly (see reference photos below)

6. The hood will be made out of jersey knit fabric or something softer than the coat. The coat canvas is thick and stiff so it wouldnt make a good hood, hence this suggestion. If you have better ideas of course, feel free to say so.

7. Attach the knives pocket/holsters (whatever you choose to call them) in the inside. Itll be sewn into the seams so the stitching wont show on the outside of the jacket.

8. The back of the coat the back will have a "vent" (slit) in the back so it's easier for me to walk. Also, please be sure not to get Neo's Lobby tenchcoat mixed up with the ones from the 2nd or 3rd movies. I'm not 100% sure, but they appear to be different coats to me. (I could be wrong though)

I am six foot one. 24 1/2 inches for arm length from my shoulder to my wrists. I'm skinny in build but with a somewhat fat gut (blame my native american genetics, go figure I have those yet I'm still pail and look like just a white boy lol)

Reference photos:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Chris "Sephi" Ridgeway

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Commission request is in the temporary marketplace forum: http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=259
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