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Unread 12-06-2012, 12:49 PM   #1
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First Cosplay Horror Stories

I tell my friends that they don't want to see my first hand-made cosplay because it was THAT BAD. And it really was. And I'm sitting here thinking, surely I'm not the only person who has suffered a nearly traumatic first cosplay attempt right?

So I was hoping you kind folks would be willing to share your stories with me if I share my story with you.

My first cosplay was Sode no Shirayuki from Bleach. Now let's start with the fabric choice shall we?

I choose, ready for it? Shiny satin for a huge white furisode. Yes I got chewed out for it. And badly. And then I realized that I made the entire thing too small, so I had to lengthen it AND make it wider. Which in turn made it look like a graduation gown instead of a kimono. I knew nothing about kimonos and so it turned out pretty bad. The obi was made of lining fabric wrapped around a spare piece of one of those laminated place-settings for kids. And the green part was just a piece of green lining stuffed into the obi. The bow came out decent enough.

The wig. Was. A. Nightmare. See how the character is purple based white? Well now, for those who know anything about color theory knows that the complimentary to purple is yellow. My wig. Was not white. But a pale-yellow based white/blonde. Can you even imagine how awful that ended up being? Pretty bad really. Not to mention it was WAY too shiny and very, very thin in the back. You could clearly see the wefts from the back. And of course I knew nothing about wig-care, so I ripped a brush through it. Which ended horribly. Needless to say that wig is now resting in a land-fill somewhere.

Some misc. things? Hm...I didn't know how to pose the character because I never watched that arc of Bleach. I just did it because my friends were going to do the other zanpakutos (they didn't in the end). That is a mistake I vow to never make again. I didn't have the sword form with me. People kept stepping on the flared bottom of my kimono and I didn't have any make-up on. And I'm asian. I have a naturally warm yellow undertone to my skin (not a stereotype. it's true in my case) and so that, again, didn't look too good with the purple based-white. Made me look WAY tanner than I was.
So yeah. The horrors. Would you like to share your own trecherous tales? Or perhaps ridicule me for my bad choices? Trust me, it's probably nothing I haven't heard already from the kimono selling lady (who took great offense to my travesty) and from myself (who upon reflection refuses to post pictures of it online for anyone to see).
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Unread 12-07-2012, 04:32 AM   #2
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My first cosplay atrocity was a kimono too! I tried Itsuki Tachibana of Project Zero. Yeah, it's very simple, so what can go wrong, right?

Well for starters, somehow I was convinced that the pattern on his kimono was dirt. I also purchased very expensive linen to make it - whatever the reason! I did no research into kimono at all. The pattern I used to make the kimono was an enlarged pattern for a doll... so both inaccurate and for female kimono. The obi was just a stripe of blue cotton fabric, way to short to make any form of musubi (again, not that I knew what musubi were) so I vaguely faked an otaiku musubi, haha.

I found a chain among my things so I thought it would be super cool to run around with that around my neck and also used fake blood just because. Of course my wig was a cheap halloween wig. And when I got tired of running around bare-footed (flip-flops? What are flip-flops?) I put on combat boots because I thought, again, it looked cool. *facepalm*

I don't think anyone took ever pictures of me... but the most embarassing thing is, at the time I was running around with an amazing cosplayer (huge props to her for not judging me, haha) and a photographer arranged a photoshoot with her and other good cosplayers, all of which had sexy cosplays. Somehow I got dragged along and ended up posing with them, I didn't fit with the theme at all! D:

In retrospect I'm really sorry I probably ruined what could have been amazing photos.
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Unread 12-08-2012, 09:48 AM   #3
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When I started, I didn't know what was a"cosplay". I called it my "Crazy Project". I was hoping for a costume of Astrid (HTTYD), but I hadn't any sewing skills, so I decided to do it all from cardboard. You can imagine it. Even the skulls looked like a steamroller had attacked them. I sewed the arm wrappers by myself, and they were too little and tight. I made the shirt with a giant, dark green shirt which I cut of the sleeves. And my wig was a cheap one from a local store, with an horrible platinum blonde color. I took some photos of the progress and how all that crazy stuff looked on me, but I was so fat by those years, so not many of them have survived.
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My first cosplay was Lenalee Lee from d.Gray-Man. My horror's were a bit differen't from the rest because I bought my costume, but it was pretty far away from decent!

So I bought the costume from ebay and when I got it I found that I couldn't zip my skirt up because it was WAY too small, and my mom and I figured out that she measured my hips wrong- whoops. So she did this weird sewing that and added more fabric to make it bigger(but it wasn't the right fabric, so it didn't match). I also didn't get the wig until a week before the con, we went around to local wig shops and they didn't have any so I ordered the ugliest, thinest, colored wig ever.

The wig was a mossy green. Defiantly not her color(I wanted purple, but my friends kept telling me her hair was green, so I gave in an ordered green. Never again.) It didn't have bangs, and I didn't think to cut or style it. So I just pushed the long fringe to the side. My hair was WAYYYY too long to be attempting to put it into a short wig, so there was this HUGE lump in the back of the wig, created by my hair. Embarrassing. I didn't wear make up, either.

I'm so glad I've improved from that mess!
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Unread 12-10-2012, 02:43 AM   #5
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Don't get me wrong, my first costume was definitely fail-tastic (it was mainly the fact that every single material I chose was the worst I could have chosen, which I'm pretty sure was just my bad luck/not knowing any better ... since the costume was Super Sailor Moon, there were SEVERAL fail fabric choices made XD) ... but what I found even worse than that, was that I was 14, and had decided the morning of the convention that I would try out makeup. I figured "hey, I've got my mom here, who always wears make up, so I should be alright" ... haha, I was in for a sad surprise. My mother handed me this green lipstick looking thing and said 'put it on the red spots on your face' then handed me foundation and said 'then wait like 5 minutes and put this all over your face'. After I had done all that, we finished my make up with powder, eye liner, mascara, and some lip gloss. The lighting in that particular bathroom was pretty bad, so I thought I looked good, but later on (about half way through the con) someone asked me if I was ok cuz my face looked a little off-colored ... later I looked at a picture my friend took, and realized the concealer had mixed with all of the foundation, and my face was completely light green.

So my first costume ended up being zombie Super Sailor Moon XDD
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naru chan
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my frist cosplay was dedira (i don't even think i spelled that right) and i didn't know how to sew and i used a black and red halloween costume that i had that year. i didn't have a wig, no headband and it was winter so my mom made me wear a jacket over the outfit. there are no pictures of this outfit thank god. no one knew who i was.
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Unread 12-12-2012, 01:10 PM   #7
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My first cosplay wasn't bad, because I bought it from a person online with rougly the same measurements (Meyrin from Kuroshitsuji) together with the wig. But at that moment there were 4 other Meyrins, smaller and skinnier than me. So that kind of sucked..
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Unread 12-20-2012, 02:06 PM   #8
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My first cosplay wasn't actually that horrid, I was Minatsuki Saya from Black Cat and she just wears this simple yukata. I styled my own hair and all in all, didn't look too bad.

My second, however... I was Skuld from Mythical Detective Loki. I had on a $3 wig from Wal-Mart that I tried putting up in pigtails. I made her pink dress from, of all things, cotton jersey (what was I thinking?) and my boots were spray-painted red that gradually flaked off as the day went on. It looked awful.
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