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recipies for us dieters!

If you have any low carb/fat whatever recipies post them here! You know help each other out and what not. ^^
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Wheee heres one of mine.

Organic peanut butter
Chocolate protein powder
Apple slices

Its simple just mix in enough of the protein powder to lightly cover your peanut butter. (or else it will stuffin up into a chalky paste) Dip in your apple and enjoy! The fiber from the apple and the protein powder will help keep you full! I should know. I was shocked acutally because I didnt have my usual 2-3 snacks between meals. You can also use this to top whole grain toast. And if you want it sweeter you can mix in some organic honey hope you like it.
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4 oz orange juice
2 oz Kefir
1/2 scoop protein powder (I like vanilla, but feel free to experiment)
2/3 cup frozen fruit (the flash frozen stuff without the added junk. Use berries, mango, pineapple, whatever you like)
1-2 cups fresh spinach (trust me, it will taste great!)
1/2 teaspoon ground flaxseed (optional but a great source of omega-3's)

Blend everything together in a Ninja, vitamix, blender, processor, ect. until pretty smooth. This smoothie will look terrible (it usually ends up either brownish/green or puce) but it tastes great. Plus you can mix and match to get flavors you enjoy. Like banana? Throw in some fresh (or freeze your own banana pieces). I like to have one of these as eithe a quick breakfast or as an upper after a hard workout.
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I don't really have a recipe, but I do have a favourite salad.

Romaine Lettuce
Baby Spinach
Yellow Pepper

With a small bit of olive oil and feta dressing. It fills me up pretty well. <3

This is after I have two eggs for breakfast and yogurt as a snack.

Dinner is usually rice or soup!
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Fair warning, most of my recipes don't include measurements. ^_^; unless I'm baking, I tend to just eyeball things.

Curried Kabocha Soup
Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin)
Low-fat chicken stock
Curry powder
butter ( yes butter, but only about a table spoon or less)
Milk (optional)

First off, cut your kabocha and scoop out the seeds.. fair warning: These things are tough! So use a heavy duty knife. Now then you can either peel and dice the kabocha as is, or you can make things easier on yourself and roast that bad-boy! Just put the kabocha in an oven safe dish and bake it as 400F for about 20 minutes or until soft. After it cools down, you'll be able to easily scoop it out.. plus it gives it a great flavor.

Dice up a small onion (or half a large one.. depends on how much onion you like)
In a large pot, melt a bit of butter (around a tablespoon) and saute the diced onion over medium heat until the onions are soft and translucent. You can also use a small amount of vegetable oil or olive oil.

Add your kabocha and your chicken stock and let it get hot. Once it's heated through, add curry powder to taste, and any other seasonings you may like such as salt and freshly cracker pepper. Here if you like, you can add a small splash of skim milk, but it really isn't necessary. Turn off the heat and use a stick blender to puree the soup. Blending it with a stick blender gives it a smooth creamy texture that you usually only get from more fattening soups.

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