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Unread 12-02-2012, 04:52 PM   #16
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Star Trek? And Skyrim a bit...

I'm actually waiting until after the holidays to start my cosplays because even though I have the fabric I'm missing some vital construction pieces that I need to make certain parts XD And I just want to hold off until I'm done blowing money on the holiday presents etc.
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Unread 12-17-2012, 05:46 PM   #17
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I should be working on my Malon costume more but my current World of Warcraft habit is trying to kill me...
Level 90, I can taste you o.<
Also, all the food sitting around Pandaria is making me hungry. Fake food always looks too good.
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Unread 12-17-2012, 07:39 PM   #18
The Corset Queen
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I'm goofing off sitting around doing nothing when I should be finishing up two commissions that have to go in the mail by Friday. I'm sitting here debating what movie to put in so that I can get to work since I need background noise, but man, choosing background noise is tough!
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Unread 12-18-2012, 12:00 AM   #19
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I should be finishing making my Esmeralda cosplay. As well as a pair of rainbow dash wings and a rainbow dash themed poodle skirt. As well as my batman and Robin poodle skirt.(I love poodle skirts in case you couldn't tell)
But instead I'm working on Christmas art projects and contest projects for Deviantart. As well as reading lots and lots of Sterek fanfiction!!!!!

Esmeralda (Disney) %40 done
Rainbow Dash 90% done

Up coming cosplay:
Female Aqualad (young justice)
Hitomi (Pretear)
Kareko (Deadman Wonderland)
Shion (NO. 6)

Next Conventions:
Ohayocon 2014
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Unread 12-18-2012, 12:10 AM   #20
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I should be finding patterns for my next cosplay, instead I am finding references (aka, watching videos) for the character I am going to make after this one.
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Unread 12-18-2012, 01:06 AM   #21
Jack Sparrow impersonator
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I end up sleeping more than actively working to get my OST updates done. Sleep is just so wonderful

It's a pirate's life for me! Savvy?

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Unread 12-18-2012, 01:12 AM   #22
Blue Leader
The Gundam Fanatic
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I should be working on the latest round of revisions to my B-wing pilot, but instead I'm doing, well, pretty much everything else. Though this is mainly because I need a new sewing machine, the one that was used originally kind of crapped out. Does that count?

I should also be working on my Jedi and J (Heat Guy J) cosplays, but I haven't been... >>;;
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Unread 12-18-2012, 05:54 PM   #23
The Corset Queen
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I've found another distraction: coloring the freaking amazing Scarlet Spider drawing my middle brother did for our youngest brother in Photoshop. I need to finish commissions before playing with it, but it is such an amazing picture I wanted to color it ASAP!
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Unread 12-18-2012, 06:10 PM   #24
That guy
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Anything I can, it looks like. My current procrastination of choice is forum roleplaying. It's a terrible excuse, but when I've got a six month gap between now and the next con...

facebook page // nh cosplay events

Constructing : Soren (Fire Emblem), Fox (RWBY)
Upgrading : Sheik (armor), Cloud (wig and armor)
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Unread 12-18-2012, 09:07 PM   #25
The Ponytailed Slacker
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I should be working on my Toothless cosplay, but instead I'm procrastinating it, xP Although I am out of fabric, but I can't be helped to head up to Joann's to buy some more, cause I'm procrastinating that as well. xD Though I REALLY want to get more of it done! But, yeah, ya know. xD
Cons attending:
Queen City Kamikaze (2017)

Check out my finished cosplays here!

Last finished cosplay: Shadow Naoto - Persona 4

View all my latest WIPs for my cosplays here!

Current cosplay in progress: Sukuna Hikona - Persona 4
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Unread 12-18-2012, 09:28 PM   #26
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Should be working on my Talisa Maygr mock up and Harry Potter inspired magiczoologist, but watching Syfy disaster movies of the week, beading, knitting, and doing social media for two conventions instead. Think I just need to unplug all the electronics and put away the beads and yarn for a day and just sew.
2011 costume plans: Suzaku (Yami no Matsuei), Lyanna Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones), Rowena Ravenclaw (Harry Potter)
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Unread 12-19-2012, 12:19 AM   #27
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I try to work on cosplay, but then I feel guilty about the commissions i need to draw. When I draw, I feel guilty about not working on cosplay

In the end I do neither. :/
Future Cosplays:
- Fire Emblem: Marth
- Final Fantasy VII: Cloud

Upcoming Events:
ASTL 2015, Colossalcon 2015, Youmacon 2015

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Unread 12-19-2012, 04:51 AM   #28
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I SHOULD be sewing my Siesta 45 cosplay but I'm watching anime and daydream instead. C'mon motivation, come at me !
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Unread 12-19-2012, 11:38 AM   #29
aka Shiro Samurai
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I reaaaaaaaaally should be working on my Masamune Date (Sengoku Basara) cosplay but I keep procrastinating.. aka watching anime, playing video games and being on the internet *coughcoscomcough* instead. I hate myself for being so lazy grah!
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Unread 12-22-2012, 09:11 PM   #30
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I SHOULD be working on my APH Hungary dress... but the pattern that I bought is too big and now I need to get a new one. I'm pretty much stuck until I can go back to Joann's and get the smaller pattern and some fabric.

Instead I'm just spending my days going on Tumblr, watching anime, and occasionally knitting stuffed animals (currently making a bunny and a cat)
Otakon 2016 cosplays:
-Hotarumaru (Touken Ranbu)
-Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)
-Koizumi Hanayo (Love Live!)

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