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Unread 12-02-2012, 04:46 PM   #1
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Is it wrong to charge for this?

(I'm sorry; I had nowhere to put this question.)

A friend who cosplays Artemis Crock doesn't have a bow, and although she bought a basic one, she was really struggling to modify it. I do a lot of papercrafting stuff, and the other day when we were just discussing general craft/costume stuff, I mentioned randomly that it would be fun to do a papercraft bow -- "maybe Artemis'" -- and she was wondering if she could have it for her costume. I'm not really opposed to that, since I just want the fun of making it and I won't have to buy anything. However, my cosplay budget for my own YJ costume is a little tight, and although I mentioned it's fun for me, patterning, constructing, and painting is going to take a lot of time.

I feel, though, that since I mentioned so outwardly that asking her to pay for it now might be a little rude, especially since she's a friend and not a random cosplayer I know. So do you guys think I should ask her to pay for it, or...?

Thanks for any help here -.-"
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Tell her that you are swamped with your own work, and that if you have the time, you will be able to finish it. Or ask for her help in making it.
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It's slippery considering you already acted like it would be lots of fun for you, and as you said could come off rude. At the same time, your time does cost money. What if you make it for her birthday or Christmas? Then it's kind of the best of both worlds, as giving it as a gift still shows that your time has value.
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I've done lots of commissioning for friends, and it can be tricky sometimes, but mostly if they already understand that you're working on your own stuff, they're happy to pay. Nine times out of ten they don't want you out of pocket for something you're making for them.
You can always ask her if she'll cover materials, and then depending on her response you can either charge her just for what you need to buy, or you can tack on an extra charge for your time.

I've had friends ask me to make something and it just hasn't occurred to them to ask about price, so as soon as I mention material costs they go "OH, of course! I'm happy to pay you XYZ for your work."
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1. I never take a job I don't have some interest in. It would be horribly boring way to live otherwise.
2. Gifting your time is a nice way to do it, but be sure she knows that you consider it a gift. "If it were anyone else, I'd be charging X dollars, but your my bestie so this is you birthday present".
3. barter is awesome too. If she likes that idea, write up an IOU sheet for time used, she can return that time in whatever way you guys agree on. I sewed Halloween costumes for my friends kids and she took my kids for a sleep over & to Chuck E Cheese. The peace and quiet was well worth the effort.
4. given your own cash flow is tight, asking her to cover materials is perfectly reasonable regardless of which other system you choose. Speaking of materials costs, I do that up front, always, I never buy then wait to be paid back!! The easiest way is to shop together, you picking what you need, them paying at the register.
5. If you really need money for it, be honest. "I'd love doing it, I'd love doing it for you. But if I do I have to put off a bunch of other things that I wouldn't be able to do for myself so I'd have to ask X dollars payment for my time plus materials. Yeah I know it's a lot. You can think about it". Giving them an out will go a long way toward your friendship.
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