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Unread 12-04-2012, 11:05 AM   #1
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Fiberglass armor, help!

Hello everyone, I'm new and I'm completely lost.
First of all I read bunch of tutorials, but the problem is in materials
So I have fiberglass, polyester resin and fiberglass putty
In most tutorials people are using Bondo body filler, but there is no any of it in my country and ebay doesn't ship into here also!
And I don't know what to use!
What about these things: Polyester putty, already mentioned fiberglass putty?
I'm not inted to make super strong, unbreakable armor, but I need alternatives for bondo!
Well I will try experements with that fiberglass puty, but also there is polyester putty and thinking is this worth to try?
Also how about only fiberglass and polyester resin would work? For example I will add more layers and then sand it, do I get smoth and nice surface?
Maybe this is a stupid question was, but I'm just begginer and I would really really thankful for your advices.
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Bondo is essentially polyester putty, so if you have a different brand of polyester putty in your country go for it! I think fiberglass putty would yield similar results for poly putty.

Unless you fiberglass perfectly (which I think is impossible to do haha) you'll need some sort of filler to fill in the small gashes and holes that you will see after you are done sanding.

Fiberglassing can be frustrating, but the finished results are definitely worth it. Good luck!
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Unread 12-04-2012, 12:06 PM   #3
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So it's the same? Omg Thanks a lot!
Such a simple thing helped me a lot. So I will just buy that putty and lets get to work, haha
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"fiberglass putty" implies that there are short strands of fiberglass in the putty. This makes it much stronger, but also much harder to smooth. The strands of glass tear sandpaper to shreds.

As g00dapple mentions, polyester putty is going to be the equivalent to Bondo that you're looking for. It should be obtainable in the autobody section of auto-repair shops.

You can make a substitute putty by mixing polyester resin with talcum powder until you have the desired consistency. You have to mix it thoroughly so you don't get little balls of powder in there (think of lumpy gravy). Mix the catalyst in after you've incorporated the talcum powder. I get talcum powder through my local pharmacy.

You can also use polyester gel coat. You usually have to go to the marine supply for that, and for some reason, it is more expensive than the resin alone. It it much thinner than the putty, but thicker than the pure resin; sort of a mayonnaise consistency. I make my own by mixing the polyester putty and polyester resin. This is quicker and easier than trying to mix a powdered thickening agent into the resin.

The reason you need to use something thicker on the surface is that the pure resin will just drip down. It will only form a thin layer on top of the glass. When you try to sand it down, you'll eventually hit the fiberglass layer, and you can't really sand through that, or when you do, it has a nasty frayed appearance.
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Unread 12-05-2012, 10:06 PM   #5
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Thanks for such a good explanation, now I'm finally sure how to work with all that stuff!
At least I bought only 0.2kg of fiberglass putty so it wasn't big loss, if it is hard to sand I won't usy it I guess...
I guess I just use fiberglass with resin to make harder models made form paper and then put polyester layer and that's it... But someday I need to try experements with mixing stuff
Anyway thanks again
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Unread 12-08-2012, 03:15 PM   #6
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at my workplace i worked with fiberglass. you just got to make the basic shape and keep adding layers of that fiber glass cloth and coating it with resin until its as thick as you want.
once its done you can grind it down till its smooth and in the right shape.

make sure to wear a breahing mask when you use the resin though.
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